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Bawara Dil 23rd July 2021 Mangala gets excited and tells Bai that we are lucky to have your son’s marriage proposal. My daughter will be the queen now. Bai says yes, Shiva is already ruling under my wing and now your daughter will rule under my wing also. I want a daughter-in-law like Soni. Mangala says I can’t believe we have such a good proposal for Sonal. She asks Vijiya to bring some sweets but Sidhi says wait. Akka Bai likes Sonal but we need to ask Sonal about her opinion too. Akka Bai says since when did we start asking our girls? It’s my son Sarkar so that’s the end of it. Sidhi says it’s about Sonal’s life and she has a right to take her decisions.

Mangala says how dare you to talk when we are talking? I am her mother so just shut up. She tells Akka Bai that we accept this wedding proposal. Sonal is stunned. Sidhi says this is wrong, she has a right to take her life decisions. Mangala says you were also kidnapped and got married, did someone ask you? No right. Akka Bai has respectfully asked for her hand. Sidhi says fine, if you don’t want to ask Sidhi then what about her brother and father? They love her so much. She tells Akka Bai that you think you can get Sonal married without Yashwant’s approval? Bai thinks she is right. Bai says Sidhi is right, Sarkar does everything that I say so. I know Sarkar won’t take anything forward till he knows Sonal’s decision. We can let them go, they can sit and talk. Then Sonal will come here and tell us about her decision. Sonal gets scared. Mangala asks Sonal to go inside with Sarkar. Sidhi tries to go behind them but Mangala grabs her hand and says I won’t listen to you anymore.

Shiva comes to Kiran’s house. Jalwa tries to stop him but he says not today.

Sidhi is worried and calls Yashwant but it’s switched off.

Shiva comes in Kiran’s house and grabs him. Shiva says I will not spare you today. The doctor comes there and says we need an ambulance. Shiva says what happened? The doctor says his mother is not well. Shiva goes to bring an ambulance. Sidhi calls him and says I need to talk urgently, he says I don’t have time and ends the call.

Sonal and Sarkar are alone. She moves away from him. Sarkar says why are you running away from me? We will get married soon.

Mangala has locked Sidhi in the kitchen. Sidhi tries to jump from the window but Mangala stops her and asks her to bring water. Don’t do anything wrong now. Sidhi goes from there.

Sonal tells Sarkar that my brother and Sidhi won’t let it happen. They hate you. Sarkar says I am Akka Bai’s son so no one can stop me. He tries to grab her but she moves away. Sarkar says be happy to be with me otherwise.. he tries to grab her again but Sidhi throws water at him from the balcony. She says this water might clean your intentions. Sonal runs from there. Sidhi smirks at Sarkar and leaves.

Shiva sees an ambulance on the road. He sees the driver sleeping and starts driving it. He puts Kiran’s mother inside the ambulance. Kiran goes into the house to bring her files. Shiva drives away with his mother.

Sonal is crying in her room. Mangala comes there and says don’t make me angry, you are going to marry Sarkar only. She goes from there. Sidhi comes there and hugs her. She says I won’t let your life be destroyed. Soni says what Akka Bai wants will happens. It’s better if I kill myself than getting married to Sarkar. Sidhi hugs her and says you can’t lose hope like this. Whatever is going on is hidden from Shiva and Yashwant. He loves you a lot and won’t let anything wrong happen to you. I trust him now, I have seen him working hard in the mandir for Baba’s watch. Nothing wrong is going to happen with you when you have a brother like Shiva. Soni says Shiva forcefully married you too. Sidhi says I will do as you say, tell me what do you want? Soni says I am begging you to take me to a place.

Soni brings Sidhi to Kiran’s place. Sidhi thinks why did she bring me here? Soni tells Kiran that Akka Bai would get me married to Sarkar. He is forcing me and I would rather die than marry him. I need your help. Kiran says how? Soni says marriage is a big decision, I want a life partner who I can respect. I want to marry Kiran Sir, I like him. Sidhi says but.. Soni says when Sarkar was molesting me, he protected me, he is my savior and he should be my partner. Kiran says I can’t do anything right now.. Soni sits at his feet and cries. She says I can’t marry that animal. Kiran wipes her tears and says don’t cry. Shiva comes there and punches him. Sidhi says listen to me.. Shiva stops her and says how dare you Kiran.. He starts beating him. Soni and Sidhi are stunned.

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