Beyhadh 2 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 4th December 2019 Episode Start With Maya gets into her car and hearing danger alarm in her mobile rushes home and sees a dish in oven burning. She takes out dish hurriedly and sees a lady sitting on chair speaking over phone. She walks to her and calls maa. Maa says its his birthday today, so she prepared cake for him, maybe he will speak to her today. Maya takes phone from her and says its okay as he is her son. Maa says he is not picking her phone. Maya says some relationships are better to be forgotten. Maa says some relationships cannot be forgotten, she prepared cake for him. Maya says cake is burnt like papa and Manav’ relationship and she knows burnt items should be thrown away. She makes a call to Manav who leaves voice recording that he is busy and will call back if he/she leaves a message. She then eats cake wishing happy birthday Manav.

Antara tells MJ that she will speak to Rudra and will explain him. MJ says he cannot see his son in trouble, his son is in losses and needs his help. Antara says Rudra is a kid and she will speak to him. Diya says a 30-year-old man is not a kid and he cannot misbehave with his dad. Daadi says she is talking as if Rudra misbehaved with her father and she should realize who she is in his house. MJ asks her not to insult Diya. Antara says Diya is part of our family and cheers her up. Rishi suggests MJ to compromise with Bhai by burying their differences. MJ says it is not that easy.

Rishi says if he tries, nothing is impossible. After sometime, Rishi lying on his bed draws Maya’s sketch thinking he has medicine for his heart’s pain, he is so great. MJ walks in, and Rishi acts as sleeping hiding sketch under pillow. MJ pampers him and seeing something under pillow walks towards it, but stops seeing Rishi’s rope injury on his ankle. He then meets Amir and says there is nothing like coincidence as MJ can be anything but not a fool, how can his one son was about to drown in water and another was injured during fencing came, there is something beyond coincidence and someone is behind his son. Amir says it must be their fate. Maya writes that coincidence’s another name is fate and nobody has escaped from fate, not even fate.

Next morning, Ananya reaches her office early. Peon greets him. She walks to her cabin and seeing Rudra there says she doesn’t now what is wrong between him and his father, but its not cool. Rudra says making a deal with his father behind him is not cool and calling that man as his father is not cool. Ananya says she wants to know what happened between him and his father. She then sees his injured hand and asks what happened to his hand. He reminisces last night’s incident and says he put his hand in fire and got burnt, their company is signing a contract with Maya.

Ananya says nobody knows even Maya’s number, forget about meeting her. He says last night Maya bought him a drink, now he will buy her a coffee. He calls her. She is busy doing yoga and seeing his number doesn’t pick it. Ananya says Maya doesn’t need his coffee even if he sends his credit card details, he was so drunk last night that he thought someone else as Maya. Maya messages Rishi lets meet. Rishi gets message and happily messages where. Rudra tells Ananya that Maya read his message as he can see blue tick mark. Ananya asks if he is sure its Maya’s number. Rudra says he got Maya’s credit card details from hotel and traced her number, he is sure it is her.

Maya reaches restaurant, and waiter asks her order. Rudra enters saying black coffee without sugar and a slice of lemon cake. Maya says he has researched on her well. Rudra says when she ordered sugarless coffee, then why she ordered cake. She asks to tell himself. He says to hide bitterness with sweet cake. Maya says cake is sugarfree. He says he will change her life. She says his company is bankrupt, even she knows to research. He says nobody knows who Maya is, from where did she come, etc. Maya says nobody can. Rudra says that is why he wants to reveal everyone who Maya is.

Maya says if one beieves, she is truth, else dream. Rudra asks what is her worth and gives her blank cheque. Maya reminisces someone throwing money on her. She writes down down and returns cheque to him. He sees 3 days on it and asks why. She says to know if he is worth her company, can he give his 3 says or not. Rudra reminisces his tussle with MJ and argument with Ananya and says if she had asked his life, he would have given even that and extends hand saying deal. Maya reminisces someone assaulting her and says first he should develop relationship, then she will think. Rudra says she will extend her hand next and its his promise. Maya walks away.


Beyhadh 2 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Maya drops hot coffee on her hand. Rishi asks what is she doing. Maya says to make truth win, one has to shed blood, only then their hands is not stained with blood. Rudra tells Ananya let us see if pscyho Maya or him will win. MJ says someone tied Rishi’s leg forcefully, means he/she wants to kill Rishi.


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