Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st April 2021 Tiwari in bedroom, asks Angoori why didn’t she sleep, Angoori says I am waiting for GKM, GKM walks in, Angoori says wow, GKM asks Tiwari for money, Tiwari says I don’t have money, there’s no sale, ask Angoori, Angoori says okay and sings song, GKM says I got it and opens curtain and says there’s nothing, Angoori sings another song, GKM says tell me clearly where it is, Angoori says I can’t he asked me not to, GKM says okay I got it abd removes Tiwari’s pants and finds money, GKM says thank you GKFM, Angoori says I am so happy I could help you, GKM says dare you scold her or else I will cut you, and gives him raw pumpkin.

TMT waiting for GKM, GKM visits them, they perform his arti, GKM says don’t do this I find it werid, TMT thank him for his initiative, Malkan asks did you get us anything, GKM gives him 50₹, Tilu asks where is other money, GKM says I couldn’t loot more money, Teeka says we knew you stole 1 lakh, master told us, so give us equal money or else we will tell everyone you are bad, GKM gives 20,000, Teeka asks where is more money, GKM says there are other poor too and now you will go to Tiwari’s and praise me, TMT says done.

Anu gets video call from Anu, Anu picks call and says I am in no mood to hear you crib, Tiwari says let me tell you a joke, Anu says okay, Tiwari cribs again about being looted in form of joke, Anu says I feel sad, I have sympathy and ask him to deal with it, smile now, Tiwari laughs weirdly, Anu disconnect the call.

Tiwari with the Pumpkin, Angoori walks to him and says oh wow GKM’s pumpkin anyways what will you have you in breakfast, Tiwari says will havs burning coal, Tiwari yells at her, Vibhu walks in, Vibhu asks Tiwari why is he frustrated,Tiwari says Angoori is behind killing me and tells about last night incident, Angoori says GKM doens’t loot us how will he distribute in poor, Tiwari says blo*dy dog does he think only I am rich, soon I will be poor, Angoori says then he will help us, Vibhu says he is good man, TMT walk in praising GKM, Tilu says we want to make an idol of GKM and collecting funds for him, Tiwari says he loots me and I should pay for him, get lost, Tilu says soon I will buy Tiwari’s shop, Tiwari says you give me my 5000₹, TMT says we will ask him to visit you again and leave.

Vibhu home gets video call from Anu, Anu asks Vibhu how is he doing, Vibhu says I miss you so much, I don’t feel like eating or drinking without you, Anu says stop these dialogues, Vibhu says I love you so much, Anu says so sweet, and you know GKM, Tiwari keeps calling me because of it, and GKM keeps stealing everyone, we have to catch him, Vibhu says he won’t steal us, he only loots rich, Anu says oh, anyways I have to inform my CBI uncle, Vibhu says are you mad, he iz doing good work, Anu says what nonsense he is stealing people, who knows we might be next, Vibhu says he is nice guy, Anu asks Vibhu do you know him, Vibhu says dont involve CBI. Anu disconnect call. Vibhu says god.

Tiwari visits Happu in police station, Tiwari tells him about GKM,Happu says even I am poor, he will help me, but I have one idea, you give me Bribe, I will help you, Tiwari says shameless man, Happu says then go get GKM by yourself, commissioner walks in, and asks what is it, Happu says Tiwari was asking about UP police, Tiwari says he was asking bribe to catch GKM, Commissioner says he looted me too today morning, Happu Singh go catch him right away.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells GKM that she dreamt about Robin Hood and she hates him now, I don’t want to see him or you.


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