Beyhadh 2 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update


Beyhadh 2 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Beyhadh 2 8th January 2020 Episode Start With After finishing dinner, Ananya and Rishi help Maya clean kitchen. Rudra walks in holding icecream bowl. Maya holds his hand from behind. Rishi and Ananya get angry seeing that. Maya takes bowl and keeps it away. Ananya says if someone shares sweets, they become friends, and since she ate 2 scoops ice cream, they are friends now; asks who is the special one in her life. Maya as usual delivers confusing one-liner reminiscing Rudra and walks away. Rishi asks Rudra if he will not open Maya’s gift.

Rudra offers gift box to Maya and says should we open it. Maya says ya looking at him. Rishi says let us open it and tries. Rudra says it is Maya’s gift and let her open it. Rishi says it is same thing. Maya says its okay, let him open it. Rishi takes out alcohol bottle. Ananya asks Rudra if they had decided something else. Maya serves alcohol to everyone. Rishi says let us play truth or dare and explains rules. The revolves bottle and it stops at Rudra. Rudra says truth. Rishi asks Ananya to use her chance. Ananya says she doesn’t want to get into trouble. Rishi revolves bottle again and its stops at Maya. Maya says truth. Ananya asks what is special in Ruan Publications that she chose it. Maya says its Ruan’s people and not Ruan itself, she liked their nature.

Bottle stops at Rudra next and he says truth. Maya asks why he hates love so much. He finishes double alcohol shots instead. Rishi asks not to hide truth and revolves bottle again. It stops at him. Ananya asks to tell his girlfriend’s name. He looking at Maya says baby, he calls his girlfriend as baby. She says he is lying and asks to finish shot. Rishi revolves bottle again which stops at Maya and he asks her to hug him. Ananya says Maya will not. Maya delivers her one-liner again and hugs Rishi, which makes Rudra jealous. Maya smirks seeing his jealous face. Rudra tells Ananya lets go, game over. She agrees. Rishi says game started just now. Rudra frowns. Rishi wishes Maya bye baby and leaves. Rudra waves Maya and walks away. Maya grins and says why he hates love so much.

After sometime, Maya enjoys liquor standing in balcony. Rudra walks to her saying love has only pain, so he hates it; love has only suffocation, so he is running away; Rudra is lost in love, so he is searching himself till now. Maya turns to him and says maybe he was searching wrong place. Rudra touches her sensuously and gets romantic. Maya reciprocates and kisses him back. She then realizes its her imagination. Tears rolls down her cheeks, she thinks what is happening to her, she needs to give pain to Rudra and cannot love him. She then hears footsteps and without turning back says good he returned as she wants to tell him something, turns and someone pushes her from balcony. She holding balcony railing pleads for help. Ankit comes in front and says MJ uncle will be very happy seeing h er. He pulls her up. She pushes him away and steps on broken glass. Ankit walks towards her. She pushes him away and tries to stab broken glass piece into him. He sprays pepper spray into her eyes.

Rudra reminisces Maya seducing him and thinks why Maya is reminding him the pain he is running away since years, why she is purposefully provoking him, then thinks he cannot be selfish and needs to talk to her. Ankit kidnaps Maya and puts her into his car dickie. Rudra reaches there. Ankit gets into car and hides his face. Rudra keeps his hand on dickie.


Beyhadh 2 9th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Ankit informs MJ that his gift is ready. Maya hits him with shovel. Rudra proposes Ananya and asks if she will marry him. MJ informs Amir that work is done. Ankit pushes Maya into ditch. Maya pleads to save him.


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