Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th September 2022 Vibhu is sitting in his bedroom writing something. Anu asks Vibhu, what is writing? Vibhu tells Anu that he’s writing his feeling out. Anu asks Vibhu, when did he became a writer.

Vibhu says that he’s a born writter, he used write with a name of “Vibhu Adhura”. Anu says that she remembers. Vibhu says he’ll become a very famous writter, and everyone will ask Anu for his address.

Anu tells Vibhu that, people only asks someone’s address for only 2 reasons, first, if they want to give him a reward, or when they want to disrespect him. Vibhu says, only time will tell about that.

Ammaji is sitting at Tiwari’s house. Tiwari walks upto her and asks Ammaji, if everything is okay? Angoori says, everything is fine. Priest Ramfal told Ammaji that I am going to become a celebrity in the coming future. Ammaji warns Tiwari, that if Angoori doesn’t become a celebrity, she will kill him. Tiwari gets scared.

Anu and Tiwari are sitting together and drinking coconut water after their jog. Tiwari tells Anu, that he still remembers to the advertisement she did of a toothpaste. Anu gets surprised, and says she was very young back then. Tiwari tells Anu that, she should’ve tried modeling. Anu say that she still regrets that fact. Tiwari tells Anu to let it go, the time has gone. Anu says that she have decided, she’ll go to Mumbai. Tiwari asks why? Anu replies, to become an actor, and leaves.

Tiwari is sitting at the tea stall. Tea stall owner asks Tiwari if he has watched the movie “Halwa me Jalwa”? Tiwari denies. Tea stall owner tells Tiwari that it’s great movie, and everyone is mad after that movie.

Teeka and Tillu also walks upto them and asks Tiwari if they are talking about he movie, Halwa me Jalwa? Tea stall owner says, yes. Teeka says that it’s a great movie, but they don’t have money to watch it. Master ji and Dr. Gupta also comes up and sits beside Tiwari. Dr. Gupta also tells everyone that Halwa me Jalwa is a very good movie, but there are no tickets available. Its housefull.

Master Ji says that he got two tickets and will go with his wife. Rusa shows up and takes Teeka and Tillu with her to watch movie. Masterji and Dr. Gupta also leaves to arrange tickets. Tiwari asks Tea seller, how’s the business of film making? Tea seller says it’s very profitable. You can make a great amount of money by just few pennies. A begger walks upto Tiwari and tells him not to become a producer, because back in the days that begger was also an producer.

Vibhu and Angoori are sitting together at Angoori’s house. Vibhu tells Angoori that he’s a writer now. Angoori asks Vibhu if he’s really a writer now? Vibhu says, yes, and tells her that write short stories. Angoori asks Vibhu to tell her some of his stories. Vibhu says he wrote a story

“The Hot Neighbour”. Vibhu proceeds tell Angoori his life story in the name of this short story. Angoori asks Vibhu if that neighbor is married? Vibhu says, yes, and she also have a loser husband. Vibhu asks Angoori to suggest a great ending to this story. Angoori says, in the end, that neighbour should beat that guy with her slipper.

Vibhu gets scared and asks why? Angoori tells Vibhu that it’s not good to love a married woman. Tiwari also shows up and sits beside Vibhu. Tiwari tells Anu that, now she don’t need to waste time with unemployed people because he’s now a film producer. Angoori gets excited. Vibhu asks Tiwari if he can write his film, as he’s a writer himself. Tiwari asks for the script.

Anu is booking flight ticket. David asks Anu what is she doing?  Anu tells David that she’s booking tickets for Mumbai. David asks Anu to book a ticket for him too. Anu says that she’s going to try her luck in acting, not just to roam around. Anu says London is good for him. David asks Anu, how is she going to survive and stay there? Anu tells David that she have her relatives there. Vibhu also shows up.

David tells Vibhu that Anu is leaving for Mumbai and leaving you. Vibhu gets excited. Anu says that she’s not leaving permanently, but going only for few days. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s going there to become an actress. Vibhu tells Anu that there is no need to go anywhere because Tiwari is now a producer. David gets shocked. Anu says that she’ll meet Tiwari and asks Vibhu to bring some coffee. David also leaves. Anu calls Tiwari to book an appointment. Tiwari tells Anu to come tomorrow.

Tiwari is sitting in his house and getting calls again and again from his relatives to get roles in his film. Tiwari denies everyone.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Anu I know you will be the heroine of my movie so I didn’t forget to bring contract. Anu says how much is singing amount. Tiwari give her 11rs.Angoori ask Vibhu who is father of my child. Vibhuti in shock. Angoori shouts at him and says if you didn’t accept my flower then I’ll shoot you.


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