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Bawara Dil 6th July 2021 Bai shouts at Sarkar that you had to find Shiva’s sister only to eve-tease? He would have killed you if I didn’t reach you on time. It’s good that he is my weapon so he listened to me otherwise you would have died. Sarkar says you performed so well today, you should get an Oscar. He says I will take revenge for all this now. Bai looks on.

Shiva is sleeping and dreams about an accident. How his car had hit a man and he was taken to the jail but Bai came there and bailed him, she got the case closed. Bai took him in as her worker. Shiva wakes up being restless and looks at the bed but Sidhi is not there. Shiva says don’t know when this dream will leave me alone.

Soni is sadly sitting in her room. Sidhi comes there and asks her to have tea, why are you not getting ready for college? get up. Soni says I don’t want to go anywhere. Sidhi says why? You can’t be scared like this, whatever happened was not your fault, there is nothing to be scared or ashamed of. She sits with her and says the only way to forget bad incidents is to get busy with things. Just focus on your studies and pass the exam. I have talked to baba’s student, her name is Kiran so you can study with her. Don’t look sad, I can’t see you like this. Shiva comes there and says your brother is alive Soni so you don’t have to be scareed. Jalwa will take you to the college and bring you back. Don’t be scared. Akka Bai has cleared everything in front of you don’t worry. Sidhi starts leaving, he asks where are you going? Sidhi says I was listening to you but I don’t have time to listen to this foolishness. Shiva says you think Bai’s words are foolish? Sidhi says I don’t care, all I know is what Sonal thinks and feels. She goes from there. Shiva hugs Soni and asks her to have tea.

Sidhi comes in the kitchen and asks Vijiya who is this Akka Bai? What has she done for Shiva that he becomes like a slave in front of her? Yesterday, Bai and Sarkar came, they lied in front of everyone but this man (Shiva) kept agreeing to them silently. I don’t understand why he becomes a slave in front of her? Vijiya says I just know bits and pieces. Shiva used to go to college but one day he came home and said that he would drop out and will start working for Akka Bai. Yashwant was angry with him but Shiva didn’t listen, he started working for Akka Bai. After 3 months, he had a car and he got a hotel in a year and then this house.. all these luxuries made us blind. One day I asked Shiva but he said to not ask him what he does for living but everyone’s wishes would be fulfilled. Yashwant didn’t like him working for Bai. After sometime, people started calling Shiva as Shiva dada. Sidhi says but how did it all start? Where did he meet her? Vijiya says I don’t know what magic she did on him but there is one person who knows all this. Sidhi asks who? Vijiya says Shiva’s first wife. Sidhi is shocked and says his first wife? She gets angry. Vijiya smiles and says I was talking about Jalwa, he is Shiva’s childhood friend so he knows everything about him.

Scene 2
Jalwa comes to Shiva’s house. Sidhi comes there and greets him. She asks how are you? He says very well. Sidhi says I wanted to talk to you.

Mangala tells Vailash that since Sidhi married Shiva, Bai has been fooling us but Sonal-Sarkar’s topic isn’t moving forward. Sarkar and Sonal came face to face even if they might hate each other right now, we can move their story forward.

Sidhi asks Jalwa since when do you know Shiva? Jalwa says since childhood, I know everything about him. I started working at Akka Bai’s office because of Shiva. Sidhi thinks I have to get the truth out of him. Sidhi says I know Shiva went to the jail before marriage and Bai.. Jalwa thinks does she know everything? Sidhi asks if he doesn’t want to answer her? Jalwa says it’s not like that. Sidhi says then why do you look tense? Jalwa says actually.. Sidhi says you can’t tell me? Jalwa says I have promised Shiva to never tell this story to anyone. Sidhi says I am his wife, I am asking you. Jalwa shakes his head. Sidhi says I won’t force you but don’t call me Tai (sister-in-law) from now on. Jalwa stops her and says it’s a secret, Shiva shouldn’t know that I told you all this. Sidhi says you can trust me, I won’t let this secret come out. Jalwa nods and says Shiva used to go to the college, he had a good friend called Amit. The flashback shows how Amit was drunk one day so Shiva tried to stop him. Amit tells Shiva that you don’t know how to drive so I will drive, I got admission in an engineering college so let’s go. Amit and Shiva sat in the car. Amit told Shiva that once I go to Mumbai then I will call you there and we will find a good girl for you. Shiva tells Amit that it was your dream to get this admission, all your dreams will fulfill, I never dreamed like it but now I want to move ahead in life too. I am not good at studying but I will study hard. Amit smiles at him and his car hits a man. They both rush to him. Amit says I didn’t have time to apply brakes. Shiva says he is still breathing so let’s take him to the hospital. Amit says it will be a police case, I can’t afford that. Shiva says I can’t leave him like this, he will die so you go from here and I will handle everything. Amit drove from there. The flashback ends. Jalwa says the police took Shiva to the station but Akka Bai entered his life. The flashback shows how Akka Bai got Shiva freed from the jail and told him that he would work for her from then on. The flashback ends. Jalwa tells Sidhi that Shiva started working for her. Sidhi asks what about that man? Jalwa says he died, he was from a nearby village, his family took his body. Akka Bai got the case closed, Shiva’s name was never mentioned in the police station, she did magic to save Shiva.

Mangala and Vailash come to Akka Bai’s house. Mangala gives a gift to Sarkar, he opens it to find a shirt. He gives it to his servant and says keep it if you like. Mangala says it’s for you. Sarkar says so what? He keeps drinking in front of them. Mangala says I wanted to talk to you in private. His servant leaves. Sarkar says I have already apologized. Mangala says it was not needed. When Shiva got married to Sidhi, Bai said that she would get Sarkar and Soni married also. Sarkar looks on.

Shiva comes to meet Akka Bai. She says I want to meet Sidhi so bring her home. Shiva says why? Bai says she is my daughter-in-law so I don’t need a reason, just go now. Shiva thinks if I ask Sidhi she will say no but why would Bai want to meet her?

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