Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2021 Anu come to balcony, Vibhu walks in with coffee. Anu says thankyou I really need this and don’t you think there is change in climate. Vibhu says its October how it will get cold, you seem weak to me take care of your food, I think you need to eat well. Anu says yes you are right I should ask my cook to cook well and make special menu for me.

Vibhu says you know what’s good for you fresh juice and fruit.Angoori and Tiwari come out Angoori says to Tiwari its cold right and they both greet Anu and Vibhuti. Vibhu greets Angoori. Angoori says climate is cozy right. Vibhu sayd when I wake up I was feeling cold so much. Anu give Vibhuti cold look. Tiwari mocks Vibhuti. Vibhu mocks him back. Anu says you both started again please stop it.

Saxena come with loud speaker in colony says in mordern colony we will organise Ram-Leela play, so whoever like to act can participate and other will watch, so whoever want to act can give there name to chairman of committee and ask muchhal chacha to move forward. Tiwari says to Vibhu you should do your role which you use to do earlier be monkey in monkey army. Vibhu says and you should do your tree role and asks Anu to go back.

Tiwari on phone says I don’t care if you were looted I want my money back I can give you one week more to return money. Angoori come with pratah Tiwari says wow you made there parathas after so many time. Angoori says it was about to get rotten so I made paratha.

Vibhu brings breakfast for Anu and involved in phone. Anu asks what are you doing. Vibhu says I’m seeing how I look in camera. Anu says you always look charming you have good face. Vibhu aks Anu tell me three important feature which you like. Anu says I like your eyes they are expressive, your lips.

Tiwari aks Angoori tell what which rile suite me best for Ram-Leela play. Angoori says according to your behaviour best suited character will be Prabhu Sri Ram. Tiwari asks will it suit me. Angoori says yes you have good personality, big eyes like owl, I like owl.
Anu says what I’m trying to say is your face is like whole package. Vibhu says you understand me so much, my depth and I was thinking of playing a role in Ram Reela, Anu says play Sri Ram, no one can do as you will, you have that glow and charm, you are perfect match. Anu says go talk to Saxena about it.
Angoori asks Tiwari to go and apply for role.

TMT, Gupta, Tiwari and all other Men at tea stall. Master says I am here to say, Tilu says you have no work here go, Master says even I am here for role, Teeka says you will play no role just keeping saying there is no culture here, Master says and people like you will work who are useless. Prem says I will donate everything to committee give me the role, Tiwari says to play Sri Ram you need to be devotee like me, so I get this role.

Vibhu says hello I am the deserving candidate look at my glow, Master says but you are cultureless. TMT says if we don’t get role we won’t spare you, Gupta says if I get role I will treat everyone free. Chairman shouts at everyone and asks them to shut up, he says Sri Ram was pure and no one can easily get it, Saxena says we will survey men for 4 days and then find one.

Angoori in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her and compliment her calls her angel, Angoori says I don’t have wings to fly. Vibhu says I always compliment you but you never so tell me what you think of me, Angoori says you are good person if you wouldn’t have married Anu, I would ask you to marry Tiwari,you are a good wife.

Vibhu says will you come watch Ram Leela, Angoori says yes I will, Vibhu asks what role should I play, Angoori says a kings role, Vibhu says I get it, Angoori says you can’t play a normal role, you should play someone who has reputation, like Raja Dashrat, Sri Ram’s father, Tiwari will play Ram and you Dashrat, you two will look so good. Vibhu says you know nothing about Ramayana, you have zero knowledge, you called me old and leaves.

Tiwari walks in when Anu working out and closes eyes and says my culture doesn’t allow you to see you workout, Anu says relax I am just stretching and I hope all men have such thought, Tiwari says but no one will watch you, Anu says I don’t care, Tiwari says what you saying if government had tax on you, there will be so many good highway with the tax money. Anu says you and your compliments.

Tiwari asks Anu what role should he play in Ram leela, Anu says ask Angoori, Anu says she loves me so much she will ask me to play all roles, Anu says you should play role related to your character and your personality is like silent, calm, so Laxman won’t suit you, Tiwari says yes, Anu says play Agusta Rishi or Rishi Vishvamitra, these two will suit you, Tiwari says Sri Ram role, Anu says its best role and Vibhu should play it, Tiwari leaves.

TMT discuss that Tiwari and Vibhu fighting for Ram’s role, Rhusa walks to them and asks what role they will play in Ram Leela, and who is playing Sri Ram, Teeka says whoever gets it will play, Rhusa the most talented person will win this role, he will be classy and clashing, Teeka says I think I will do it, Malkan says have you seen your face, and talented and good looking is me so the role is mine, Tilu says I am beauty and brain and role is mine.

Rhusa says you 3 fight and whoever wins will be Sri Ram, TMT start slapping eachother, then hit eachother with rods. Rhusa leave and Saxena walks in and says you broke your friendship, we gonna have Ram Leela and you are doing Ravan Leela, Tilu says we were learning war, Saxena says I am mad not stupid and -25 for this behaviour.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu as Sri Ram infront of Angoori and says Tiwari can’t play role of Sri Ram.Tiwari says to Anu that Vibhu said he is not much interested in Sri Ram rope because Anu will play Ma Sita, Anu says let me see how he gets the role now.


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