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Bawara Dil 26th May 2021 Shiva is sleeping but hears someone calling out to him. He wakes up and comes out of the room. He sees Sidhi standing there, he hugs her. Ishq ki gustakhiyan plays as they lovingly look at each other. Sidhi holds his hand and makes him sit at the table. She serves food to him and makes him eat with her hands. Shiva can’t look away from her. Sidhi kisses his cheek… but it all turns out to be Shiva’s dream. He wakes up with a start. Sidhi wakes up and asks if you saw a bad dream? He says yes, she asks him to go to sleep. Shiva looks on.

In the morning, Mangala tells Kaka that I am going to win today. Today is the last day of her challenge and she can’t make round rotis. I am ready to see her lose today. Kaka says today is mandir’s meeting and Akka Bai won’t come, Sarkar will be there so you should bring Soni there. They will see each other and get acquainted.

Shiva is exercising and keeps recalling Sidhi in the s*xy dress. He recalls the encounter and then his dream. Sidhi comes there with milk, he gets scared. Sidhi says why are you stunned? Shiva says what are you doing here? Sidhi says I brought milk, are you thinking about the bad dream? Shiva says no, I was praying to God. Sidhi gives milk to him, he mistakenly touches her hand and moves away. He gets awkward, he says it’s warm, I don’t want it. Soni comes there and says you are at home today? Shiva says no I am going to work. He starts to leave but Sidhi asks him to change at least. Shiva gets embarrassed and goes into the house. Sidhi and Soni laugh.

Mangala tells Soni that I am not feeling well so take an off from college today. We will go to mandir and pray. Soni says today is my important lecture. Mangala says please, listen to your mother. Soni says I will inform my friend that I am not coming today. She leaves. Mangala asks Vijiya what happened to Sidhi’s challenge? Vijiya asks her to come and eat.

The family sits to eat together. Kaka says the roti is good. Sidhi says I made it. Mangala asks Sidhi if she cheated? I didn’t see you cooking. Sidhi shows her the video of making rotis and says now you know who made these rotis. Mangala gets angry and watches it again. She sees Sidhi using a cap to make roti round and says Sidhi cheated. I won’t accept this, she lost the challenge. Vijiya says but.. Mangala says no, anyone can make rotis like this. Vijiya says but she did all the work. Mangala says I won’t let it happen. Sidhi says the challenge was to make round rotis but the condition was not how I make it round, if I didn’t show you the video then you wouldn’t know that I used a cap. I haven’t cheated and completed my challenge. Soni says yes and Kaka praised her roti. Mangala says I won’t accept it. Soni says I will call Shiva and ask him who lost. Mangala says I don’t want to eat here, Sidhi says since I have won the challenge so I can teach Soni right? Mangala says do you want a stamp paper? She leaves from there. Soni hugs Sidhi and says you are the best.

Shiva is tensed. Jalwa says if you are tired then go home. Shiva gets scared and says she is at home. Jalwa says who? a ghost? Shiva says she is like a ghost, she keeps coming in front of me. Shiva imagines Sidhi there who says friendship. Jalwa tells Shiva that don’t be scared of the ghost, just be confident and tell that you are not scared. He imagines Sidhi telling him to come home and gets scared

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