Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd September 2020 Tilu as beggar asks Angoori for money, Vibhu walks there, Angoori scolds hik, Vibhu says you taking me wrong, Angoori says i have now understood you correctly, Vibhu says I’m here to give him money, Vibhu says see i stole 250 and gave 500, Tilu says my whole family will give you blessing, Vibhu says ge gas forgiven me you too please forgive, Angoori says sorry i dont trust you and leaves. Saxena comes there and thinks Vubhu again stole money and slaps him.

Malkan as Kamla, Tiwari tells him what to do, Anu passing by Tiwari discussing with Kamla, Anu says Tiwari no leave, Tiwari says im here to tie rakhi from her, Anu says no one can change in one day he has new intentions behind it, Tiwari says please forgive me i won’t let you go you will have to go over my leg, Anu says okay and leaves. Saxena thinks Tiwari is making fun of a brother and sister relation and hits Tiwari hard.

Teeka has food says i had so giid food feels like i wont have food for a week now, Vibhu walks to him, says he has a work, Teeka asks whats the work, Vibhu says you have to go near bhabhiji i will come and give you food, Teeka says i just had food sorry i can’t, Vibhu says I will just give you food, Teeka says okay and asks Vibhu to pay his bill.
Teeka dressed as beggar walks to Angoori and begs for food, Angoori gets him food, Vibhu rushes to them, Angoori says dare you steal it, Vibhu says im here to feed him, Angoori says i very well know you and i don’t trust you, Vibhu says see i got him the breakfast i was eating, Angoori says there definitely something behind it, Teeka says he looks good man, Angoori says i can bet you he won’t give you food, Vibhu says i will show you, Teeka says i dont eat at anyones house, Vibhu forces Teeka to eat, Vibhu says look he forgiven me have you, Angoori says yes I have.

Tilu Teeka Malkan decide to start their own business, Malkan says lets buy a cruise, Tilu says there is no guarantee, i think airplane, Teeka supports Malkan, Happu hears them and asks where did you get money from, Teeka says here and if we continue we will get more money, Tilu says and Happu will be captain, Happu scolds them for lying, and takes away all money, Teeka asks for their share, Happu hits them hard.

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