Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th August 2022 Tiwari asks Vibhu why is he crying. David says just remembering good old days. Tiwari asks what will you not tie but. David says I was saying Vibhu hated tying his pyjama knot. Vibhu offers Tiwari a seat. Vibhu says now Anu will tie Rakhi we will be relative. Tiwari says she won’t Angoori will tie you. Vibhu says she won’t. Both start arguing.

Anu buying vegetable, a man passing by passes loose comments on her. Anu asks him to back off. Anu about to slap him, he holds her hand. Tiwari walks to him and says how dare you and hits him. Anu says thankyou brother.

Tiwari wakes up and realises it was a dream. Angoori says I was waiting for you upstairs. Tiwari says to her I saw a nightmare that bhabhiji is tying me rakhi, Angoori says what is bad in it. Tiwari says its written in my Kundali, if I allow someone else to tie rakhi, her husband will face all the negativity and may die too, Angoori says oh God don’t then.

Vibhu visits Angoori, Angoori greets him and asks how is he, Vibhu says something pulls me always towards you, Angoori says that is because we have a relationship and I dreamt about it too, close your eyes and removes rakhi and says for my brother.
Anu wakes Vibhu up, Vibhu says good it was just a dream.

Anu asks whats the matter. Vibhu says remember my sister Tina, I treat her as my sister and she tied me rakhi once and her husband and mother in law died and she has a hard life now. Anu says I will talk to Angoori and Tiwari about this, we have to talk to them.

Tiwari’s and Mishra’s together. Vibhu tells them he can’t tie Rakhi because of what happened to Tina. Tiwari says I faced same issue with my schoolmate Shamvati, she tied me Rakhi, failed 5 times, married a elder ill man, soon he died too and now she lives a very hard time.

Shamvati walks in, Tiwari asks who are you. She says I am Shamvati. Angoori says you don’t look like his classmate. Shamvati says because he failed 8 times in 5th. Shamvati says is happily married to a 5 year younger man and lives a good life, since she tied rakhi to Tiwari, her days changed and she is 70 Crores owner.

Vibhu says Tiwari is such a liar, my sister is real and I am not a liar. Tina walks in and says hi to everyone and says I can never forget sending you rakhi. We are meeting after 10 years. Tina says same here. Anu asks Vibhu to get ready for rakhi. Angoori says to Tiwari, he needs to get ready too.

Everyone gathered in model colony for Rakshabandhan. Anu and Angoori drag Vibhu and Tiwari to function. Suresh asks why are they upset, you just have to get rakhi tied from your bhabhi. Gupta asks David, why is this need to be so much upset. David says you will understand when a bhabhi ties you rakhi.

Angoori says to Anu that she is very excited and how is Vibhu as brother. Anu says a very bad one doesn’t know how to keep up with relations is sisters hate him. Anu asks how is Tiwari as brother. Angoori says he has one sister and she stays in Uganda and he once borrowed money from them and never answered their calls then.

Suresh asks Tiwari and Vibhu to get rakhi tied. Teeka and Tilu pull Tiwari and Vibhu out of chair. Both make excuses to not tie rakhi. Commissioner stops them. Suresh says you are here at right time. Comissioner says your bad days have come, Supreme court announced results in name of Model colony and you can no longer be able to claim this colony. Suresh runs away. Angoori says lets complete rakshabandhan. Anu says yes. Tiwari and Vibhu run away.

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