Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2021 Angoori in her garden watering plants and singing prayer. Vibhu come and Angoori calls him. Vibhu says sorry I was sad so didn’t see you, tell how sre you. Angoori says I want to make you happy because you look sad so much, you were telling me you want to do business so that you can save your marriage, I got 2lakhs rupee, Tiwari gave me 2lakhs yo keep he will take afterwards so till that time you can keep that but what business you will do. Vibhu says I’ll do a kind of business in which you pay in morning and by evening you get double the amount you used for purchasing. Angoori says why don’t you open a bank. Vibhu says thank for you business idea you did your job now rest is upto me leave it to your partner. Angoori says I’ll be your partner. Vibhu says yes you are my financial partner and my sleeping partner. Prem hear and come to Vibhu asks what partnership is going on. Angoori tries to tell but Vibhu stops her says her don’t tell its bad omen. Prem says I don’t have anything bad because I got lots of money and going to buy umbrella from that money because rainy season is coming and leaves. Vibhu says we got business of Umbrella because rainy season is coming and we will sell our umbrella in less rate. Angoori says its an good idea, wait I’ll bring money.

Anu in her house sitting in hall a delivery boy come. Anu says who are you who’s package is this. Vibhu come and says this package is mine I ordered that. Anu says okay but what are you doing. Vibhu say’s this is glue yo our marriage. Anu says what. Vibhu says you always say you don’t like I’m unemployed you don’t respect me at all. Anu say’s what sre you talking you are my husband. Vibhu says I heard myself unemployed husband is of no use, I won’t let this marriage break apart, I’ll be a successful person and I want to do something so that you’ll be proud of me give me one more chance. Anu says yes I’ll give you chance there is only one thing you don’t have that you are not successful but you are very sweet husband and do lots of work, why will I divorce you. Vibhu says now see how this umbrella business will take me after this monsoon I’ll be called Umbrella king of monsoon. Anu says where did you got money for these umbrella. Vibhu says I got from my friend do you want to have coffee. Anu says yes and says to herself he is full of drama, because of this drama if he is settling in life I can bear that drama a bit.

Tiwari come to his house calls Angoori and says please bring that money. Angoori says which money. Tiwari says the money which I give you, income tax officer called told to me to give that money so bring. Angoori says but you were going to ask that money after 2-3 days but why are you asking today. Tiwari says I need today so bring now. Angoori says this is not good you are not man of words you told me after 2-3 days so ask accordingly. Tiwari says I need now so bring from where you kept. Angoori says its not there its outside the house. Tiwari gets shocked says where outside the house. Angoori says in someone else pocket. Tiwari gets angry and says who’s pocket. Angoori says I invested in business but cant tell you where. Tiwari says are you out of your mind why didn’t you ask me you don’t sneez before asking me nad today you gave away 2 lakhs rupees. Angoori start crying says I invested in business. Tiwari say’s dont cry now, you broke my faith over you now hear one thing if I didn’t got money till tomorrow morning then there will be consequences. Angoori run away while crying says I hate you.

Angoori in kitchen peeling vegetables. Vibhu come flirts with her and says to wipe your tears. Angoori says I did a big mistake. Vibhu asks what mistake. Angoori says I broke Tiwari’s faith I cannot show him my face. Vibhu says how did that happen. Angoori says I was unable too process things, I was not thinking well and it happened. Vibhu asks who was he. Angoori says its you. Vibhu gets shock and says how me, you might be seeing a dream and start flirting with her. Angoori says what are you saying I give you 2 lakhs in your hand and you didn’t notice, Tiwari gave me that money with so much of trust and without asking him I gave you that money. Vibhu says thank god I was scared, what you did is to save my marriage. Angoori says and my marriage has become risky he gave me that money to keep and now he is asking for that money. Vibhu says such a chep and disgusting man tell him we will give him money in 2-3 days and will return him twice and thrice. Angoori says but he is asking in by tomorrow. Vibhu says whem he will see that much money he will be happy and forgive you. Angoori sayshe will be happy. Vibhu says I have plan we will make video film over umbrella and you will be that face for that video. Angoori says I cannot do that modelling I’m scared of camera. Vibhu says I’ll teach you and Vibhu start imagining he is dancing and singing with Angoori.

Vibhu talking to Prem on phone says you remember when I give you 500 rs so thought of giving you back whem I got money. Prem says I need in cash. Vibhu says I opened a business of Umbrella why don’t you buy 5 umbrella from me and ill give you discount of 100rs each on one umbrella and 500 will be done. Prem says today I got to know that you think me as donkey I’ll take 500 cash and will not take Umbrella on discount from you. TMT come and hear everything and Malkhan says you are doing Umbrella business. Teeka says you are unemployed but your face looks like boss we will sell umbrella. Tillu says think Chapra University Topper selling Umbrella what people of kanpur will think about you we will sell all the Umbrellas, we will take 10% of each sale and rest we will give to you. Vibhu says what if you run away with my Umbrella. Teeka says we both are unemployed so we will not back stab you. Vibhu says this is good. Teeka says we know we are taking risk working with you. Vibhu says now listen to me if anyone tries to steal something then I’ll make you stand under sun.

Tiwari talking on phone with someone asking for money and he hungs up call says to god what all you’ll show me and sees Anu coming from other side of road.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu sitting near tea stall a person says to him we got system saying it will be dry this time.Vibhu talking Angoori say’s this yime there will be no monsoon. Angoori gets shocked and says what about umbrella. Vibhu says that’s what I’m thinking.


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