Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th July 2022 Angoori is sitting in her home. Saxena walks in and he greets her. Angoori asks where was he in oast few days? Saxena tells that he was out of the living with Sheikhs and now he’s also a lioness.

Angoori gets surprised. Saxena tells her that he’s looking for a lion and leaves Angoori confused. Saxena leaves. Vibhu walks in and sits beside Angoori. Vibhu asks Angoori if she’s a big devotee of Maa Sherawali?
Angoori replies, yes. Angoori tells Vibhu, she really loves lion and is looking for one.

Tiwari is talking on his phone outside his house. Anu walks upto him and tells him that she felt really good after seeing him talking about business on his phone. Tiwari calls Vibhu unemployed and mocks him.

A random stranger also walks upto them and calls Vibhu unemployed and cusses him, and also tells them that he has to pay 10000rs to him. Anu gets ashamed. Tiwari gives 10000rs to him and tells him to shut up and leave.

He leaves. Happu Singh walks upto them all exausted and asks Tiwari if he knows any massage guy? Tiwari asks Happu if his wife threw hands on him? Happu denies. Happu asks Anu if she knows any massage guy? Anu gets angry and says how is she suppose to know this, and scolds Happu and leaves.Happu tells Tiwari that why is angry today? Tiwari says what you can expect from someone who’s husband is unemployed.

David is telling Vibhu his fake stories and Anu walks in and starts appreciating his fake stories. Anu tells David and Vibhu that a wine shop owner came and asked for 10000rs from David. Vibhu gets shocked and asks him if he drank all on his own?

David tells Vibhu that he’s was involved everytime. Anu says, Enough! Now david has to pay contribution to stay in this house and leaves. David asks Vibhu for the help. Vibhu tells David to open a salon in Kanpur.

Angoori is preparing food in her kitchen and Vibhu talking to her. Vibhu tells her that he’s a lion himself and he’s been roaming around hiding his identity. Angoori laughs and asks him how is he a lion?  Vibhu says long ago he was cursed. Angoori doesn’t believes him. Vibhu tells Angoori to come to the bushes at the night if she really wants to see his real indentity and leaves.

Tiwari is sitting at the tea stall and talking on his phone. Dr. Gupta runs towards him and asks Tiwari for help and let him hide behind him. TMT also runs towards him asking for help and they also hides. Dr. Gupta tells Tiwari that saxena has been turned into a lion and about to eat everyone.

Saxena comes there and starts to look for everyone. Dr. Gupta and TMT starts to run again and Saxena also run behind them. Tiwari is just sitting and watching them act. David and Prem walks upto Tiwari. David tells them that he’s planning to open a salon in Kanpur and asks for investment.

Prem tells him that he’s gonna give any money because Vibhu took a lot but never returned, instead, he dumped all the money. Prem says goodbye and leaves. Tiwari asks David how much will he give him? David tells, a lot! Tiwari agrees and says that he’s ready to invest.

Angoori is at the woods and waiting for Vibhu. Vibhu disguised as a lion comes towards her. Angoori gets sacred.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu cut the ribbon. Everyone will applauds for her. Vibhu says I would like to say anything. David says wait a minute you are so egar to say like you are having a pressure. Vibhu mocks him.Angoori says to Vibhu you are vegetarian then why are you becoming non vegetarian for them. Vibhu says I can be calm only when someone says Sheru darling relax. Angoori says exactly how he asked.


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