Bepanah Pyaar 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update

bepanah pyaar Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Pragati was with Sahas in the car. She cries that she might never be able to convince Raghbir of her innocence. What if they are unable to unite together? Sahas tells Pragati it’s not time who changes, but men change. She was really a cheerful person in college. He reminds her of an ice cream parlor near their college. He decides to take an off from office today, he wants to have ice cream. Sahas holds her hand, preventing her from getting off the car and convince her to give some time to him, and find happiness in life. They leave happily. Raghbir who sat in a car nearby was furious watching them laugh together.

In the ice cream parlor, Pragati was lost in a deep thought. She recalls when Raghbir stuffed ice cream in her mouth at home. Sahas looks around as he had lost something. Pragati asks what it was. He replies it’s her smile. Pragati feels upset as she miss Raghbir each moment. The ice-cream vendor leaves for a minute. Sahas offers to be the vendor for Pragati. He counts various flavors, and connecting them to Pragati’s appraisal. Raghbir was irked; he hears his complements and was furious over Sahas. Sahas irritates Pragati saying her nose keeps on changing color.

She was offended and chases him playfully. Pragati was about to fall down. Raghbir comes to intervene and holds Pragati. Pragati stops Raghbir from hurting Sahas. Raghbir shouts complaining that she left home for going to office, but is enjoying ice cream with Sahas here. Pragati tells Raghbir she came here, with a friend who never doubted her character, considered her a liar, or slapped the door on her face. Raghbir asserts it was all her mistake, she cheated on the person who loved her most in life. Sahas interferes and tells Raghbir Pragati suffers from mental stress, he has to take care of her either as a doctor or as a friend. He takes Pragati’s hand and leaves. Raghbir breaks the vendor’s trolley. The vendor returns and complains, but Raghbir apologizes politely and pays him heavy amount.

At home, Pragati’s mood was upset. Sahas notices the drug bottle on her side table, and says this is first generation drug. Why she takes this drug. Pragati says she doesn’t, someone mixed this in Raghbir’s water and is blaming her. Sahas says this drug isn’t sold without prescription and its record is maintained. Pragati requests Sahas’ help. She goes to the drug store and finds Harshit there. She thinks she knew Harshit had a connection with this, when he blamed her.

Pragati comes to the chemist and inquires about the batch number. The chemist says it’s not their shops. Pragati says she has been sent by Harshit sir, she couldn’t connect to his number right now. The shop keeper says Harshit just came and cleared all the payments, and took the bills along. Pragati says this happened last month as well, Harshit forgets the bills and then there is an audit problem in the office. They had a big fight and caused problem for chemist as well, selling this drug is illegal anyway. The shopkeeper agrees to give her a duplicate copy.

Pragati keeps the bill copy in her drawer, thinking it’s a strong proof against Kunti and Harshit. Raghbir must know whom he is trusting. She goes to the bath. Bari Maa comes to her room and finds the bill from her drawer. She recalls Harshit had followed Pragati out of the chemist shop and had called her for help. Pragati comes out of bath and feels bad for her behavior with Raghbir today.
Raghbir punched the bag, thinking about Pragati and Sahas close together.


Bepanah Pyaar 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghbir dates a girl to make Pragati jealous. Pragati takes Sahas for dating to the same place.


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