Beyhadh 2 Rishi plans love proposal to Maya- Rishi unaware of Maya


The latest love and revenge saga ‘Beyhadh 2’ is going to lit the screens with Maya’s most deadly avatar.The ups and downs in the track are going to see the beginning of Rishi and Maya’s love story.Rishi gets drowned in the sea where luckily Maya comes forward as his rescuer.

Maya saves Rishi’s life and there Rishi falls in love at first sight with Maya.Rishi has gone crazy in love with Maya but is completely unaware of her deadly motives and her revengeful intentions.Maya’s death plan

On one side, Rudra wants Rishi to forget about Maya but Rishi is planning to propose Maya.Rudra is stunned finding Maya Jai Singh is Rishi’s love when Rishi draws Maya’s portrait.

Let see if Rudra could stop Rishi from meeting Maya who is planning to kill Rishi.Stay up to date with and continue reading for the very first update of Beyhadh 2.


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