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Bawara Dil 24th May 2021 Kaka, Bunty and Bubbli start looking in Ishwar’s house. He thinks it’s time to start my show. He says let’s look in this cupboard. Malini says you can check. Kaka opens it and doesn’t find the necklace there, he throws things outside but can’t find it. Malini asks if he needs help? Kaka is confused and says it should be here, where did it go? Bunty asks why does he look tensed? Kaka thinks if I don’t find it then Mangala will kill me.

Soni tells Vijiya that maybe Maa did all this so Sidhi can’t learn how to make rotis. Sidhi and others come back. Mangala asks Kaka to give her necklace. Sidhi says he didn’t find it at my father’s house. Mangala says what? It should be there, I mean there is no other place for it to be. Shiva comes there and glares at his mother. He says why do you look tense? Mangala says my expensive necklace got stolen. Shiva says it must be in the house only. Kaka says we looked everywhere. Shiva says yes in Ishwar’s house too? Kaka says how do you know? Shiva says I know everything that happens in this village. Let me look in the house carefully, he goes inside. All look on. Mangala takes Kaka aside and says you had put the necklace there so what happened? He says I don’t know. Shiva comes out and shows the necklace. He says this is the one right? Kaka says where did you find it from? He says in Kaka’s room. Mangala says oh yeah, I gave it to him for polishing. Sidhi says but Kaka said he looked in his room and couldn’t find it. Shiva gives the necklace to Mangala and tells Kaka that I know everything. The flashback shows how Shiva asked Ishwar if someone came to his house and Ishwar told him that Kaka came to his house. Shiva takes Kaka aside and says I am sparing you this time because of Kaki but don’t try this kind of an act again. Mangala says the necklace is here so let’s end this matter. Shiva says no, this matter is not finished. Shiva calls Ishwar there and says sorry for you asking you to come. Ishwar looks at Sidhi and is confused. Shiva tells Ishwar that Ayi wants to say something. He asks Mangala to speak now. Mangala is embarrassed and says sorry. She goes from there. Ishwar asks what is all this? Shiva says nothing, let’s come inside and have tea, don’t ask any question this time. Ishwar goes inside. Sidhi thanks Shiva. He says not mention. Sidhi says it’s mention not. Shiva says I am an ill-mannered person right? He smiles and leaves. Sidhi smiles and says ill-mannered.

In the morning, Shiva wakes up due to some noise. He sees it’s 5 AM and Sidhi is missing from the room. He goes and sees Sidhi trying to make roti in the kitchen. He comes there and says what is all this? Sidhi says I have to make roti, I have to make sure that Soni continues her studies. She tries to make a roti but there is a mess in the kitchen. Shiva asks her to stop it, he asks her to stand in the corner so he can clean the mess. Sidhi looks on. Shiva cleans the kitchen while Sidhi looks on. Shiva sits on the floor and says let’s start now. She sits with him. Shiva says be careful about salt this time. Sidhi says I know, don’t taunt me. He says what you did for my parents.. Shiva says let’s just focus on making roti. He starts teaching her but she can’t knead the flour. He asks her to use soft hands. Sidhi stares at him, he asks her to focus on the flour and not stare at him. She starts kneading, Shiva helps her and holds her hand mistakenly. Sidhi looks on.

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