Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2020 Angoori singing, Vibhu visits her and says let’s practice, Angoori says sure, Vibhu says we were stuck in forest, so shall we stay here if you say or find a way, Angoori says why will we stay, we will find a way, who will take care of Tiwari, if im in jungle. Vibhu says okay look theres a river, Angoori says and a boat, Vibhu says let’s row the boat, Angoori says sure , both start imitating. Angoori keeps talking about Tiwari, Vibhu gets annoyed and leaves.

Anu asks Vibhu how is Cheddi did you visit him, Vibhu says he is on ventilator, but he will be fine, his family gave blessings and i told them its yours, Anu says you are so big hearted, im so proud of you, Cheddi walks in dancing. Anu says Cheddi you look so fit and fine. Cheddi says so am I anyways its my younger brother’s wedding please come, Anu says sure we will, Cheddi leaves.

Anu asks Vibhu what is the truth, Vibhu says i gave to master he met with an accident near Akhim Kothi, Anu and Vibhu hear master scolding someone outside, Vibhu says okay final truth, i gave it to Yaadrams son for his ear surgery, Yaadrams son playing music loudly outside and dancing, Vibhu says now i remember. Anu says get me 25000 by evening or else you will be thrown out.

Commissioner scolds Happu on failure, Happu tells the whole story. Commissioner says you are so useless, theres no sincerity at all, Shakal called me said he is sending bangles, Happu says i will give him my wives size. Happu says give me last chance if i fail i will change my name, Comissioner agrees.

Vibhu goes to Angoori says we are getting late let’s go. He imagines singing romantic song with her, Angoori shooks him and asks where is he lost, Vibhu says we are late let’s go, Angoori says Im so thankful to you for fulfilling my wish, Vibhu asks what will you give me in return, Angoori says what can i do, Vibhu says kofta of jackfruit, Angoori says sure but i wikl require chopper to cut it, Vibhu says done. Saxena walks in with knife says here is chopper, Vibhu asks what nonsense is thism Saxena says didnt i tell i run chopper service, i go to houses and chop Vegetables, Vibhu asks and all stories about helicopter.
Saxena says that was joke, Vibhu says what about my 25,000, Saxena says safe with me, and I’m here to return. Angoori gets emotional and says you broke my heart, Vibhu asks why did you do this, Saxena says no one was paying attention on me, no body hit me at all so i did this, Vibhu whacks him hard.

Happu dressed as a goon, thinks Shakal will talk to him. Boys walk to master, say today we will catch a thief and tomorrow we will fly in helicopter and wave at you. Master says first prove yourself then wave at me, Teeka points at Happu says look at that goon we will hand him to police, Happu see Shakal and calls him, he catches him but boys grab him and start beating him. Shakal sees its Happu and runs away. Happu scolds boys.

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