Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th July 2022 Angoori in jungle with Vibhu disguised as lion. Vibhu play roar sound in his phone. Angoori ask him are lion here. Saxena watching them. Vibhu says I’m a loving lion very sensible. Angoori ask tell me are you vegetarian or non vegetarian lion. Vibhu says I’m vegetarian.

Angoori get’s happy and says you have tail too. Saxena get’s excited after seeing tail. Angoori says I have studied in school and also written an essay on lion. Vibhu ask him to tell essay. Angoori say essay on lion.

Vibhu says enough we will discuss later for now I have some needs only you can solve it and ask her food. Angoori gets happy and says come tomorrow. Vibhu says I’ll come tomorrow to eat, he play roar sound and walk away. Saxena says I think so lioness search is completed, I’m proud of you my lion.

Next morning. Everyone in market applauds and congratulate David for his salon. Prem ask him from where did you get investment. David says Tiwari helped me. Tiwari are related to Anu and our neighbour. Anu thanks Tiwari for helping David. David says credit goes to you Tiwari. Vibhu says I would like to say something.

David wait don’t say now we will talk later. Tiwari ask Anu to say something on occasion. Anu says I just want David’s salon should be so successful that he don’t need to ask for money to anyone. Vibhu says now I would like to say something.

David says to Vibhu wait a minute and mocks him. Vibhu mocks him back. Tiwari says when he doesn’t want you to say anything then why are you interrupting and mocks him. Teeka also shouts at Vibhu. Gupta, Malkhan and Tillu also disrespect him. Vibhu slaps TMT and leave.

Angoori in her room waiting for Sheru. Vibhu walks in and greet Angoori. Angoori says I’m so lucky, a lion is greeting me. Vibhu flirt with her and ask how are you feeling. Angoori says I’m feeling good and says I have more line on lion essay and tell him. Vibhu after listening says I’m a vegetarian lion.

Angoori says I forget so tell me what can I write. Vibhu tell her lines and also flirt with her says this cursed lion is your, you can play with me and use me the way you like. Angoori ask what we can play. Vibhu suggest her some game and a voice from outside micks him. Angoori says now a days people don’t have respect for others, who talk to a lion like this. Vibhu says it’s because of you I’m quite or I would have eaten him.

Angoori says no you should calm down. Vibhu says I can be only calm when someone says Sheru darling relax. Angoori says sheru darling relax. Vibhu ask him to say many more time and says you made me so relaxed. Angoori says I’ll bring some to eat. Vibhu tell her what he wants to eat.

Vibhu outside house with umbrella says people should not know about me being lion or else they all will beat me. Saxena walks to him says but I know. Vibhuti ask what do you mean to say. Saxena says that you are my lion and I have a lioness in me and I want to have romance with you. Vibhu get’s scared says don’t act.

Saxena says I know you are lion, I have seen you and mocks him. Vibhu slaps him and says please behave. Saxena ask I want to know what kind of lion you are? Vibhu says I’ll tell you but you won’t tell anyone. Saxena says okay but I also have a condition. Vibhu ask what. Saxena make fun of him and ask him to do romance with him. Vibhu get’s offended shouts at him and walk away.

Zaleel Muradabadi recite his poem to Anu. Anu praises him for his poem. Zaleel ask her to publish his poem. Anu says don’t worry I’ll publish your poem and talk about his poem and says I’ll give you 1 rs for your piem.

Anu take out 100rs says 100rs for 100 poem. Zaleel ask Anu to publish her poem in Markaz publication. Anu says don’t worry I’ll handle that. Zaleel thanks her and leave. Anu reading his book. Vibhu walks to her and praises her for her poem.

Happu at David’s salon. David giving him massage. Happu says come to right point of back. David twist and turn his wrong bone. Happu says come sit I’ll show you how it’s done and massage him. TMT from behind looking at them and hear bone cracking.

Teeka says is Happu massaging David. Tillu says I think it’s difficult to handle nine kids. TMT walk to them. Happu ask TMT what were you talking and tell them how he ended massaging David. Happu ask him now can you do it. David says yes now I can do.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to David we have lot of expenditure so your shop has to earn well. David says don’t worry. Anu says if this don’t work then I’ll go to my mom’s house.Angoori says to Vibhu, Tiwari can’t believe you are lion. Vibhu ask Angoori to brin him to jhakar katti bushes.Vibhu threatens Prem says if you tell anyone that I’m cursed lion then that will be your last dat. Tiwari looks at them from distance get’s scared.


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