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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd July 2021 Tiwari, Vibhu and Angoori sitting in Tiwari’s house. Tiwari says to Vibhu to whom did yoi give job. Vibhu says keep patience, keep faith on my suicide bombers. TMT come crying to Tiwari’s house. Vibhu ask what happen. Malkhan says Anu slapped us. Tillu says we were not able to make her smeel itter and she punched us here is you chamiya itter and your smelly hanky. Vibhu says go from here. Teeka says we are your suicide bombers. Vibhu says your are not now and ask them to leave, says we will try one more time and it will be done by Tiwari because she thinks you Ganpat. Angoori what if she ran with Tiwari. Vibhu says I’m here to help you if something happen to Tiwari. Tiwari says first save your wife then look after Angoori. Vibhu says you have to save my wife you have to make her smell itter so that witch come out of her body. Tiwari says I’ll do it.

Angoori, Tiwari and Vibhuti goes to Vibhu house. Anu dancing and singing. Vibhu says takeout your hanky and go to her. Tiwari goes and shouts praise her. Chhaave says you loved it now pick up broom and clean the whole room. Tiwari says I came here to dance with you but you are asking me to clean. Chhaave says today you’re in mood to do romance. Tiwari says yes I just want to dance with you. Chhaave says you want to dance with me, come on lets dance and Chhaave start song. Tiwari tries to make her smell handkerchief but Chhaave catches his hand. Chhaave says grabs his hand and says you want to fool me run from here or I’ll break your teeth. Tiwari run and days to Angoori and Vibhu lets run from here.

Angoori and Vibhu walking on street discussing about wish and Vibhu says I just want Chhaave’s Ganpat. TMT sitting near food corner. Teeka says I cannot move my left hand. Malkhan says is your bone broken. Tillu says he don’t have bones he only got fat, my bones are broken Anu had beatun us badly. Malkhan says Anu didn’t beat us Chhaave punched us. Teeka says but sole was in Anita’s body and Malkhan and Teeka start arguing.tillu says shutup why are you arguing, our bone is broken. Malkhan says its paining a lot. Teeka says lets ask for our desi medicine and shouts Ganpat loudly. Angoori and Vibhu hear Teeka shouting Ganpat. Ganpat come to Teeka and ask yes sie what do you want. TMT start singing and dancing ask him to bring drinks. Angoori and Vibhuti listing them. Vibhu asks Angoori did you hear. Angoori says they were asking about drinks. Vibhu says you always miss the exact point of conversation come lets go. Vibhu goes to TMT and shouts on them what are you doing and you were calling some Ganpat. Teeka says we can call him anything why do you care. Angoori says did you forget Ganpat is fiance of Chhaave. Ganpat come and says I’m Ganpat do you know Chhaave. Angoori says yes. Ganpat start crying and says she was my Chhaave and I was her Chhaava.

Chhaave and Tiwari coming out of Vibhu’s house. Tiwari dressed as groom. Chhaave you looke good in these clothes, we have to sit in this rickshaw and want to go Kholapur for honeymoon. Tiwari says I told you many times I’m not your Ganpat. Chhaave says come sit in rickshaw. Vibhu and Angoori come and Vibhu says he is not your he is of Angoori. Angoori says your is over there and calls Ganpat. Chhaave says its you Ganpat how much my sole searched for you. Ganpat says I started working sfter your death. Chhaave says I missed you a lot now I’ll not leave you. Vibhu says Chhaave please come out of my wife body. Ganpat says this Chhaave looks good dont leave. Vibhu tries to hit Ganpat. Angoori grabs his hand and says to Chhaave you got your Ganpat, and i got my Tiwari and you are in his wife body, he is alredy unemployed and will trouble me whole day if you don’t leave his body. Chhaave goes into Ganpat body and says I was just kidding now I’ll take my Ganpat to my world and disappear. Anu says what are we doing here and why he is dressed as groom and what am I wearing. Vibhu says its a long story come with me. Angoori says to Tiwari you also come with me Ganpat.

Angoori sitting peeling vegetables. Tiwari come and says your sister bhoori his husband called and invited us on dinner. Mr. Devendra was saying we will drink and play rummy and you two can do anything. Angoori says but tonight evening program is already set I called TMT on dinner. Tiwari says why did you called them. Angoori says they didn’t had proper dinner from last 5 year so I invited them. Tiwari says do one thing burn all the money I earned you know how much money you spend on things like this. Angoori says they are hungry and poor want to eat food. Tiwari says no need to call them. Angoori says but I already called them and Angoori start crying.

TMT and Tiwari sitting on dining table. Angoori brings pakoda for them. Tillu says so much to eat can’t say how we can thank you. Teeka says we are feeling hungry and asks Angoori to bring food. Malkhan says to Tiwari you are not eating with us. Tiwari says I already had dinner. Teeka open Bowl and says it smells good. Tillu ssys to Teeka our senior told its good to was hand before eating. Tiwari mocks Tillu and says animal dont wash hand before eating. Tillu says he is insulting us in front of you. Angoori says why are you insulting Tillu, you all eat. Tillu says I’ll be back and leaves, goes to Tiwari bedroom to find key for his cupboard and tries to open cupboard. Tiwari come and says to him it’s not opening. Tillu say’s no. Tiwari says because real key is over here and calls Angoori, Teeka and Malkhan. Angoori come and asks what happen. Tillu ssys he is out of his mind, he is not in his senses. Tiwari says I saw him he was opening cupboard. Teeka says to Malkhan he is been caught red handed now he is gone. Angoori asks Tillu is it true. Tillu says yes this is true I was opening cupboard, you did so much for us in these many year do thought of keeping 500rs as gift for you but till then he came. Tiwari says you can give that gift at dining table. Tillu says Angoori is Annapurna, and what my worth that I’ll keep 500rs in front of you and he is accusing me of stealing. Malkhan says to Teeka he is big scammer. Teeka says he is making fool to both of them. Tiwari says to Tillu if you are true them I’m sorry if you want to give money you can give to me, come bring it out, and asks Teeka and Malkhan too for 500rs. Teeka says why. Tiwari says because you also had food many time.

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