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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st May 2021 Tiwari sitting and seeing photo of Meena in his phone. Angoori listing to everything snatches Tiwari’s phone and ask from when these things are going on. Tiwari says from much long I wanted to tell you something but was not able to tell you that I love Meena, I know you are in shock but if I didn’t tell this thing to you so I’ll be in greater shock. Angoori says this is wrong you cannot do this to me, you are cheating with me. Tiwari says I’m not cheating I also live you but I love Meena more and leaves. Angoori gets angry and sand.

TMT sitting together and having drinks. Teeka says to Malkhan and Tillu that Gupta says to snatch your love. Tillu agrees with Gupta what he said. Malkhan says if you don’t get your love then snatch it. TMT discussing about there love and how everybody will remember them for what they did. Teeka asks Malkhan how we will snatch our love. Malkan says we will throw away Tiwari from Meena then Meena will be our. Tillu gets excited and declare war against Tiwari.

Meena running on terrace, Angoori sees Vibhu and asks what are you doing police is searching for you, and says I have a bad news for you Tiwari is in love with Meena. Tiwari comes out and gets excited after seeing Meena and asks what are you doing in Vibhu’s house. Meena says I’m friend of Vibhu’s one of the friends sister. Tiwari says I’m ready to die in your love and recites a poem for Meena. Angoori starts crying and says you are flirting with some other women in front of your wife. Tiwari says I love her but I also loved you but after meeting Meena my love has decreased for you. Angoori starts crying and leave. Meena insults Tiwari and leaves. Tiwari talking to himself saying what else I’ll say more. David standing outside door and flirting with Meena and asks till when you will stay here. Meena says for some night and asks David to go I want to sleep. David start flirting with Meena again. Meena get’s frustrated and says for god sake stop it I’m Vibhu . David says to Vibhu already knew that now tell why are you in this get-up and the perfume you have put on is gifted by me. Vibhu says have you ever gifted something to someone I snatched this perfume from you. David says whatever but because of perfume I understood its you and asks what is the matter and tell what is going on. Vibhu says you already knew I have to pay my debts to some people and police is also looking after me so I took this get up please dontvtell anyone. David says but you look beautiful in this get-up. Vibhu says you a sickest uncle in this world. David says I’m kidding and leaves. Tiwari outside shouting for Meena as a drunk person and singing for Meena. Tiwari sees golden band and ask them to start playing song. TMT seeing everything and Malkhan says to beat him. TMT grabs him and Tillu says to Tiwari you are eve teasing a married women. Tiwari asks for help. Tillu says no one will come here to save you. Malkan says what are you looking at start beating him. Angoori says to Vibhu they are beating Tiwari I’ll go and save him. Vibhu says let it be they are drunk and the kind of behaviour Tiwari have people will beat them just watch as I’m watching. Angoori says I’ll heat oil to apply over his body.

Meena sitting on sofa drinking tea. Helan come and asks who are you what is your name. Vibhu replies my name is Meena Leone. Helan says I have bo problem with Meena but Leone is problematic and says Vibhu never told anything about you what is your relation with him and asks Meena to get up and leave. David come and asks what are you doing why are you shouting he is Vibhu. Helan gets shocked and asks is it you Vibhuti. Vibhu says yes. Helan asks what is problem with you in becoming male. Vibhu says people are asking for their debts. David says to Helan he took money from Masterji know he is looking for him with warrent. Helan says to Vibhu why dont you return money. Vibhu says from where I should return money I cannot see any source for that. Helan, David and Vibhu shouting at eachother for money. Happu Singh and Masterji enters the house nad greets Helan and David. Helan asks why you guys come daily and do mess. Happu Singh says its not me its Masterji he come every day police station because Vibhu took money from him and I’m not able to find him. David says so why are you coming in search outside. Happu Singh says I was searching him out he was not there so thought he might be here and sees Meena and asks madam you are still here. Meena says do you have any problem. Happu Singh says I don’t have any problem. Tiwari and Angoori comes to Vibhu’s house, Tiwari shouting Meena’s name and says after thinking a lot I came to conclusion that I should spend a night with you. Meena says this guy is not behaving can’t you stop him. Angoori says I tried to stop him but he is in love with you Meena he is crazy for you. Meena says to Happu Singh he is teasing me in front of you still you cant do anything. Masterji says leave her and Tiwari removes Meena’s wig. Happu Singh asks what is this. Tiwari says this whole mess is of Vibhuti. Angoori says its not his mess its all because of me I told him to do this because Ammaji gave me this idea and says to Tiwari you stopped looking after me when I come to you always goes to sleep. Tiwari shouts on Angoori and says I was having deficiency of Vitamin D that’s why I go to sleep early cant you tell me this earlier. Masterji says everything is okay but who will pay me. Vibhu says to Masterji go to Commissioner and tell him Meenuji has send me he will return your money with interest.

TMT sitting near tea stall. Teeka says we did good with Tiwari. Tillu days know he will not come in between. Teeka says he should understand he is married and have a beautiful wife at home. Tiilu says to Teeka guys like these don’t have any care for there wife. Teeka says we should clear one thing that who does Meena love from we three. Malkan says the person who will Meena she will be his. Tiwari comes to TMT and says none of you can get Meena understood. Tillu says to Vibhu are you alson in live with Meena. Vibhuti start talking in Meena’s voice. TMT gets shocked and Vibhu says what are you looking at I’m Meena. Tiwari comes and says to TMT you didn’t gave me chance to speak and slaps TMT.

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