Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th July 2021 Tiwari in hall says to Angoori to bring tea. Angoori brings tea for him and Anu shouts Angoori name, Tiwari gets scared says tell Anu that I’m out of town and hide behind sofa. Angoori open gate and says to Anu Tiwari is out of town he told me to inform you. Anu says why do I feel Tiwari is herr. Angoori says he is out but I can see Tiwari everywhere. Anu says the person we love can be seen everywhere. Angoori says but I can see Vibhu running here and there because he is unemployed. Anu says I feel pity for him you know he opened umbrella business but wheather forcast told it will not rain this time. Angoori says yes its bad and because of him everything bad was also gonna happen to me. A lizard falls hon Tiwari shoulder and he gets scared and come out. Anu gets shocked says to Tiwari what are you doing here and Angoori why did you told lie to me. Angoori says you know I don’t tell lie Tiwari told me to say. Tiwari says I was unable to withdraw 2 lakh rupees from bank so I told her to say. Anu says it’s okay Tiwari you can return my money tomorrow morning but from next time dont do like this you can give my tomorrow morning ok. Tiwari thinking something and says ok.

Prem gets call from Vibhu. Vibhu asks how are you my friend. Prem says I cannot be bad I’m all good and start talking about money for which Prem tells Vibhu a story to mock Vibhu and says I’ll not buy your Umbrella. Prem hear clouds trembling. Vibhu says these are clouds trembling and as the rain start price will go up of umbrella for now I can give you of 200rupees one piece. Prem says it will not rain and clouds tremble again and Vibhuti increases rate after each tremble. Tillu standing outside his house start water to feel like its raining. Prem says I’ll buy 5 umbrella 250 rupees each before you increase anu rate more.

Tiwari talking on Phone to Babloo asking him to lend money. A beggar sitting nearby says everyone is beggar here. Babloo hungs up phone beggar says should I finance you. Tiwari says you are not that worth that you can finance me and sees Anu coming from her house. Tiwari gets scared and tries to enter beggar’s blanket. Anu sees Tiwari and says what are you doing. Tiwari says I was feeling cold. Anu says in summer you are feeling cold, tell me what is wrong with you. Tiwari says the money which I took from you and Tiwari gets call he sees his phone and gets scared, its income tax calling and asks Anu to wait. Anu says talk fast. Tiwari picks up call and officer asks is Tiwari speaking. Tiwari says yes. Income tax officer says we have got order from above that not to trouble small business like you so I’m opening your account and you can use your account and hungs up phone. Amu says you were saying something about money. Tiwari says to Anu don’t worry I’ll give your money in next 2-3 hours. Anu says ok and leave.

Teeka in police station. Manohar doing some work and says what happen. Teeka says I buied buffalo someone stole it and after that clouds tremble. Teeka says it will rain. Manohar says weather forecast said it will not rain this time how are clouds trembling. Malkhan standing outside window start tap water to make it feel like rain. Teeka says its raining outside. Manohar says nice its raining gets scared and says how will I go back now I don’t have umbrella. Teeka says done worry we will give you we have umbrella of different size and colour and will give you in high cost 1000rs each. Manohar says give me 4. Commissioner sees Malkhan standing outside and taps him.

Angoori in her house temple praying to god to make everything ok. Tiwari calls Angoori come to her and say don’t trouble god because everything is fine income tax opened my account. Angoori says now you will not take money from me. Tiwari says I know that money is drowned so deep that no one can bring it so from next time do not invest money before asking me. Angoori says I’ll not give without your permission. Tiwari says good

Commissioner called Manohar and come police station. Manohar says you here boss, good you came its raining outside and these people are selling Umbrella in cheap price. Commissioner says shutup outside its sunny day see outside and the rain which was happening was from there pipe and do one thing now best them with stick. Malkhan start crying and says if we tell you everything who’s plan was this then will you let us go. Commissioner mocks them and asks who is the real boss. Malkhan and Teeka says its Vibhu. Malkhan gets call from Vibhu, Commissioner says phone on speaker. Vibhu says so how many you sold do fast after this we have to go yo commissioner he is a bit fool but we can make sale to him, why aren’t you saying anything. Commissioner says its not Malkhan its me commissioner speaking. Vibhu gets scared and says why are you talking on Malkhan phones. Commissioner ssys don’t talk rubbish and your case is very small so I’ll not take any action but if you didn’t stop I’ll cease your everything. Vibhu says consider its done and hungs up. Commissioner says to Manohar you start beating them with stick that to heavy beating.

Tiwari says to Angoori now make tea for me and Tiwari tries to move his leg but it gets stuck. Tiwari shouts who is this. Vibhu gets up says that I got yo know you got money back and please buy my umbrella. Angoori says please help him think about Anu imagine her face how will she feel. Tiwari says its her bad luck that she got husband like him but she got good luck too that she got neighbour like me, ok I’ll buy your umbrella how much it will cost. Vibhu says 2.75 lakhs. Tiwari says you still trying to earn profit. Vibhu says ok give 101rs more above 2 lakhs. Tiwari says ok I’ll sign a check for you. Vibhu says you are a Goodman I’ll call TMT they will bring umbrella for you. Angoori says you are very nice person, I’ll bring tea for you

Vibhu chilling on his sofa. Anu come and ask where sre the umbrella boxes. Vibhu says they are gone. Amu says what do you mean. Vibhu says I sold them back in rolling I buied for 2 lakhs and I returned that of 2 lakhs. Anu gets happy says baby this is an merical I’m so happy. Vibhu says now you’ll not divorce me. Anu says I was not giving you divorce at first place that I was talking to my friend she was given divorce to her husband I was just fooling around with you because of that you became independent and start a successful business. Vibhu says this is cheating. Anu says I know because of this game you did your best or else you would have come to bedroom cried and would have drinks so this is a much better scenario, so where did you sold all this umbrella. Vibhu says don’t take this stress life is beautiful. Cloud tremble. Anu say’s thus it gonna rain. Vibhu says it cannot rain I talked to weather forecast cloud tremble again. Vibhu and Anu goes out see its raining. Vibhu friend come from weather forecast and says congrats my friend Vibhu it will rain heavily this time. Tiwari standing in balcony says Vibhu now see how ill make 4lakhs from 2 lakhs. Anu says Vibhu looser.

 Hai 17th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :TMT and Anu outside Vibhu’s house dancing and singing.Anu in rickshaw talking to Tiwari says to him lets meet tonight below bridge. Tiwari gets scared.TMT, Anu and Tiwari dancing and singing outside Vibhus house Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par


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