Bepanah Pyaar 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update

bepanah pyaar Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 11th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 11th September 2019 Episode Start With Pragati holds out a shirt for Raghbir avoiding looking at him and ends up keeping her hand on his chest. They share an eye lock. Mere Rang Mein plays. Raghbir shrugs as she looks at him. She asks him what kind of a radio it is. What kinds of songs are they? He tells her not to say anything against it. Badi Ma has gifted it to me. She changes the song but another romantic song plays. She thinks to make things normal and plays another song. Tum Ladki Ho plays. She tries to stop it but in vain. How can we switch it off? Raghbir tells her he will do it. She nods. Wear your shirt. I have some work. She goes. Raghbir gets ready while making sure she isn’t coming back. He picks the radio. Do you have eyes too? Were you playing songs or teasing a girl? He taps on it and Jabra fan song plays. Raghbir switches it off.

Pragati returns Priya her dress. Priya tells her to keep it. It suits you. Priya’s phone rings. Pragati tells her to pick it. It might be an important call. I will go out. Priya tells her it isn’t so. Dev is calling me again and again and is asking me out on a date. Nakul and Raghbir overhear them. Nakul tells Raghbir to explain to Dev. Priya says I want a guy like Bhaiya. Pragati says problem solved. Dev understands everyone’s problems just like your Bhaiya. Dev takes care of everyone just like your brother. He understands and respects your feelings just like your Bhaiya cares for everyone. He fixed the cake as he couldn’t see you sad that day. He saved you from the snake and risked his life just like your Bhaiya saved me yesterday. Everybody wants someone in their life who would understand them and care for them more than their life. Your Bhaiya looks after me while Dev cares that ways about you. Isn’t he like your Bhaiya? Priya agrees to talk to Dev. I want you and Bhaiya to accompany us on the date. Raghbir and Pragati refuse but Priya requests them. Nakul seconds Priya. Raghbir gives in. Priya receives Dev’s call again. Nakul teases her not to trouble Dev Jiju so much. She goes aside to speak to Dev. Raghbir and Pragati share an eye lock.

Harshit walks effortlessly in his room. He throws the stick away. I can breathe in peace now. It is so difficult to become a good son, a good husband a good human being in front of everyone. Acting isn’t as easy as it seems. He pours himself a drink. I should enjoy my real life now. He receives a call from Private Number. It will be done. I will do it myself. He ends the call. The time has come!

Raghbir is tensed thinking about the dinner date. I am going for Priya’s sake. I should let it be. He receives a call from Pooja (Ayushmaan Khurana). They promote Dream Girl.

Pragati sees a bad dream. She imagines everyone laughing at her dead body (as Baani) and saying how they killed her. They all say that they have killed her. She wakes up with a start. Who killed me? Raghbir rushes to her side. What happened? It was a bad dream. What did you see? Why do you do bad stunts? It is their end result. Sleep peacefully. I am right here. Don’t be scared. She lies down. I will keep experiencing such dreams till the time I find out who tried to kill me. Who was it? Was it one person or all of them? Raghbir lies down as well.

Pragati takes a bottle from the fridge. She turns and collides with Aditi. The bottle falls on Aditi’s feet. Are you hurt? Show me. She kneels down to check. Aditi says I am not hurt but you are at the right place right now. Stay there only! Pragati stands up. You don’t become small by kneeling down in front of elders but your self-respect lowers when you will bend down in front of what is wrong. Aditi taunts her that she has everyone on her side now because of such dialogues. I wonder what you have done to Raghbir because of which he has been fighting with his own mother. You act well. You save him one day and then pretend to be in trouble the other day so he can save you. Pragati says your mindset is wrong. There is no point talking to you. Aditi asks her if she is in a rush to go to Raghbir’s room. You look simple but you have made perfect use of yourself at the right time.

Aditi’s words haunt Pragati. She steps outside while thinking about the same. She receives a call. The caller tells her to come to a place to find out about her killer. She calls the number again but cannot reach the caller as it was a private number. She thanks God for showing her another ray of hope. She leaves in a car. Harshit steps out from his hiding place as soon as she leaves. You are trying to find out which you should never know. You wont be able to know it ever now! Goodbye forever.

Pragati thinks she does not know who called her but this way she will find out who her killer was. She notices a burning cart on her way and tries to apply brakes. She is unable to do so.

Raghbir wakes up shouting Pragati’s name. He looks around but cannot see her in the room.

Pragati hits the burning cart. She loses control of the car and rams the car into a tree. The car catches fire.

Raghbir asks everyone about Pragati but everyone is clueless. He panics. He shouts that he has checked everywhere. Aditi says she may have gone out for a walk. He says she will tell me before that. Aditi says you know her habit. She leaves without informing anyone. He fumes. He receives call from Pragati’s number and asks numerous questions at once. He goes quiet hearing about her accident. He leaves with Nakul, Devraj and Gopi. Aditi gets tensed.

A passerby tells Raghbir that he only called him from Pragati’s number. Raghbir gets shocked hearing that Pragati is still in the car. Raghbir tries to inch closer to the car but they hold him back.


Bepanah Pyaar 12th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Badi Ma notices Raghbir shouting at Aditi and tells him to remember that he is speaking to his mother. Raghbir says this is why I am asking her why she did that. Aditi asks him what she did. Raghbir says you know it too well. You have instigated her to die!


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