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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th September 2021 Anu working on laptop in hall Vibhuti come and gets romantic with her. Anu says I’m not having time for this I’m working on laptop. Vibhu says I’ll not fight in morning I’ll go. Anu says I said one time no and you are going.
Angoori in Kitchen. Tiwari come whistle and ask her to give breakfast. Angoori says I’ll give you I’m here to make breakfast and what I get nothing and you bought Saari for Ammaji. Tiwari says you only told me you have lots if saari. Angoori says how obeying my husband is I have told you take me to holiday. Tiwari says you told me it’s rainy season, land slide occurs. Angoori says you should know when its yes and when its no.

Vibhu says to Anu no means no, yes mean yes. Anu says you should know when its yes and when its no, I wanna ask are you having affair with someone else because you don’t get romantic with me anymore. Vibhu says excuse me little earlier I was getting romantic with you but you send me back. Anu says I said no one time but you left. Vibhu says if I didn’t step back you would have beaten me. Anu so you could have taken risk.

Tiwari says to Angoori last time I brought ear rings for you. Angoori says I forget you bought ear ring for me, last week you had chapati so this week no chapati for you. Tiwari says I’m doing things according to you. Angoori sshouts and says don’t talk to me. Tiwari says to himself these ladies are totally insane.Anu says yo Vibhu I cannot work properly life is tough and leave. Vibhu says I cannot understand.

TMT and Saxena near tea stall. Gupta come and asks TMT what’s going on. Prem and says to Saxena why did you called. Saxena says I wrote a book and this will be best sellers in India so thought of advertising this book and I chose you as model, I’ll make video of you with this book and you will be famous. Prem says this much respect I never gave to myself, and why me. Saxena says first unpack book and asks Teeka to shoot video. Prem unpack book and Saxena gives speech for his book Nari Shashtra, its difficult to understand women so that’s why I wrote this book which have all the tricks to understand women and after reading this book you will have knowledge how to win women’s heart, now look at man beside me, his face look like frog but he have lots of money but still women don’t talk to him that’s why I made his face as icon for this book so that he will read this book and understanding women.

Tiwari reading Saxena book in his garden. Vibhu reading from Saxena book about how to please women in kitchen.
Tiwari after reading book says to himself I’m sorry bhabhiji but now I’ll come infront of you with new confidence. Vibhu says bhabhijii get ready I’m coming to flirt with you and praise Saxena for his work.

Angoori in her house peeling vegetable, Vibhuti come and greets her. Angoori greets her back and asks how’s you. Vibhu says will you react if I ask you a question. Angoori says that depends upon question but its hard to control emotions. Vibhu says I don’t care I’ll say because I want to and says that last week you gave me potato vegetable that was so bad that I didn’t eat it and mocks her more for her cooking. Angoori says first thing that was paneer and….. Vibhu says for god sake you are selling me potato vegetable as paneer don’t you know difference between them, I cook paneer daily in my house.

Angoori says aren’t you misbehaving with me today and Tiwari had panner vegetable and he liked it. Vibhu says Tiwari doesn’t know taste. Angoori shouts and says don’t talk to me like this. Vibhu says I’ll talk the way I want and after seeing you I’ll whistle everytime. Ammaji sit beside Vibhuti without his knowledge and whistles with him. Vibhu sees Ammaji and get shocked. Vibhu start mocking her in english and try to get up. Ammaji holds him and says I’ll teach you a lesson now and asks Angoori to bring her stick. Ammaji calls police station.

TMT near tea stall. Rusa come and asks TMT why did you call me. Teeka says our age is of getting married. Malkhan says but most important thing to get married is lady. Rusa says but for marriage you need to find girl. Tillu says so we thought to get married to you but when we thought we got to know that we don’t like you. Malkhan says I choose girl by there eyes because eyes have real beauty but our colony bats have nice eyes then your. Teeka scolds Malkhan and says to Rusa for me beauty lies in smile but I never seen you smiling properly. Rusa smile Teeka says I never seen such bad smile. Rusa gets angry and start shouting at them. Manohar come and asks Rusa what happen. Rusa says first they call me snd after that they started insulting me. Manohar says don’t worry they will pay for what they did to you in jail.

Anu in her house Tiwari come and whistles. Anu asks why are you whistling. Tiwari says because I’m teasing you. Anu says what happen is your mind on place. Tiwari says im saying right and whistles again. Anu says I’m asking you last time not to do this nonsense. Tiwari mocks Anu and says I wish to tease you. Helan sees everything and says I’ll not tolerate this and start beating Tiwari. Anu calls police station.

TMT and Vibhuti in jail. Vibhu says is anyone there please give us tea. Tillu says to Vibhuti over here nobody asks for water and you want tea. Manohar bring Tiwari and locks him up with rest of them. Vibhu sees Tiwari and TMT laugh after seeing Tiwari. Tiwari says to Vibhuti you are here too. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Tiwari says there is way to talk. Teeka says to Manohar can you release us after taking something. Manohar says don’t worry I’ll give you something wait for 5 minutes mt stick is getting ready. Vibhu says its not fault we were doing what was written in book. Manohar says I’m also reading a book named by 101 ways to break bone. Saxena come and offers him him sweet.

Manohar says to Saxena don’t you have any shame bribing police officer and take box. Vibhu ssys we are in jail because of this man he wrote that book. Saxena says I wrote this book so that everyone beat me and you don’t believe 450 girls beat me so you can release them its my fault so that they can also beat me. Manohar says our Commissioner will beat you and about these roaches, Commissioner will not forgive them because he is strict in eve-teasing case’s.

Lady come in police station while beating a guy. Lady calls inspector. Saxena asks what happen sister. Lady says bhaiya I want yo meet inspector. Manohar says excuse me I’m here you can tell me. Lady says this guy was teasing me on street. TMT says you bad person show us your face. Commissioner remove his jacket and everyone gets shocked. Vibhu says Naari Shashtra. Commissioner nods his head.

Angoori watering plants and singing. Vibhu come and says I know you are angry but I would like to tell you your paneer vegetable was good. Angoori says you are talking about potato vegetable. Vibhu says thank god atleast you talked to me. Angoori says you are bad person. Vibhu says I cannot do anything bad to you. Angoori says then what was the reason you were bad to me. Vibhu says I was reading book written by Saxena to check if his theories really work and praise her. Angoori says I’ll not fall for you and I’m upset. Vibhu says I’m sorry and flirt with her and says sorry. Angoori blushes and goes in.

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