Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2021 Tiwari calls Angoori and says please give me food I’m feeling hungry. Angoori come and says you came today early. Tiwari says so what should I do there were no customer at shop and I was feeling hungry so came back, don’t ask many questions just bring me food and shouts at her.

Angoori says why are you shouting wait I’m preparing food it will take more 1 hour. Tiwari says 1 hour and start shouting. Ammaji come. Angoori crying greets her. Ammaji asks what happen. Angoori says I’m hurt. Tiwari says I’ll tell you what happen I came inside tiered and feeling hungry. Ammaji says why are you farmer or what. Tiwari says only farmers don’t get tiered a business man also.

Angoori says so what I also do households work I wake up 5am and do work. Tiwari says you are comparing my a business man work yo your household work. Ammaji says to Tiwari you don’t consider household work important. Tiwari says if she sit on shop will not be able to do anything. Angoori says you won’t be able to do households work. Ammaji says then its okay from tomorrow onwards Angoori will go to shop and Tiwari will de households work. Tiwari says if she will sit on shop then nothing good will happen. Ammaji asks how much you earn. Tiwari says 1lakh per month.

Ammaji says then okay she will earn 1.5lakhs rupees per month to prove you. Tiwari says if she didn’t earn then. Ammaji says then she will go with me. Tiwari says okay. Ammaji says from tomorrow you will do business and Tiwari will do households work and ask her to go out and have pizza.

Vibhu in market goes to Angooris house and says goodmorning bhabhiji. Tiwari turn around and says good morning. Vibhu asks why are you watering plants. Tiwari says its my house I’m watering them. Vibhu no you can’t do it its Angooris kid. Tiwari says them I’m there dad. Vibhu says no I’m there father and says in this lawn many plants are given by me which Anu abandoned.

Tiwari says then its bhabhiji kid I’ll take care of them. Vibhu says no these are mine and Angoori is already taking good care of them. Tiwari says from now Angoori will not do. Vibhu start calling Angoori. Tiwari says she is not here. Vibhu asks them where is she. Tiwari says who are you asking me about my wife. Vibhu says I’m neighbour. Tiwari says then be like neighbour.

Teeka come with Saxena with leash around Saxena’s neck and treating him like dog. Saxena sniffing Vibhuti. Vibhu pushes him back and asks what is this. Teeka says his inner dog woke up and is paying me to take good care of him and give him unconditional love. Tiwari says when he pay you then how’s this unconditional love. Saxena mocks Tiwari. Vibhu ask Teeka to take him away. Teeka takes him. Vibhu says this colony is full of ediots. Tiwari says yes and you are one if them. Vibhu says where is bhabhiji did you kidnap her. Tiwari says are you out of your mind. Vibhu says you never know and get’s inside his house.

Masterji and Gupta goes to teas stall and ask for tea. Pelu sitting there already and Malkhan come. Gupta says what happen to Pelu. Masterji says I think so he is sick. Malkhan says he cannot be sick. Pelu sneezing. Malkhan says what happen why are you sneezing. Pelu give Malkhan slip saying I’m having viral fever. Everyone ask him to take medicine.

Pelu give another slip saying I’m already having boiled rum as medicine to kill viruses. Masterji says now his rickshaw will be standing without any income. Pelu give another slip saying I’m ready to give my rickshaw on rent for a week whoever need it can take his expenses and give me money. Malkhan asks Pelu to give him. Pelu give another slip saying if you didn’t handle my rickshaw correctly then I’ll sell your organs. Vibhu walks in and ask Masterji and Gupta did you see Angoori. Prem walks in and says to Vibhuti I saw her going to shop with Tillu.

Vibhu leave. A man walks in and ask what is similarity in wife and Kashmir. Everyone say no. Man says if a neighbour see it we feel bad. Prem asks but who are you. Man says I’m friend of Saxena just come out of mental asylum so could you please tell me his address. Prem says take right then left and then take u turn or whatever turn you want. Man leaves.

Tiwari in kitchen cutting vegetable says why these vegetable are not getting cut, did I do some kind of mistake by accepting this challenge. Anu walks in her kitchen looking for sugar. Tiwari looks at Anita and says what am I seeing, Anu in kitchen rather then Vibhuti and calls Anu. Anu sees Tiwari and says what is this what are you doing in kitchen.

