Beyhadh 2 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 27th December 2019 Written Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Rudra rejoins Maya’s torn paper bits and calls Maya’s brother’s number given by her mother. Recorded voice says they reached Manas and he will call back once he is back. Maya returns to Rudra’s cabin and repeats message. Rudra says he was just trying to help her mother as her mother is hesitant and afraid to take her help to find out Maya’s brother and father. Maya says he tried to scratched her old wounds and says her brother and father are no more; says on 4th April 2011, a rich man killed her brother and father’s lives under his big car, she couldn’t afford to lose her mother, so she lied that her father and brother are in US; since then she is afraid that her mother will find out truth, so she isolated herself and her mother from the world and made her own world in which nobody is allowed in.

She walks away pushing Amaya aside. Ananya asks what happened to Maya. Rudra says he made a big mistake. Maya hears recorded voice. Rajiv asks if Rudra believed her fake story. Maya says now Rudra will not try to find out about her life. Chemist/Rishi calls her, and she ignores; asks Rajiv to take her mom to temple. He asks what about bodyguard, then walks away saying nobody can understand Maya’s maya. Maya opens locker and picks her brother’s mobile and says not all stories are false.

Rishi’s friend seeing him wearing formal clothes says he will not get entry into club, so he should go and changed. Rishi says his girlfriend is ill, so he is going there. Friend says his girlfriend is trying to use him, so he should breakup with her. Rishi angrily holds his collar and walks away. Rudra sitting on his car bonnet reminisces Maya’s words. Ananya gets ice cream for them and asks what is he thinking. He says he did a mistake today. Ananya asks him to stop thinking about Maya. He says he felt he saw real Maya today. Ananya asks if he fell in Maya’s love. He says no and snatches ice cream. She requests to return it and gives Maya’s promise. He returns. She says thank you Maya and enjoys ice cream. Maya lying on her bed acts as severely ill.

Rishi walks to her and asking if she is fine holds her hand and tries to kiss her. Maya reminiscing someone trying to do same slaps and pushes him away. He shouts what the hell, if she loves him, he has right to kiss her and what is the problem in a kiss when she wants to marry him. She brings alcohol and pours it around her bed and says if he wants to get her he came come to her. He walks towards her when she sets fire and acts crying and says she cannot handle if anyone touches her and remembers about betrayals, etc., can he get her out of it. Rishi brings fire extinguisher and sets off fire and says he sees pure love and passion in her and loves her a lot. Maya smirks.

In the morning, Maya jogs reminiscing her mother requesting Rudra to find out about her husband and son. She reaches home and asks Rajiv are they here. Rajiv introduces 3 bodyguards and says they have to guard mom 24 x 7 and give them report of each minute. Maya says each second. Mother pleads not to remove old bodyguard as he is in need of job and says it is better she puts her in jail instead of house arrest. Maya says mother is her weakness and she cannot lose her battle. Rajiv says she is with a champion like him and cannot lose, but from today maa will not give him food. Maya says mother’s problem is she cannot bear anyone’s hatred and daughter’s problem is she cannot bear anyone’s love.


Beyhadh 2 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya gets romantic with Rudra. Ananya enters cabin and gets jealous seeing that. Rishi enters next seeking job and hugging Rudra is shocked to see Maya behind him, asks if Maya is same insane woman who defeated him in fencing. Rudra says yes. Rishi thinks what game Maya is playing.


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