Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th September 2022 Angoori tells Tiwari that priest Ramfal told her that she’ll get very famous. Tiwari asks Angoori, how can he help with that? Angoori says that she wants to become heroine in his movie.

Tiwari tells Angoori he’s putting all of his money into the movie, to make this movie profitable, he needs to hire a professional actress. Angoori gets sad. Tiwari gets a call and leaves. Angoori decides that she will work in the movie anyhow.

Anu is stressing over what to wear in the movie interview. Vibhu asks Anu, why is she so stressed? Anu tells Vibhu that she cannot decide what to wear. Vibhu asks Anu, if she’s meet a very important person?
Anu says, yes, Tiwari. Vibhu gets disgusted, and tells to wear night dress. Anu says, she takes everything serious, because she’s now an actress.

Vibhu gets inside Angoori’s house and sits beside her. Angoori starts practicing her acting skills on Vibhu. Vibhu gets scared as she’s talking to very rudely. Vibhu starts apologizing to her. Angoori pulls out a prop gun and puts it on Vibhu’s head. Vibhu gets even more scared and puts his hands up.

Angoori breaks her character and tells Vibhu that’s he’s dumb. Angoori asks Vibhu how was her acting? Vibhu replies, immaculate. Angoori says, still Tiwari didn’t gave him a role. Vibhu says, Tiwari doesn’t care about real talent. Angoori tells Vibhu that he needs a professional actress. Vibhu says he’ll beg in front of Tiwari to give you a role. Angoori thanks Vibhu.

Anu is waiting for Tiwari at a restaurant. Tiwari walks upto Anu and apologizes her for making her wait. Anu says, it’s okay. Tiwari asks Anu, what he can do for her. Anu says, she just needs a role and thats it. Tiwari tells Anu that she’s already working in his film. Anu tells Tiwari that she’ll sign on the contract in his office. Tiwari takes out the contract Anu asks Tiwari,

wether he always carry that contract with him? Tiwari replies, he doesn’t wants to leave any good actor from his sight. Anu asks for the clauses of his contract. Tiwari tells Anu that she can’t go to Mimbai and connot go out with her husband or even touch him without Tiwari’s permission.

Anu tells Tiwari if she cannot go to Mumbai, she’ll not sign the contract. Tiwari says they can discuss about that later, and if you don’t want to the rules you can. Anu asks Tiwari for the how much money she’ll get? Tiwari replies, 10lacs. Anu gets shocked. Tiwari says he care for the people who work in his movie. Anu asks for the signing amount, Tiwari gives her 11rs. Anu stares at Tiwari.

Tillu, Teeka, Rusa, Dr. Gupta, Prem and Master ji are discussing how bad that movie was. Tiwari also shows up and sits with them, and asks, what are they talking about. Teeka replies, they are giving reviews of the movie. Tillu asks Tiwari, how is talking so politely today? Tiwari tells them that he’s here to talk about something profitable. Prem asks, whats that? Tiwari tells everyone that he got a job offer for them. Teeka asks about the job. Tiwari replies, he wants to give them a role in his film. Tillu gets excited and thanks Tiwari.

Vibhu and David are sitting together and drinking. Vibhu tells David that, when he tried to talk to Tiwari about the film, he said talk to my secretary. Tiwari gets out his house and listens everything.

David calls Tiwari. Tiwari walks upto them sits with them. David asks Tiwari, what if he makes his film get shot at London. Tiwari says, its a great idea. David tells Tiwari, but the need to let Vibhu write the script. Vibhu tells Tiwari that if he let him write the script, the movie will go blockbuster for sure.

Tiwari tells Vibhu that he doesn’t believe him. Tiwari tells Vibhu to talk to his creative team. David asks Vibhu, is he’s ready to tell the script to the creative team. Vibhu says, yes. Tiwari gives 11rs to Vibhu as a signing amount. David and Vibhu stares at Tiwari. David asks Tiwari why is he giving 11rs. Tiwari tells them to wait for the movie to release. Tiwari gets up and leaves. David tells Vibhu to sign in the movie.

Tiwari is getting interviewed. Vibhu rushes to Tiwari and apologizes for being late. Tiwari tells Vibhu to get aside because he was sitting on the hero’s chair.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says title of this movie hai “Dil hai ke manta nahi” and he repeats it many time. David get’s irritated says tell something more now Ammaji traps Tiwari she scare her from current and ask will you give chance to Angoori in your movie. Tiwari don’t answer. Angoori ask Ammaji should I increase the current.


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