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Bawara Dil 5th July 2021 Bai comes to Shiva and says you should beat this Sarkar more so he can never eye another girl. Shiva looks down. Sarkar is shocked. Bai asks Shiva if he is shy because of her? I will make your work easier. Akka Bai tells Sarkar that you molested a girl in the market and I warned you but you repeated it again, that too with Shiva’s sister? I will kill you. Bhavin says at least know his side of the story too. Bai says no, he doesn’t have anything to say. Bai says I will punish him now, she grabs Sarkar and asks him to speak up.

Soni tells Sidhi that I have to talk to Shiva, he won’t spare Sarkar. Vijiya comes there and asks what is going on between you both?

Bai whispers to Sarkar that I am with you so just do this drama. She slaps him. Sarkar cries and says you can beat me but listen to the truth. I went to the washroom, there was a snake and she got hurt, I tried to protect her but they all took it wrongly. How can you people think that I would eye his sister wrongly? Bai asks Shiva to beat him if he wants. She gives him a hunter. Bai tells Shiva that before beating Sarkar, you have to beat him. if the snake story is the truth then it would be unfair to beat him so I will take this punishment as I don’t let unfair treatment happen so beat me. Shiva throws away the hunter and says you are my mother, I can never do it.

Sidhi tells Vijiya everything. Vijiya says you shouldn’t have told anything to Shiva. Bunty comes and says Shiva is home. Sidhi tells Soni that let’s go and talk to him. Bunty says Sarkar is with him too. All are shocked.

Scene 2
Mangala welcomes Sarkar and is shocked to see him injured. Sidhi brings Soni there. Soni is scared. Sidhi glares at him. Sarkar tells Soni that tell them you saw a fake snake there and you got scared. Mangala asks what is going on? Bai comes there and says I will tell you. In the restaurant, Sonal went to the washroom, she got scared and slipped. Sarkar protected her but Sidhi went there and thought he was molesting her so she slapped Sarkar. Mangala shouts at Sidhi how dare you to touch him? Bai says let me talk, if you people don’t trust me then I have a witness who was present there. She calls Sagar there. All are stunned. Sagar says I was there and I saw Sonal getting scared of the snake and Sarkar was protecting her. Bai asks Sidhi if she won’t even trust her brother? Sidhi asks Sagar if he is sure Sarkar didn’t do anything? Sarkar glares at him so Sagar says yes, Sonal got scared of the snake. Bai tells Soni that only you think something wrong happened with you, it was just a misunderstanding, if you don’t trust our words then I am promising on my son that he is telling the truth. All look on. Bai falls down to her feet in front of Sidhi and Soni. Sarkar sits with her and says I promise on my mother I didn’t have any bad intention. Bai tells Sidhi that I never apologized to anyone but I am saying sorry to you Soni, please forgive him otherwise this news will be plastered everywhere. Shiva rushes to Bai. Bai tells Soni that Sarkar is innocent and when you get tarnished for being innocent than that feeling is not good, Sidhi would know that. She apologizes and leaves with Sagar and Shiva. Mangala shouts at Sidhi how dare you to raise your hand on Sarkar? Vailash takes her from there.

Mangala tells Vailash that Bai promised to get Soni married to Sarkar, how can she do that?

Bai tells Shiva that we have cleared this up, it wasn’t Sarkar’s fault, if he does a mistake like this again then I will shoot him myself.

Shiva is sitting sadly. Sidhi comes there and says I don’t trust this snake story and I know you trust your Bai blindly. Shiva says whatever happened has proved that you can fight anyone for Soni as I would. You give importance to relationships.

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