Bepanah Pyaar 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Bepanah Pyaar 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bepanah Pyaar 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Pragati says she has done fulfilled all the responsibilities towards this house. She has supported everyone. She became a mother, a DIL and a wife when Badi Ma wasn’t here. She supported her husband and raised the kids. She is Ardhangini in true terms. She deserves to be here n the puja. She asks Devraj if he ever felt that Aditi dint support or love him. Devraj says she never left my side even when I was facing bad times. Pragati says Mummy ji always did her duty. Why she is asked to step aside when her it comes to living her dharma?

I don’t say that Badi Ma shouldn’t be getting the respect she deserves but Aditi is the wife of Devraj now. Raghbir compliments her for praising a woman while being one herself. I believe every woman should do so. He asks Aditi if she understood it. Kunti decides to handle the situation before it worsens. Kunti says Pragati is right. I couldn’t refuse pundit ji when he spoke about ancestors. She asks Aditi to sit next to Devraj. Aditi looks emotionally at Pragati. Pragati makes her sit next to Devraj. Aditi holds her hand. I told you that this is my house and I will decide who will be here. you should sit in the puja. Everyone smiles except Kunti and Sahas. Shefali tells Pragati today she did what no one else could. That’s why you are my Bhaiya’s choice. Raghbir and Pragati look at each other. Sahas fumes. Pundit ji asks Devraj to fill his wife’s hairline. Devraj happily does as told. Kunti glares at Pragati.

Nakul, Shefali and Priya discuss how Pragati made mom feel special. Let’s do something for Bua now. Pragati comes up with another idea. Sahas seconds her and offers to help but Raghbir tells him to relax. What if you fall ill while helping us? Someone might have to help you. Pragati signals him. Raghbir says it is true. How can someone be a doctor if they fall ill so often? You get energy by seeing Pragati. He diverts the topic when Pragati questions him. They make arrangements of a date for Aditi and Devraj near the pool. Aditi taunts her husband to learn from the kids. He says it was my idea only. The kids sarcastically agree. Aditi and Devraj send them downstairs. The kids go to decorate their room now.

Pragati notices Kunti watching Devraj. You made a very big mistake by making Aditi sit in my place. Devraj agreed to it which is his mistake now. I wont forgive him for this! Just and wait and watch what I do now. Pragati decides to keep an eye on her to make sure she does not try to separate Aditi and Devraj. Aditi is standing alone near the edge of the balcony. Kunti walks towards her menacingly. Kunti senses someone approaching them and folds her hands in front of Aditi instead. I should have done this long ago but I have finally realised how much you have done for my family. I have realised today that I couldn’t either be a good mother or a good wife.

I always considered myself the elder of the house but I dint fulfill any of the duties. You are the DIL of this house. I came to ask for my right in this house but today I have realised that one has to actually earn it. Devraj says you are wrong. I was compelled to send you to asylum so you could be fine. It is true that Aditi has taken care of the family and fulfilled your responsibilities but no one can snatch your right from you. He asks Aditi to hand him the house keys. She happily hands them to him and he gives it to Kunti. Kunti smirks. Watch how I regain my place now, Pragati. Pragati thinks I was sure you would do some new drama but I will surely expose you soon! Shefali and Priya take Devraj and Aditi downstairs with them. Kunti says my eyes are fixed on the property of this house. I want to rule / run this house. No one can stop me now!

Raghbir is making a checklist of New Year gifts for his family. He collides with Pragati. I was thinking what I should gift you on New Year. She asks him if he has bought something for his parents. He says I have already assigned this task to others. The most difficult task is to buy something for you. I know your choices but it is still very difficult. She replies that she only wants a small world with only the two of us. There shouldn’t be any negative emotion or misunderstanding between us in that world. They imagine their happy world and dance romantically on Dil Diyan Gallan.


Bepanah Pyaar 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Aditi thanks Pragati for doing so much for this family. Raghbir says there wont be any sorry or thanks from today. She says it means I am your own now. Next morning, everyone is seated at the dining table. Shefali and Priya decide to seek suggestions from Pragati but Kunti tells them not to involve outsiders. Raghbir feels bad. Pragati also overhears her remark.


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