Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th September 2020 Anu asks Vibhu will he have pasta, David says that is what will fit in budget, Vibhu asks David to keep mum, and asks Anu to make what she feels like. Vibhu asks David does he have any money because soon Anu will find things fishy, Helan says I will help but of later Anu spends it will be bad to see a don sell his own belongings. Vibhu says you are right.

Vibhu David walk to Angoori, Angoori asks Vibhu how come he speaks Italian he never went Italy, David says it’s in blood, Angoori says the blood was there since long, Vibhu says light is lite when switch is switched on and my introduction was yesterday so. Tiwari walks to them, Vibhu asks him why he isn’t at shop, Tiwari says it’s Saturday shop is closed, David hands him a box, Tiwari says no need of gifts, David says it had a expensive thing and keep it on the address I say and don’t look inside or else you will be trapped. Tiwari says I won’t do, Angoori says do it if they say, Tiwari says I will be jailed, Vibbu says don’t worry, police will doubt me not you, go relax, and let’s see when will you return soon or in 7 years.
David says I don’t feel good, I will be back soon.
Angoori goes to kitchen to cook.

Happu sees Tiwari and asks what are you doing, and asks what is in box, whose gift it is, Tiwari says I’m very late don’t irritate me and leaves. Happu leaves, Tiwari gets back, keeps box and leaves. Happu comes back and opens the box, and finds it empty but very smelly and says god what is this smell.

Vibhu walks to Angoori, says I was attracted to you, and broke all hurdles, Angoori says when I see you my heart beat gets faster and I hear music, Angoori and Vibhu start dancing, Vibhu wakes up and sees he called Saxena Senorita and Saxena on his laps, Vibhu slaps Saxena hard many times. Saxena leaves.
Angoori walks to him, Vibhu blushes, Angoori says keep blushing I will get you tea.

Vibhu walks to Anu in bedroom, Anu says I have decided to shut my classes, doesn’t look good that a dons wife runs classes, Vibhu says you didn’t even ask me, and I don’t like you sitting home and wasting talent, Anu says I won’t I will join your business and smuggle god, will wear some gold and get some, Vibhu says enough you will do yours so that police doesn’t find suspicious, Anu says handed keys to landlord and I never spent romantic time with a don, Vibhu says no, Anu scolds him and asks him to romance with her.

A don crying over his sons death says I still miss you after so long, but till I find your killer I won’t burry you’re remains, and I know Vito killed you and ran away and once I find him I will take your revenge.

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