Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th August 2022 Tiwari and his client are sitting together talking. Angoori rushes towards them and sits beside the client, and then she snatches the banana from his client’s hands. He gets scared. Angoori throws that banana at him. He tries to hide behind Tiwari. Tiwari wonders, how is Angoori here, she went to the temple.

Vibhu is staring at Angoori picture he was carrying. He starts to miss her. David and Professor walks in Vibhu’s cabin. David greets Vibhu. David introduces professor by telling his name, ” Vigyan Agyaani”. David brings a seat for Professor and makes him settled. He asks Vibhu if he can get that local liquor. Vibhu says, why not and calls Ramdin. Ramdin comes in and places liquor bottle.

Tiwari, Dr. Gupta and Anu are sitting together. Tiwari asks Dr. Gupta a cure for Angoori. Dr Gupta tells Tiwari to act like a monkey too. Anu laughs.

Professor, David and Vibhu are drinking together. Vibhu asks professor about the area he’s staying at. Professor tells Vibhu that this forest is cursed, even animal’s soul gets into people. Vibhu gets scared but acts like he doesn’t care. Professor tells David that Vibhu is hot blooded.

David laughs and says that he’s like me. Vibhu tells professor that David and him are great lovers. Professor asks him if he’s married? Vibhu says yes, but there’s no problem in that he knows how to manage.

David tells professor that Vibhu loves his neighbour. Professor starts to recall his past, when a forest ranger ran away with his wife. Vibhu asks professor about his wife. David says, by seeing professor’s face, I think someone ran away with his wife. Vibhu and David starts laughing.

Angoori is talking to Ammaji. Ammaji greets Angoori. Angoori tells Ammaji that, Tiwari is going to act like a monkey tonight. Ammaji laughs and tells her to video call when he arrives. Angoori laughs. Ammaji tells Angoori that she’ll talk to her after some time, because she’s chatting with Pandit Ramfal. Angoori says, okay.

Vibhu and David are walking to their home all drunk. Vibhu tells David that he doesn’t want to go inside right now, because Anu will flood his head with lectures. David agrees. Vibhu blames David beacuse he got him drunk. David says that he should’ve told him that, he doesn’t drink on duty. And after a while they starts to argue over the number of ladies they’ve been in relation with.

Angoori is waiting for Tiwari in bedroom all excited. Tiwari climbs up the window with the help of ladder. Vibhu and David sees him climbing and decides to go check on him. Tiwari gets inside his bedroom through window and starts acting like a monkey. Angoori laughs at him. Tiwari jumps on bed and sits beside Angoori. Vibhu also climbs up the ladder and peeks in Tiwari’s bedroom.

Angoori asks Tiwari if he’s really a money, or just acting like one? Tiwari says he has turned into a monkey. Angoori asks Tiwari, how is he feeling? Tiwari says that, he’s feeling like if he want to climb on to a tree and hang on it’s branches and jump. Angoori asks, whatelse he’s feeling like? Tiwari says he also wants to snatch a banana and eat it. Angoori grabs a banana and Tiwari snatches it and eats it.

Vibhu climbs down and tells David what was happening in the bedroom.

Vibhu is laying on his bed. Anu sits beside him. Vibhu tells Anu that he saw Tiwari acting very strange.

Vibhuti says to TMT I have a work for you. Malkhan says we won’t catch wild cats. Vibhuti says you have eat bananas infront of Tiwari.

TMT eating banana. Tiwari take there banana and start eating. Vibhu and David looking at them. Vibhuti says he is a monkey.
Vibhu ask Professor why are you killing forest rangers. He says I just kill a specific person who flirts with there neighbours wife, now get ready to die. Vibhuti start apologising him.

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