Bepanah Pyaar 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update

bepanah pyaar Written Update

Bepanah Pyaar 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Radhika was shocked to hear that Pragati was Raghbir’s wife. Pragati says she doesn’t mind Raghbir with Radhika, because they are now separate. She introduces Sahas. Radhika asks if he is a boyfriend. Pragati says he is male, so boy; and then friend. Raghbir takes Pragati aside and asks if she has lost. Pragati replies she needs to keep an eye over her husband. She orders a table for four, and Radhika doesn’t mind.

In the table, Pragati complements Radhika and Raghbir’s couple. Pragati holds Sahas hand and says they feel good with each other. Raghbir doesn’t like it. Pragati asks Sahas what he would like as sweet, then orders Rash malai for him. She turns to order but the glass of water slips on her dress. Pragati goes to wash her dress. Raghbir takes a leave from table to follow Pragati. In the washroom, the ladies objects that Raghbir isn’t allowed in a female toilet. Raghbir tells them to leave if they are done. He questions why Pragati is being close to that Sahas and appreciating him. Pragati replies she came to keep an eye over her husband, even if he has forgotten they are still spouses. Raghbir recalls her hand over Sahas and pushes her towards the wall. He questions how much she will fall. Pragati says no matter what she has to do, she only wants to live in front of his eyes. Raghbir silently asks why she does that. Pragati replies he forces her to, he has been passing time with the girl only. She has seen his love, he can never go on date with anyone. Raghbir says she has no right over him, no matter what he does. Pragati holds him closer, kiss his cheek and says she is his wife, and has a right do anything with her husband. She walks out.

Raghbir comes to the table with a lipstick mark on his cheek. Pragati signals him to be careful of the lipstick mark. Pragati asks Sahas to leave. Radhika stops them but they leave, handing Raghbir a napkin.

Pragati and Raghbir return together. Anita and Kunti were tensed as Shifali hadn’t come back and they couldn’t connect to her on phone. Pragati recalls she was going to Rahul’s and leaves the house urgently.

In the party, Shifali was dancing and drinking while a young man keeps an eye over her. Shifali feels sick and nauseatic at once and rushes to the washroom. The young man follows Shifali into the room and bolts the door. Pragati reaches the party and looks around for Shifali. In the room, Shifali asks what Rohan has been doing. Rohan complains that Shifali came to his place and won’t spend time with him. He tries to force himself over Shifali. Pragati hears Shifali’s cries. She had to break the glass of window, and enter the room. She slaps Rohan, shouts at him to get lost and saves Shifali. Shifali was crying. Pragati assures Shifali everything is fine. Shifali cries, and accepts her mistake for coming here. Pragati promises nothing can go wrong with her. Pragati asks Shifali to share with her the problem.

Pragati and Shifali sat on a bench outdoor. Pragati says she doesn’t know Raghav but after what he has done, he isn’t worth Shifali or any other girl. She shouldn’t lower herself in front of anyone. The one who really loves her would stay by her side no matter what. Shifali apologizes Pragati for treating her wrong, but Pragati did wrong to Raghbir. Pragati says she can’t share the whole truth with them at this time, but she must trust her. Shifali wasn’t ready to go back home, as she was afraid of everyone’s questions. Pragati agrees replying for her.

Sahas practices protecting himself from a hanging sword, blindfolded. He finally holds the sword and hurts his hand. Kunti comes to Sahas and says reaching Pragati isn’t easy, he will have to lose a lot. He must raise his status as a reputed doctor, so that Pragati bends in front of him. He must become Pragati’s goal, not being her support only. He will have to work hard, till people start chasing his position.


Bepanah Pyaar 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sahas burns Raghbir’s photo out of rage.


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