Tiwari says I’m cooking. Anu says but why are you cooking. Tiwari says she is on shop. Tiwari says there is an challenge between we both that she will sit on shop handle it and I’ll do households work. Anu laughs. Tiwari says what happen. Anu says I’m laughing looking at you. Tiwari says a poem for her. Anu asks Tiwari to make coffee for her and leave.

Angoori at shop with Tillu. Tillu showing undergarments to customer. Customer ask about the price. Tillu says first look at undergarments. Customer says no first tell me price I’m poor. Tillu says I can give you in 100rs. Customer says I already told you I’m poor. Tillu says then you can do one thing go and suicide.

Customer says okay I’ll do it but then will you feed my wife. Tillu says nobody’s wife die hungry. Angoori says why are you arguing give him undergarments. Tillu says I’m giving 100rs a pair. Angoori says there is nothing important then human and give him pair’s and ask him to give money afterwards. Tillu says if you will give everything in free then Tiwari will come on road and you will not be able to complete your target, I’m scared if you loose challenge you will go with Ammaji and we will be lwft alone. Angoori says keep quiet.

Vibhu come and says what a relief and says what are you doing here. Angoori says this my Tiwari’s shop. Vibhu says yes I know this is the place where Tiwari steal money from people for his undergarments. Angoori says that’s not true. Tillu says for your information Angoori has started doing business and started her new journey from this shop. Vibhu says is this true. Angoori says yes for one month I’ll we handling this business and challanged him to give hima business of 1.5lakh.

Tillu says according to today’s situation it will be difficult to do 150rs business and says to Vibhuti that she is giving everything in free and Tiwari don’t use to give a thread for free like this she won’t survive much. Vibhu says that’s her way of doing business and ask Angoori to continue her way because I have a gut feeling that you will achieve your target. Angoori says but I cannot see something coming up because I can see only disappointment because if I not complete it then I have to go with Ammaji and live with her. Vibhu says jo never I’m sure you’ll complete your target.

Angoori says you came to shop first time and ask Tillu to bring coffee for him. Tillu says okay I’ll bring.Vibhu come close to Angoori and says I was looking for you and says this feels good like a lotus. Tillu come with coffee. Vibhu says okay now I’ll leave grabs coffee and throws it on Tillu.

Vibhu drinking and says from where I’ll bring 1.5lakh rupees and if I don’t arrange this much money then she will go forever I have to arrange it, its my battle too and if I sell me. Saxena come with Teeka says to Vibhuti nobody will buy you even a dog like me. Teeka says Tommy easy boy they are not honest.

Vibhu says what you said. Saxena says you are thief. Vibhu says stop kidding. Saxena says this is true I’m a dog now. Vibhu says you dog Saxena I need 1.5lakh rupees will you give me. Saxena says you already said me dog then how can I give you money I can do only fog things. Teeka says they are not good people will take your advantage. Saxena and Teeka leaves. Malkhan come with Masterji in rickshaw and sees Vibhuti.

Masterji says to Malkhan why did you stop here. Malkhan says I’m thirsty and says to Vibhuti please give me water with alcohol. Masterji says drink and drive is a serious offence. Vibhu says to Malkhan Masterji is right. Malkhan says but I’m not driving any car or truck I’m driving a cycle. Masterji says but you are a driver if cycle. Vibhu says to Malkhan go inside there is water in fridge and whispers there is an beer bottle to have it. Malkhan goes inside. Vibhu start crying says Phophaji will die.

Masterji says who’s Phophaji yours. Vibhu says no its Anita’s he is sick having serious piles need to operate his neck. Masterji says but he is having piles. Vibhu says I also asked same question to doctor why operation of neck when he is having piles, he says as you have to do boaring in ground for water same way. Masterji says but he human being. Vibhu says he is cheap will not give money easily, cries and says he will die. Masterji says but why doctor is not operating.

Vibhu says yes he wants to do but Phophaji don’t have money. Masterji says most of the time Phopha don’t have money and then he must have called Anu for money. Vibhu says how you know that, Bua calld Anu for money and says if you help me will be thankful to you. Masterji sayd I have to see in account how much I have and calls Malkhan. Vibhu says forget him lets go and check, Vibhuti and Masterji leaves in rickshaw. Malkhan come out saying I’m coming and sees rickshaw is not there says Pelu will not leave me now.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Tiwari here are some of my clothes please iron them and fold them.Vibhu disguised as someone goes to Angoori and ask her to give him undergarments worth 25,000.


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