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Bawara Dil 9th July 2021 Akka Bai comes to the press conference. She whispers to Bhavin if everything is ready? All set? He says I have talked to all the reporters but Ishwar is not seen anywhere. Shiva says I will call him. Sidhi comes there and says he won’t come, he had to go to the Pune so I have come in his place. Shiva says you should have asked me before coming here. Sidhi says I have to ask questions from Akka Bai so does she have a problem with that? Bai says I have no issue in answering her questions. She grabs her arm tightly and smirks. She takes her to the front row and makes her sit down. Bai goes on the stage and asks Bhavin to give her the questions. Bhavin goes to Sidhi and says you have to ask these questions only. Sidhi says what’s the point of asking her questions then? Bhavin says just do as said. A reporter praises Bai and asks if she can make people happier? Bai says this town’s people are happy, I don’t care if I lose but my doors will remain open for my people. All clap for Bai.

Vijiya is lighting up diyas in the house to end the darkness.

Bai tells the press that I should end the conference. Sidhi says can you give me some time too? Bai says ask me what you want to. Sidhi says what are you plans if you win the elections? Bai tries to answer but Sidhi shows her the questions list and says I was asked to question this but my real questions will start now. Bai says ask me. Sidhi says you have done a lot for the youth. Some years ago, you freed a young man from jail, he was locked up in a roadkill accident but you got the case closed and brought him to your party. No, you made him your slave, he doesn’t question you and has become your servant. Shiva is shocked and asks Sidhi what rubbish are you saying? Sidhi says I want to ask Bai why did she free that man? Why was she so nice to him? Bai says I don’t know any such guy. Sidhi says I have another question, a man was killed in that road accident but where is his family? What happened to them? Another reporter asks which accident is this? Bai coughs and feels dizzy. They take Akka Bai from there. Sidhi smirks.

Sidhi comes to Akka Bai and says you called me there? Bai says you like to ask useless questions? Sidhi says but I was praising you, I mean you freed a man from the jail and he became your confidant slave. That press conference was about asking questions and I have the right to ask these questions. That man who you freed from the jail and made him a goon is my husband, all because of you. Bai says I know what you are trying to do but I am way ahead of you. Sidhi says you can very clever but I have brains. Bhavin and Shiva come there. Sidhi tells Bai that I am sorry if I didn’t give you much respect, you should take care of yourself. She starts leaving with Shiva but Bai stops Shiva. Sidhi goes from there. Akka Bai cries in front of Shiva. Shiva says Mai.. Bai says I love everyone as a mother and when I got to know about a guy locked up so I knew that you did a mistake but you were innocent, I freed you from the jail to protect you as a mother but do you think I did it because of my gain? Shiva says never, I can never think like that. Bai says I am getting older, my kids are growing up and they are asking questions but I have never given an explanation to anyone till now. Shiva says no, I don’t want any explanation. Bai says your wife has brought up that accident case and people will ask questions so you should go away, far away and don’t come back. Shiva touches her feet and leaves. Bai smirks and wipes her tears.

Sidhi comes home to see Ishwar there. He says I have brought your result, you passed with distinction. Vijiya and Soni congratulate her. Mangala is angry seeing her happy. Ishwar says I should leave now. Sidhi asks him to stay. Ishwar says no, Malini must be waiting for me. He asks how was Akka Bai’s press conference? She says it was good. Ishwar sees Shiva coming and shows him Sidhi’s results. He thanks him for taking care of her exam. He says I have arranged a tutor Kiran for Sonal, he goes from there. Shiva comes to Sidhi and says you sent me to the jail, you insulted me in front of my family but what you did today.. you questioned my Akka Bai, you made her cry today. I have broken anyone who has hurt Akka Bai. He shows her result papers and says you are arrogant about your education right? He looks at the diya and goes to burn her result paper. Sidhis is stunned and tries to stop him but he burns it in front of her. Sidhi cries and glares at him.

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