Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th November 2021 Angoori in her bedroom Tiwari walks in and ask her did you see what I see. Angoori says yes Vibhu was fainted. Tiwari says I’m talking about her ponytail which come suddenly. Angoori says yes I remember how did it grow. Tiwari says I’m also trying to find out. Angoori says you are innocent too but you don’t have any quality. Tiwari says I’m worried what happen to Vibhu in graveyard. Angoori says pity Vibhu.

Vibhu in scary state recite Hickery Dickery Docks poem. Angoori and Tiwari follow voice and see him from tgere window, sitting on rocking chair says my name is Belladona. Tiwari and Angoori gets scared. Angoori ask who is he take Tiwari to bed and ask why she was saying Belladona.

TMT sleeping. Someone fart inside the blanket, Teeka wakes up and says what nonsense is this. Malkhan says I think it’s Tillu he had paratha. Tillu says Malkhan its you. Teeka says lets find out solution. Tillu try to explain in urdu. Malkhan says please speak properly. Teeka says says aunty is here and go back to sleep.

TMT hear Belladona voice. Teeka ask who is singing. Malkhan says ut must be Tillu. Tillu says this is not my voice. Teeka says then who is singing and they hear that voice again and go back to cover them with sheet but they see Bella inside. TMT scared cannot speak anything and look inside one more time.

Angoori doing pooja. Tiwari walks in and ask are you alright. Angoori says what happen to me. Tiwari says there are chances something might happen. Angoori says Ammaji is also waiting something happen a bir or a girl. Tiwari give her look and says I’m saying that you don’t need to go out because Vibhu is summon and can harm you. Angoori says Vibhu cannot attack me. Tiwari says I’m talking about the ghost inside Vibhu that can attack you. Angoori says I’m not scared and I have blessings of Maa Durga no ghost can harm me. Tiwari says now what will happen.

Angoori outside doing pooja, singing Aarti. Vibhu walks in and flirt with her. Angoori gets scared and says you are ghost. Vibhu ask who said I’m ghost. Angoori says everyone said you are ghost. Tiwari walks in see Vibhu and gets scared says what this ghost is doing here. Vibhu says he told you all this nonsense. Angoori says he didn’t said anything I saw you from balcony. Vibhu says when did you see me.

Tiwari says we saw you last night. Vibhu says I went to sleep last night by 10:30pm. Angoori says no you were strolling and your hairs were big and white. Vibhuti says there might be misunderstanding. Tiwari says two people cannot have misunderstanding and don’t you remember anything. Vibhu says no. Tiwari says okay leave it and ask Angoori to help me clean my back. Vibhu says how disgusting, talking about person things in public. Tiwari says just go from here and he leaves. Vibhu flirts with her. Angoori sees her leg says they are right and leave.

Tiwari in washroom waiting for Angoori says so cold water now winter is coming need to use hot water or else it will give me shiver. Belladona walks in and touch Tiwari. Tiwari thinks Angoori is here and says now apply soap on my back with your soft hands. Belladona start messaging him. Tiwari says your touch feel different and getting hurt says its too much friction. Angoori calls Tiwari from outside and ask did I come inside to apply soap. Tiwari says if you are out then who is messaging me. Belladona turn Tiwari face. Tiwari gets scared and shouts.

Angoori walks in and ask what happen, see Belladona and gets scared. Tiwari come out scared and says she is inside get back and vome out with Belladona. He go inside again and get out with Angoori. They both run.

Anu get back from her trip tiered and calls Vibhu. Vibhu walks in and says yes baby. Anu says you said that you will welcome me with coffee where it is. Vibhuti says here it is, hot and with less sugar. Anu sip it and says good and ask what happen to your challenge did you stay for whole night in graveyard. Vibhu says I enjoyed and had great time with witchs play boards game with them. Anu says I’m happy for you proud of you and says please hold this cup I’m very tiered and bring that bag please.

TMT outside in market near tea stall. Malkhan says I’m tiered of running from morning please see if he is following us. Tillu says nobody is following us we ran with 200km speed. Teeka says that ia air can chase us at 500km speed. Malkhan says yes he will come from behind tap our shoulder and ask.

Saxena walks in tap Malkhan shoulder and ask what’s the time. TMT gets scared and shouts. Saxena says what happen why are you shouting it’s me. Tillu says he is Saxena no need to sacred of him. Saxena ask what happen why are you talking about being scared. Tillu says Vibhu is possessed.

Saxena says great and gets excited and says I got something to have research in ghost now I’ll find out what’s behind that pain, because I think as everything is there same ghost are also there and I’ll definitely find out and he leaves. Tillu says don’t believe him he is mad, for research purpose he might play poker with them. Teeka says let’s go to exorcist he will definitely be having answer.

Malkhan says see exorcist is coming.
Happu Singh walks in talking on phone and scolding someone on phone. Happu Singh slaps Malkhan and sit there says can’t you see I’m standing. Tillu says we were sleeping together in our house and they three start talking nonsense. Happu Singh scolds them and says come to point. Tillu says Vibhu is possessed and not letting us live. Happu Singh start laughing. Tillu says we are scared of witch and you are laughing. Happu Singh says not to be scared and says he did this many times earlier don’t need to be scared. Teeka says it’s true. Happu Singh says if this thing happens then should happen to me but it won’t happen because there is nothing like this.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori in her bedroom and hear BelaDonna’s voice. She ask who is singing. Bela says its me and she gets scared. Tiwari go inside bed. Tiwari if you are here then who is inside. Bela come out. Tiwari gets scared and shouts.


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