Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2022 Tiwari on phone talking to someone and praising Vibhu for his cooking. Vibhu listen to his conversation and smile. Tiwari disconnects call and see Vibhu, he says I was just disrespecting you on phone to my friend.

Vibhu says next time do it infront of me so that I could also know. Tiwari says I’m your fan. Vibhu says I really appreciate that you appreciate my work. Tiwari appreciate and says no body cooks better then you in whole india. Vibhu says if you love a lot then I’ll cook for you. Tiwari says I’ll be waiting and ask him to leave.

Angoori calls to Tiwari and says come fast I have made your favourite Aloo Paratha. Tiwari on phone discussing to Agrawal about business and paratha and disconnects. Tiwari see Aloo Paratha and get’s scared and ask Angoori what is this. Angoori says this is your favourite Aloo Paratha. Tiwari says I’m sorry I cannot eat because I’m having gas. Angoori says you won’t this time because I added ajwine.

Tiwari says I don’t feel like eating. Angoori says atleast have one bite for me. Tiwari says I don’t feel like. Vibhu walks in with Paratha and says you may feel like. Tiwari welcomes him and ask him to sit. Vibhu says I cooked aloo Paratha for you with garlic chutney. Tiwari get’s excited. Vibhu says you want to eat so I cooked for you. Tiwari says if someone asked me about my last wish it would be your Paratha.

Vibhu says I’m really touched and get’s emotional and give him bite to eat. Tiwari says wao they are so wonderful and ask what do you mix in it. Vibhu says loves. Angoori get’s sad and ask Tiwari what I mix in my Paratha then. Vibhu says to Angoori I love your Paratha. Tiwari says praises Vibhu and his Paratha says it have an enjoyment. Vibhu says enough I’m so touched and overwhelmed. Angoori get’s angry and leave. Vibhu says you have praised me a lot and give him another bite to eat.

Vibhu with Anu seeing photo album. Vibhu looks at photo says who is this thin girl. Anu says it’s me and says I’m always slim trim feom starting. Vibhu says yes you are right mocks her. Tiwari listen them talking. Vibhu says to Anu do you remember we went to see horror movie. Anu says I remember and I was scared a lot.

Vibhu says yes and you were getting cozy to me a lot. Anu says I loved that day because of getting cozy with you. Vibhu says it happens in age. Anu says so are we old now, we are still you. Vibhu says yes we are young. Anu says so let’s go again and she gets call from Pappu Telemarketing. Teeka, Tillu and Malkhan explaining her about a special broom and many different products. Anu says shutup and disconnects call.

Vibhu says you didn’t gave me answer for going out. Anu says listen a new horror film is released and I heard it’s scary and I want to see that film with you so that I can get cozy with you. Vibhu says okay then let’s meet tonight at theatre. Anu says no AC don’t work there let’s go to mall. Vibhu says theatre are fun. Tiwari hear everything and says I’ll ruin your experience and leave.

Angoori in hall says Tiwari hurt me this time don’t know what happen to him earlier he use to praise my food a lot and she start crying. Rusa walks to her and ask how are you. Angoori says how are you. Rusa ask why are you sad is something wrong. Angoori ask do you want something to eat. Rusa says no thanks I’m coming from home and says tell me why are you sad. Angoori says my rights are being killed.

Rusa says is Tiwari seeing someone else. Angoori says no its not girl a man and his name is Vibhu. Rusa in shock says they never looked of other type. Angoori says no you are taking it wrong the situation is that Tiwari is not tasting my food, he is eating food cooked by Vibhu and explain her situation. Rusa says this can be coincidence.

Angoori says no it’s protest and it’s all because of Vibhu he is ruining my married life. Teeka calls Angoori says hello I’m talking from Pappu Telemarketing and give her information about there products. Angoori shouts and disconnects call and says I’ll get tea for you Rusa.

Vibhu and Anu in theatre watching movie. Anu get’s call and she start talking. Vibhu get’s call he get up and walk away to talk. Anu says I’m watching a movie so let’s talk later. A stranger sit beside Anu. Anu disconnects call and hug that stranger. Vibhu out on call with Tiwari says I’m out to watch movie with Anu.

Tiwari says I want to find a trust worthy person and start praising him. Vibhu says okay what do you want from me and where I have to go. Tiwari says forgot it don’t take trouble. Vibhu says don’t worry send me location I’ll get your cash from there. Tiwari says okay and disconnects call. Vibhu get’s location says let Anu enjoy film I’ll be back in 40 minutes.

Anu says Vibhu why are your hands so fat and she looks at stranger. Man says my name is Bidu. Anu says what nonsense is this and says I thought you were my husband. Bidu says I didn’t understand anything I came after seeing poster of horror movie and syas this is my seat S25. Anu says this is row F and S ia back side. Bidu says sorry and leave.

Tiwari on phone talking to masi says I’ll come and disconnects. Tiwari says to Angoori please bring snacks fast. Angoori says wait I’ll bring your special aloo and paneer pakoda. Tiwari says okay bring fast and says where is Vibhu. Vibhu walks to Tiwari sith box says here is you parcel, sorry I got late because of came by walking from Apfim Kothi. Tiwari praises him a lot again.

Vibhu says if you will praise me this much then people may take things in wrong direction. Tiwari says I don’t care about people, I’m proud of you. Vibhu says I’m a common man. Tiwari thanks him for the parcel. Vibhu says I’m thankful that you believed in me and ask gow much cash is inside this package. Tiwari says 5 lakh and offer him drink.

Vibhu says no, Anu don’t like smell of alcohol and he leaves. Tiwari open package. Angoori says I’m bringing snacks. Tiwari eating namkeen says it’s so good. Angoori give her snacks. Tiwari says take it I’ll have this namkeen brought by Vibhu, take it away. Angoori get’s sad and she take away. Angoori throw utensils in kitchen and cry.

Anu in hall waiting for Vibhu says I’m fed-up of him. Vibhu walks to Anu and ask aren’t you sleep yet. Anu says you went out of theatre and I got cozy with someone else, don’t know who it was. Vibhu ask how many times. Anu says that was a scary movie. Vibhu says I’ll that guy. Anu says it’s your problem not his.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu and Vibhu trying to have romance. Electricity go and Anu shouts says I cannot see anything. Vibhu get’s call from Tiwari. Vibhu ask what happen. Tiwari says come out and help people with your talent.Tiwari, Happy, Vibhu, Manohar out. Vibhu reparing transformer. Happu says you didn’t took the permission for government property so we will arrest you.


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