Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th August 2021 Tiwari disguised as baba. Vibhu tells baba something. Baba says don’t give education just have prashad. Vibhu eats it. Anu says what are you both talking. Baba says to Anu I was educating so that in coming future your husband give you lots of love, Baba makes him eat prashad and Vibhu and Anu leaves.

Angoori in her hall singing. Tiwari come and sit beside her. Angoori shouts says go away from me you are smelling. Tiwari says its all because of Vibhu I don’t know what medicine he give me and this happen. Angoori says whenever you come close to me I feel like I’ll faint, how can I live like this I think to jump in ganga river. Tiwari says don’t fo like this I’ll do something. Angoori says please do quickly and leaves. Prem come to Tiwari and says what’s going on why did you make my boys run away always now you have to tell me what toothpaste you use. Tiwari says bakri chaap toothpaste. Prem says that’s why your mouth smell like goat. Tiwari shouts on Prem face. Prem faints. Tiwari gets scared and try to wake him up and blow aur over his face. Prem wakes up and run away. Tiwari gets confused and ask what’s going on.

Anu in her bedroom applying perfume saying this perfume was given to me by my London friend, Anu says in between of this good smell where is this bad smell coming from. Vibhu come and says its me smelling good and come close to Anu. Anu says go away from me you are stinking. Vibhu try to smell his breath and faints. Anu try to wake him up with stick. Vibhu wakes up. Anu says what you had. Vibhu says really I’m smelling like fish. Anu says you are smelling like rotten fish what you had. Vibhu remember he had prashad and says I was told to eat and tell I give Tiwari a medicine because of which Tiwari was smelling bad and now he took revenge from me. Anu says why did you make him eat. Vibhu says because he try to become oversmart and come closer to Anu while saying. Anu faints and Vibhu try to wake her up with stick. Anu wakes up and ask him to get out.

Angoori in her garden watering plants. Vibhu come and start flirting with her. Angoori says I don’t understand and why are you talking like this. Vibhu says tell how’s everything going. Angoori says I’m angry from you because you give Tiwari that medicine. Vibhu says I’m like this since child always giving medicine to everyone. Angoori says this mean you are prankster, go from here I don’t want to talk to you. Vibhu says I’m sorry I know I did mistake. Angoori says why you always realise after doing prank. Vibhu says if a person know already about right and wrong then why will he do prank. Angoori says why everytime you target Tiwari. Vibhu says Tiwari is also a prankster. Angoori says shutup I’ll not listen anything about him. Vibhu says I’m sorry and say few good words for Tiwari and says long live Tiwari and Vibhu leave. Angoori says something smells bad its known.

Tiwari and Anu doing jogging. Anu says to Tiwari I don’t understand why you give him medicine. Tiwari says I’m sorry but your loveable husband give medicine to everyone, he gave me too. Anu says you should have told me why did you give hi medicine. Tiwari says when I try to open mouth and it started stinks and one time when I opened my mouth you stated abusing me. Anu says when did I said, doy you want I should do that again and what was so necessary you give him medicine. Tiwari says its same thing he give me then I give him medicine. Anu gets angry and leaves.

Vibhu sitting near tea stall having tea and reading newspaper. Pelu come and sit near Vibhu. Master and Gupta come to tea stall. Masterji singing song. Vibhu asks Master what have you done. Gupta says Master is going follow spirituality for 1.15months. Vibhu mocks Masterji. Masterji says you make fun of everyone have you seen mirror and ask question who am I and why did I came to this world. Gupta says to Vibhu Masterji trying to tell about who are you and why Vibhu was born. Masterji says and why did he came on earth. Vibhu says what are you asking. Gupta says his question is deep try to understand like who is Masterji. Vibhu says he is human not and animal. Masterji says I’m human but I’m teacher too and give education same like Gupta he give good health and Tiwari give undergarments. Gupta says to Vibhuti what is your use. Vibhu says I really can’t figure out. Gupta and Masterji mocks and ask what you did in life. Vibhu says I did many things in my life I have sold many policies to people when I was working with company. Gupta says you did not sold them you scared out of people to buy that policies. Vibhu says but I did that work. Masterji says then why did you left that. Gupta says he was ask to leave that job. Masterji says you were not able to do that work so it means that work was not completed so ask yourself why are you who are you why were you born ask yourself. Masterji and Gupta leaves. Vibhu talks to himself saying on serious note who am I and why am I. Pelu gives him a slip Vibhu read it throws it and leaves.

Angoori in her kitchen singing. Vibhu come and flirts with her and ask how are you. Angoori says I’m good and healthy tell me how are you. Vibhu says I’m not good and says I don’t understand who am I why am I here on this earth. Angoori says don’t you know why you are here. Vibhu says no. Angoori says then how would I know. Beggar sitting behind them shouts must have came here to tease Bhabhiji. Angoori says did you came to tease me. Vibhu shouts on him and says to Angoori I’m very confused why I came to earth. Angoori says why don’t you ask your mother about this question. Vibhu calls his mother and says I have a very important query why did I came on earth, Vibhu hungs up phone. Angoori asks Vibhu what did she said. Vibhu says she told me that I came to disrespect Mishra family. Angoori says that might be true. Vibhu says I never did that kind of work, I’m confused why am I on earth. Angoori says ask your father. Vibhu says he doesn’t know he lives in a place called no men’s land. Angoori says why don’t you ask Anita she is doing great and make people smart. Vibhu says you have more information about Anita then me. Angoori says you also do work so that you come in people’s eye I’m also confuse why you are here and leaves. Beggar sitting behind singing loudly. Vibhu goes to him and says I have two questions when did you took bath last time and who are you. The man says im beggar, who are you.

Master, Gupta and Tiwari sitting near tea stall and laughing. Gupta tells Tiwari how confused is Vibhu after Masterji asks him life questions. TMT come and Tillu asks Tiwari what happen to Vibhu. Malkhan says he was asking weird questions like who am I. Masterji says don’t be so happy, you should also ask same question from yourself who are you. Teeka says I know why I’m here. Tillu says I also know why im here. Tiwari asks Tillu you know why you are here. Tillu says I’m because of my boss and mocks Tiwari. Masterji says to Tillu you arr right. Vibhu come and asks everyone can you tell me why am I here, why are you staring me I just asked a simple question. Tiwari mocks him and everyone start laughing. Gupta says to Tiwari you are right. Masterji says you are wrong Tiwari god has send everyone for some reason. Vibhu says stop education and tell why am I here. Saxena come and micks Vibhu and says you are good for nothing. Vibhu slaps him. Saxena says you are born to slap me. Masterji says no this is not a good job. Angoori come and asks Vibhu to come to her kitchen. Vibhu says what happen. Angoori says my sink is choke and you can clear that sink very well. Tiwari says why are you telling in so much detail. Angoori says to Tiwari it is important because only Vibhu can do this work he is the only one who can clear my sink. Vibhu says I’m coming and leaves. Angoori says I love the eay you walk. Masterji says he is here for this work.


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