Beyhadh 2 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 3rd January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 3rd January 2020 Episode Start With Rudra pushes Amir away. MJ holds Amir and warns Rudra that he is crossing his limits. Rudra calls his name says he crossed his limits instead. MJ says whatever he did is to save him. Rudra throws legal papers on Rudra. Diya reads papers and asks if he will file case against his own father.

Rishi says maybe took a wrong way, but his intentions are not wrong and he must have done for his betterment. Rudra shouts he is a kid and doesn’t know what his father did. Rishi says he is not a kid now, what did dad do. Rudra asks if he should.. then smirks and says their secret will remain between them, anyways he doesn’t want his fatherly image shattered; warns him to return his company within 2 hours, else he will drag him in court. MJ says not this time as he has challenged MJ and not his father. Maya watching live video says Rudra will play a game on her behalf now.

Rudra calls press conference and walks to his office. Family watching news requests MJ to stop Rudra, else family’s secret will be out, so he should return Rudra’s company shares. MJ says they want him to stop Rudra, he will and how he will doesn’t matter. He makes a call. Rishi and Ananya plead Rudra to stop going against MJ trusting Maya, but Rudra gets adamant. Maya walks in with Rajiv and says they are with him and will support only truth, he doesn’t have to worry. Maya delivers her usual one-liners. Rudra walks to reporter while Ananya and Rishi try to stop him in vain. Reporter walk away instead of taking his interview, leaving him fuming. Maya thinks MJs strength is his money. MJ tells family that Rudra challenged MJ and not his father, MJ overshadowed a father today for his fatherly love.

Rudra angrily breaks his mobile shouting that he lost against MJ. Rishi asks him to stop going against family. Rudra shouts he is going against his father. Rishi says he cannot let him do mistakes. Rudra breaks plant vase angrily. Maya gets a plan and tells Rudra that she will not let him lose, so she will shoot his live video. Rajiv fixes camera. Rishi and Amaya plead Rudra to rethink again. Maya brainwashes Rudra with her romantic moves and correcting his collar sensuously says he is ready to shoot now. Rudra starts that his dear one betrayed him, etc.

Daadi shows live video to MJ. Amir informs that their company share prices are falling steeply, so he should stop Rudra at any cost. Daadi suggests MJ to accept Rudra’s demand as Roy’s safeguard their secrets at any cost and he is losing against his own son. Rudra continues his speech and is about to reveal MJ’s name when Ananya and Rishi inform him that MJ is ready to return his shares. Maya gets nervous. Rudra says he is promoting his new novel and felt digital marketing is the best source. Maya gets angry. MJ angrily breaks glass in his hand.


Beyhadh 2 6th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya gets romantic with Rudra. Rudra cries that Maya reminded him the pain he was running away from since years. Amir physically assaults Maya on MJ’s order, Maya falling into dirt pleads to get her out of it.


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