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Bawara Dil 21st July 2021 Shiva ties Sidhi’s back dori and steps back. Jalwa calls out to him so Shiva starts leaving but Sidhi stops him. She asks if he is coming to her house for the function? Shiva says no. Sidhi says I told you so much last night even after that.. Shiva thinks she is bragging about the watch she bought. Sidhi says did you even hear what I said last night? Shiva says you try to rub things in, I have no reason to come to that function. Sidhi thinks he doesn’t even care about his sister. Sidhi says our marriage is for pretend sake till your elections so isn’t that reason enough? She goes from there.

Ishwar and Malini are welcoming people to the function. Sidhi comes there so Malini hugs her. Sarkar comes there and greets Sidhi. She thinks I wish Shiva would come for his sister’s sake, don’t know what Sarkar is up to. Sidhi mingles with her relatives. Sarkar tries to tease them so they go away. Sidhi tells Sarkar that I know you can’t respect women but nobody can insult a woman in this house. It’s a devi day so don’t even try to do anything. Sarkar says I have come to learn things. Mangala comes there with Soni. Sarkar touches her feet and goes near Soni. She gets scared. Sidhi glares at him.

Shiva comes to the kitchen and looks for food. He finds a lunchbox that has a message from Sidhi that if he gets hungry then he can eat it. Shiva starts eating and reads her further note which says that you can forget your duties but I can’t. Jalwa comes there and let’s go to the function. Shiva says I want to go but Sidhi.. he thinks she does everything like a favor on me. Jalwa says even if this marriage is for six months then you have to fulfill your duties. That Sarkar is present in the function too. Shiva looks on.

Sarkar gifts gajras to the women in the function. Sidhi comes to Kiran and says I need your help. This Sarkar.. Kiran says I know he is trying to act nice but his intentions are not good. Sidhi says yes, if I get busy then can you please keep an eye on Sonal? Kiran says sure. Sarkar goes to give a gajra to Soni but Sidhi comes there and takes it from him. She says it must be for me, thank you. Sidhi takes Sonal from there. Sarkar is angry.

Scene 2
The gondal function starts, Sidhi is still waiting for Shiva and prays for him to come here. Sarkar keeps eying Sonal. Sonal goes to Sidhi and asks if Shiva didn’t come? Sidhi says not yet, she thinks I feel he would come. Sidhi says don’t be sad if he doesn’t want to come. Sonal looks at Kiran and smiles. Sidhi notices it and says what is going on? Sonal blushes and says nothing. Sidhi tells the family to let’s celebrate. Sidhi and Sonal dance together. Sidhi turns around to see Shiva entering the function. He smiles at her. All clap for them. Sidhi goes to Shiva and says you came? Shiva says yes, you said it’s party work so I should come.

The gondal ritual starts, Mangala tells Vailash that I will start the drama when the time is right. Sonal goes inside the house. Sarkar goes behind her and locks the room. She is stunned to see him there. Sarkar grabs her. Sonal cries to leave her alone. Sarkar throws her on the bed. Soni screams for someone to help her but nobody hears her outside as the music is loud. Sidhi looks around and asks Kiran where did Sonal? He says I don’t know. They go to check on her. Shiva sees Sidhi gone and says where did she go?

Sidhi and Kiran are looking for Sonal in the house. Shiva goes inside too. Sarkar is molesting Sonal in the room. Kiran enters the room so Sonal hides behind him. Kiran shouts at Sarkar what are you doing? Sarkar says see you Soni, he goes from there. Kiran asks Sonal if you are right?

Sidhi enters another room and sees her aunt having an attack.

Soni is crying in the room, Kiran tries to calm her down. Shiva comes there and gets angry seeing him touching her.

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