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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th June 2022 Vibhu is grabbing Malta by her hand. Malta is screaming and crying for help. David hears Malta screaming, and slams open the bathroom’s door and rushes inside.

David tells Vibhu that Malta is his property. Vibhu denies and says that how can she be your property? Anu paid for her. David says there’s a big difference in leashed and paid property. David and Vibhu starts pulling Malta towards themselves. Malta sets herself free and leaves…

Malta Anu and Agroori are sitting together. Happu Singh is sobbing and tells Anu that Vibhu and Tiwari were just acting innocent from past few days, actually they are like a predator. Angoori says, she cannot believe this. Anu tells Angoori that they have to find out the real truth by themselves.

Angoori is sitting in her house. Garra Pehelwan comes in and greets Angoori. Angoori tells him that she didn’t recognise him. Garra Pehelwan says that he’s his brother ( Puttan’s) friend. Angroori still didn’t recognises him.

Garra Pehelwan tells her the story in he and Puttan were robbing Daulat Seth’s safe and how he and Puttan jumped from his house. Angoori finally recognises him. Garra Pahelwan asks Angoori, where’s Tiwari.

Angoori replies, he’s in the room. Tiwari walks upto Angoori and asks her, with whom she’s talking? Angoori replies, meet our guest he’s Puttan’s friend and he just got out the jail. Garra Pehelwan greets Tiwari. Angoori leaves to bring some tea for both of them and tells Tiwari to have a word with Garra Pahelwan.

Tiwari tells Garra Pehelwan that his house is not a free hotel and also, there are no criminals welcome here and you cannot stay here. Garra Pehelwan pulls out 2 knifes and 1 handgun out of his pockets asks Tiwari what was he saying again.

Tiwari gets scared and tells him that he can stay regardless of thinking of the days. Angoori brings tea for both of them asks them if they introduced themselves to each other.

Vibhu is talking on his phone in his balcony. Anu comes upto him and stand beside him. Vibhu is selecting food items for some event. Anu asks him is he getting married? Vibhu replies he’s suffering enough from one and says he’s planning for someone’s birthday. Anu says that it’s not her birthday now. Vibhu says who said I am planning for your birthday…

Tiwari and Angoori are sitting in their garden. Angoori asks Tiwari who’s birthday is he planning to celebrate? Because he never celebrated Angroori’s. Tiwari replies, he always forgets her birthday date…

Vibhu tells Anu that it’s Malta’s birthday…

Angoori asks Tiwari is he planning for Malta’s birthday? Is she your girlfriend? Tiwari says but she’s our Maid…

Vibhu asks Anu do she have any problem with that…?

Angoori says to tiwari why will she have any problem with it? Tiwari says then you should celebrate it happily…

Anu says to Vibhu that he never showed this excitement for her birthday, infact you don’t even remember my birthday date. Vibhu disagrees and says that he remembers it…

Angoori asks Tiwari when is her birthday? Tiwari says the day on which you were born. Angoori asks date…

Anu asks Vibhu her birthdate but Vibhu says that he’s going to sleep as he has to plan for Malta’s birthday in the morning. Anu gets annoyed.

Angoori also leaves and goes back into her house.

Everyone is dressed and celebrating Malta’s birthday. Vibhu sings birthday song for her and hands over a flower to her and hugs her. Anu and Angoori are standing on the door and discussing. Anu asks Angoori have Tiwari ever celebrated your birthday with this excitement? Angoori denies.

Tiwari greets Malta and hands over her flowers while reciting a poetry. Vibhu and Tiwari flirts with Malta. Tiwari calls the next person to greet Malta. David comes next and hands over flower and flirts with her.

Tillu asks David to be fast as everyone is waiting in the line. David warns tillu that if he or anybody else hugs Malta, he will punish him. Dr. Gupta says, this is injustice everybody hugged her and when its their turn you’re changing the rules?

Everyone in the line agrees. Tiwari says we paid all the bills and we change the rules whenever they want. Tillu comes next and greets Malta in flirty way. Malkhan comes and pushes tillu back and greets her.

Dr. Gupta comes next and greets Malta. Prem comes and pushes Dr. Gupta and hands over rose and hugs. Malta is in Tiwari’s arms. Angoori asks Tiwari what is he doing. Tiwari replies Malta is her good friend.

Anu says that she a policeman. David says, Malta you’re such a spy. Vibhu agrees, and removes Malta’s wig and tells everyone that he’s Happu Singh. Everyone gets shocked. Garra Pahelwan us also watching it from the door. Vibhu tells Anu that he and Tiwari already knew that Anu and Angoori were planning against them, so they arranged all this to take revenge.

Garra Pahelwan points gun at Happu Singh from the door and shouts that he never misses a shot. Everyone gets scared. Commissioner comes behind Garra Pahelwan and points gun at his head and says that he also never misses. Commissioner tells everyone to enjoy the party he has Garra Pahelwan in his Custody.

Vibhu and David are drinking in their garden celebrating father’s day. Vibhu says that he has never see his father in his life. David replies, he is his father…like. They both hugs eachother.

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