Bepanah Pyaar 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Raghbir reaches the door of Sahas room and finds Pragati feeding him with her hand. Pragati’s attention turns to him when his phone bell rings. She hands to bowl to Sahas and goes out to speak to Raghbir. She was convinced that Sahas was depressed here. Raghbir calls him a deceitful. Raghbir and Pragati have an argument. Kunti hears this and was happy that Sahas learnt a lot in her company.

At home, the preparations for Pooja were ready. Aditi tells her kids that they celebrate this Pooja for peace and harmony in their home. She married Devraj on this date and since then they have been celebrating the day with Pooja. Devraj comes throwing rose petals over Aditi and wishing her anniversary. Shifali applies a black tikka on them.

Upstairs, Pragati finds Kunti go into her room unhappy. She was sure Kunti won’t be happy and will surely try to ruin their happiness. Kunti was aggressive in her room and throws everything in her room. She speaks in the mirror that she is Devraj’s first wife, she holds more right over him than Aditi. She decides that today not Aditi but she will sit with Devraj.

Pragati comes to help the girls with Aditi’s bridal attire thaal. Aditi comes downstairs and shouts at Pragati for daring to touch her belongings. Pragati’s married life has been ruined, she is living a failed married life; at least she must not ruin her married life. Raghbir comes to help his sisters with the thaal, he asks if she has a problem with him touching this, his married life is equally ruined and failed. Aditi says this house belongs to her, she will decide who can do what in this house. Pragati goes upstairs. Shifali sends Raghbir behind Pragati and discusses with Priya that Aditi ruined Pragati’s mood.

Raghbir comes to Pragati’s room door. He recalls about last night and leaves. Pragati was crying in her room, then consoles herself that she got a second chance only because Raghbir is in his fate.
Devraj was impatient to see Aditi dressed in her bridal attire. Pragati stood in a corner and doesn’t join them. Raghbir repeatedly turns to look towards her. Kunti thinks this happiness of Aditi will not last long, and she will end up in tears today. Pandit ji performs the aarti and distributes Prasad. Raghbir takes the Prasad and brings it to Pragati. Pragati was happy and opens her palms. Raghbir holds her hands and fives a bite into her mouth instead. Sahas fumes as he kisses Pragati’s forehead. He complements her dress with thumbs up and requests her to smile.

Pandit ji announces the beginning of Pooja. Pragati sends Raghbir to attend the Pooja. Pandit ji invites Devraj to sit with his wife. He stops Aditi and says his first wife Kunti must sit here for Pooja. Aditi argues that she always sits for this pooja. Pandit ji replies that Kunti wasn’t here then, now that she is back its ritualistic for the first wife to sit for Pooja. Aditi leaves the hall annoyed. Pandit ji doesn’t let Devraj go behind her as it may be a bad omen. Pragati thinks she knew Kunti would create some problem.

Aditi was crying in her room when Pragati comes from behind. Aditi blames Pragati for being an ill omen, as she had touched her bridal dress. Pragati takes Aditi along to clarify a few things about Kunti. In the hall, she stops Pandit ji from carrying on the Pooja. She asks why a wife is called Ardhangini. Pandit ji explains that wife completes a family and her husband, she takes care of kids, her husband and his house. Pragati says all these responsibilities have always been fulfilled by Aditi then.


Bepanah Pyaar 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Kunti was furious over Pragati and holds and enmity with Aditi as well. Pragati watches her silently attack Aditi as Aditi stood at the end of balcony.


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