Beyhadh 2 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 15th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 15th January 2020 Episode Start With Maya continues her psychopath behavior and says MJ killed her baby, so she killed MJ’s son and this is just the beginning of her revenge. MJ over phone fixes meeting with police commissioner and orders Amir to search whole city and find out where Rishi is. Antara asks him what is the use of his power if he cannot find his sons. Rudra enters lifting Rishi. Everyone run towards Rishi, and Antara asks what happened to her son. Rudra says Rishi will not say anything as he is gone. Antara slaps him and shouts how dare he is, her son is bleeding profusely. Rudra says Rishi is dead. MJ drops his mobile in a shock and walks towards Rishi. Antara pleads MJ to check their son. MJ falls down and extends his hand towards Rishi when Rudra holds it and warns not to touch Rishi with his dirty hands and asks Amir to make arrangements for Rishi’s last rights. Maya opens her trunk and puts Rishi’s given gift in it reminiscing him gifting to her earlier and she picking it near his dead body.

Family and friends sit around Rishi’s deadbody. Rudra, Antara, MJ, Daadi and each family member reminisce the time spent with Rishi and his love for them. Sathire Thoda Theherja…song… plays in the background. Maya also reminisces Rishi smiling at her. MJ walks towards Rishi, but Rudra stops him. Ananya asks him not to do that. Rudra says he was staying in this house for Rishi as he considered him as his child, but MJ killed Rishi by not accepting Rishi’s wish to marry his girlfriend. He tells MJ if he had not rejected Rishi’s wish an not locked him in the room, Rudra would have been alive, he is unfit to be called a father. MJ says he locked Rishi for his safety, Rudra opened the lock and killed him by letting him go; Rishi would have resisted, but would have been alive; Rudra killed Rishi.. Rudra falls down hearing that and reminisces Rishi fighting with him for announcing his engagement and not letting him announce about his girlfriend.

MJ touches Rishi’s cheek reminiscing slapping him. Amir tells Rudra it is time to take Rudra for cremation. Rudra says he held Rishi in his cannot and cannot see him burning. MJ and others carry away Rishi’s body. Ananya pleads Antara to force Rudra to cry, else he will develop regret. Antara says she lost one son and cannot lose another one. Rudra goes and sits in park reminiscing Rishi when Ananya walks to him, he insist her to go and she leaves helplessly. Watchman informs it is time to close the park. He says he lost his brother and when life is shut, what is the use of shutting park. Maya walks to him next. Rudra thinks Ananya returned and asks her to go, turns and sees Maya standing.


Beyhadh 2 16th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Rudra asks Amir to find out who Rishi’s girlfriend is as she forced Rishi to suicide. Maya cries hugging Rudra and says I am sorry for what I did.


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