Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th May 2022 Tiwari says to Anu this saree looks same did Prem steal steal it. Sheela says he don’t have guts that much. Tiwari says to Any, you should also check. Anu go to check her saree she come back and says I looked everywhere but I didn’t find.

Tiwari says says wait I’ll call and check with Phoolchand who is from Jaipur. Tiwari calls Phoolchand and ask about saree. Phoolchand says I give you the last piece and rest I gave you other family. Tiwari says okay will take later. Anu says to Tiwari now it’s confirmed that it’s the same saree. Sheela says this is not same. Anu says no I’m not blaming you.

TMT playing cricket. Teeka bowling, Tillu as batsman. Malkhan at fielding and mocks Teeka while commentary. Teeka scolds Malkhan for his commentry. Tillu telk them importance abot commentry. Vibhu walks to them and ask what are you doing. TMT says we are selected in CPL.

Vibhuti says so now you all will be celebrities. Tillu says yes in some time we will be. Prem walks to them and mocks Vibhu. Vibhuti gets irritated and slaps Teeka. Prem says listen Vibhu get my wife’s scandal repaired. Vibhu says I don’t have time for this. Prem says 75. Vibhu take scandle.

Tiwari shouting at Vibhu for stealing gift and says if he come infront if me I’ll rip him. Vibhu walks in ask what happen why everyone is shouting. Anu and Tiwari looking at Vibhu with anger. Vibhu says what happen am I looking extra smart. Tiwari give him sarcasm. Vibhu ask what I did. Anu says you steal my saree.

Vibhu says why are you believing this man. Angoori says no I saw you last night with golden box. Vibhu says it was bedsheets. Anu says very nice is that your comeback. Tiwari abuses Vibhu. Vibhu says let me take ny clothes and toothbrush. Anu says no you are not going anywhere, this time I’ll leave, pack my suitcase and sens to my uncle’s house and don’t show me your face and ask Angoori and Tiwari to leave with her.

Tiwari, Angoori and Anu at Tiwari’s house. Tiwari imagine three of them dancing. Anu on call asks Raj to book a one way ticket for New York after three days. Tiwari says what you are going New York. Anu says yes I’m going to my brother’s place. Tiwari says you cannot go and ask Angoori to say something.

Angoori says yes and about to tell her poem. Tiwari says stop your poem can’t you see Bhabhiji is going to New York. Anu says let me go, nothing is left for me here. Tiwari beg Anu. David walks in says when she can leave her husband and go then who are you and says to Anu I have packed your suitcase and if someone give you something to eat in journey never eat because they mix anesthesia andsteal your belongings and give her instructions on how to travel.

Tiwari says she is not going anywhere take luggage back. David says okay and start leaving. Anu says what leave luggage here and leave. Tiwari says no take her luggage with you. David says I won’t do anything till she ask me to do. Anu says what are you doing Tiwari if I may go or not but my clothes are in bag. Tiwari says okay no worries. Angoori says to David I’ll tell you my poem. David run away.

Vibhuti sitting alone drinking sobbing. Tiwari walks to him says why are you alone you could have called me. Vibhuti says I know you will come. Tiwari says yes but I brought bad news too, he start crying says Anu is going New York please stop her I beg you. Vibhu says I won’t let her go and ask but why are you crying. Tiwari says because you are not crying. Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing.

Tiwari says think if Anu will go America forever and then she will know the truth about future, she will get married to America and will have 2 kids. Vibhu says no. Tiwari mocks him more. Vibhuti says thanks for making me realise I won’t let her go and don’t scare me anymore, I was lost because of Prem, I have an idea to save her, I’ll give a grand party of our Anniversary then she will be happy and she won’t go.

Tiwari says but that bad moment is after 2 months. Vibhu scolds him. Tiwari says okay you make your preparation I’ll make mine and wish him best of luck. Vibhuti cries says please don’t go, I’ll leave Prem. A man walking by calls Vibhu. Vibhu says come in. Man eat his snacks and ask him about address. Vibhuti tells him how address and slaps him far says 75. Man walks away.

Anu on phone with Meenal says now this time I’ll go America and show him who am I after that I’ll so how much Prem will take care of him. Angoori walks to her and says I’ll tell you a poem I have written. Anu says please I’ll listen afterwards. Angoori says how you will listen you are going to New York. Tiwari walks in and says I meet Vibhu and I made him realised hiw he is empty without you.

Anu says when you told him then he realised, is he baby or what, I don’t want to live with him. Tiwari says listen he already realised want one more chance and want to celebrate anniversary. Anu says is he out of his mind our anniversary is after 2 months. Tiwari says yes he wants to pre celebrate and want to show his love just give him one more chance. Anu says I’ll come in party but the is a condition.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Vibhu I talked to Anu about the party she has put a condition that you won’t invite Prem in party Vibhuti and Anu in party. Prem walks in says you ediot Vibhu you threw a grand party and didn’t invited me.


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