Beyhadh 2 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 31st December 2019 Episode Start With Rudra thinks why don’t Maya leave him alone. Maya walks toward him. He closes eyes and asks her to stop coming in front of him and tie her hair, then opens eyes and realizes she is cafe girl who asks if all is okay. Rudra says she has infiltrated his brain and he needs coffee. Rishi tired of searching job thinks getting job is equal to getting pollution-free air. Rishi walks to Maya and asks what happened that she changed.

Maya confused asks what. He says her novel’s character, what happened that she changed; he is seeing Maya confused for the first time. Maya describes how bubbly and jovial her novel’s character/herself was and how someone changed her for worse. Rudra asks what happened to her character. Maya says she killed her, turns to him wiping her tears, and says a good writer’s specialty is he/she finds life in each character, he shouldn’t try to find her or else he himself will fall deep into trouble. Rudra says what if she gets someone’s love who can end her sorrows. She says it is impossible. Rudra says he is talking about her novel’s character. Maya says in her novel, there is no revival. Rajiv calls Maya. Rudra asks Maya to pick call as he hates Rajiv to the core.

Maya walks to printer room where Ananya takes printout and goes to get marker. Rishi calls her, and Maya hurriedly closes door and picks call. Rishi says nobody wants to give him job seeing his name Rishi Mrityunjai Roy. Maya asks him to be confident. Rishi suggests her to get him job in her office, in fact make him as her assistant. Maya says her boss is very bad. Rishi says there is one man who will give him job even with his dad’s name. Rudra walks in. Maya turns and disconnects call saying there is a bit of disturbance.

Rudra says if disturbance knew she is here, it wouldn’t have entered here. He tries to open door, but its locked. Maya looks into his eyes, and he gets nervous. She says when a person who looks into eyes try to hide, something has changed, what. She walks towards Rudra and he leans on scanner looling into her eyes. Their hands fall on scanner and scanner prints their hands. Ananya opens door and stands shocked seeing them closer. Rudra nervously says door got locked.

Rishi walks in, and Maya hides behind Rudra. Rudra asks what is he doing here. Rishi says he came for a job and asks if he will not show brotherly love. Rudra calls and hugs him. Rishi is shocked to see Maya behind Rudra. Maya stands tensed. Ananya tells Maya that Rishi is their new intern and walked in without permission. Rudra says Rishi is intern and will not get special treatment. Ananya introduces Maya as their star writer Maya Jaisingh. Rishi extends his hand, but Maya stands aback. Rudra holds his hand and says she is not touchy type or his girlfriend. Rishi says he himself doesn’t know about his girlfriend well. Rudra says one who forced his brother to work must be amazing. Rishi says she herself is on a wrong path and forced him to take a right path, girls are very unpredictable. Rudra takes Rishi away and introduces him as new intern.

Rishi asks about the girl inside cabin. Rudra asks not to tel anyone, takes him to another cabin and informs that she is their writer who doesn’t want to reveal her identity, is a bit whimsical, etc., so Rishi should stay away from her. Rishi asks if she is the same whimsical woman who injured him during fencing game. Rudra asks how does he know, it pierced just a bit. Rishi reminisces Maya saving him, trapping Rishi, then trapping him in her love, lying that her boss is very bad, etc., and thinks all this cannot be a coincidence and Maya is really up to something. Maya looking at a fly trapped in a spiderweb says a secret revealed before time and truth revealed after time doesn’t have any value and and she will not reveal her motto to him so soon.


Beyhadh 2 1st January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : MJ punishes Rajiv and warns him to reveal who his partner is. Maya asks Rishi to wait till evening to clear his doubts, she waits for him in a record room and when he enters a rack falls on him.


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