Beyhadh 2 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Maya gets Rishi’s call who shows himself in formal blazer and asks how is he looking. She says very handsome that she wants to keep him in her house. He asks if she loves him so much. She crosses her fingers and says yes, from today onward he will be called Rishi Roy and not Mrityunjai Roy’s son, acts as teary eyes and says she wants to stay with him forever soon. He demands a good luck kiss. She does. He says if he can get a kiss for job interview, what will he get if he gets a job, can he come. She asks him to wear his tie and disconnects call. Rishi kisses mobile screen and picking tie thinks how to tie a knot. Rajiv praises Maya that this year’s best actress award goes to Maya Jaisingh, Rishi is daring to love her even after she burnt her bed, if someone is mad behind him like this, he will leave everything. She says nobody will, Rishi is innocent, so he fell for her easily.

Rishi walks down to living room and asks MJ to fix his tie. MJ does. Daadi jokes if he got a waiter’s job. Rishi says so funny, he is going to search job. MJ asks why don’t he join his company. Rishi reminisces Maya’s words that she wants to marry Rishi Roy and not a rich father’s son, tells family that he wants to be independent. Rudra praises his decision and says he will always support him. MJ fumes hearing that. Rishi takes god’s and elders’ blessings and leaves. Antara says good Rishi wants to be independent. MJ says he is following someone else and asks about Rishi’s best friend. Antara says he is Ankit. MJ says let him see how strong their friendship is.

At Maya’s house, mother cries looking at her husband and son’s photo. Maya leans on her mother’s shoulder. Mother says when Maya was born, Maya didn’t cry and she thought she had problem, but her papa believed in her and she laughed after that and was their happiness of life. Maya says that Maya is no more and she is different. Mother says she is same Maya and reminds childhood incident, Maya gets emotional and smiles describing incident, but then changes expression. Mother says let that Maya come out again, papa’s princess, and let her give a chance again. Maya says she doesn’t know it is possible for her to return. Mother says there must be someone who will turn her darkness into ray of hope and her hatred into love.

Rudra in office reminisces Maya hugging her. Ananya asks in whose memory he is engrapsed, he must be remembering Maya as her mother also likes him. Rudra jokes that mothers warn children to sleep, else Maya will come. Maya walks in and says he will dream only if he sleeps and gives him her book’s first 2 chapters. Ananya says wow this is amazing and takes file while Rudra walks away.

MJ meets Ankit and says he couldn’t meet him well during party, so he called him; gifts him latest high end model mobile. Ankit gets happy. MJ asks him about Rishi’s new girlfriend. Ankit says Rishi didn’t let her meet anyone and in fact he has changed a lot and is very serious about that girl. MJ asks to find out about Rishi’s girlfriend asks to be with Rishi always as he needs loyala friends like him. Ankit agrees and leaves with mobile. MJ asks Amir why didn’t he find about Rishi’s girlfriend yet. Amir says he will and reminds that his next client appointment is on time. MJ asks him to call client where he/she cannot reject his offer.

Ananya reads Maya’s stories 2 chapters and says this is amazing, this will change level of hatred and suggests Rudra to publicize these 2 chapters. Rudra says Maya will not give interview and she trusts only Rajiv. Maya entangles him in her Mayajaal/word puzzle and asks if she trusts him. Rudra gets nervous wit her behavior. Maya gets Rajiv’s call. Rudra says he doesn’t trust Rajiv and walks away. Ananya asks Rudra why is he taunting Maya with Rajiv’s name, if he is falling for Maya and thinking always about her, has get got Mayatis. He asks what, may be she got Mayatis, whatgever it is. Peon informs Rudra that black dress lady/Maya is calling him. Rudra gets angry, but Ananya asks him to calm down.


Beyhadh 2 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya tries to lure Rudra, Ananya walks in and stands shocked. Rishi walks in next and Maya hides behind Rudra. Rudra hugs him and asks what is he doing here. Rishi says he came for a job and is shocked seeing Maya there, asks Rudra if Maya is the insane woman who hit him during fencing game. Rudra says yes. Rishi thinks what game Maya is playing.


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