Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd November 2021 Vibhuti cleaning cleaning Angoori’s house. Angoori talking on phone with Ammaji saying Vibhu is helping me in cleaning. Vibha says I have cleaned everything. Angoori says okay now please do clean overthere. Vibhu do you mind if I lie down here. Angoori saya okay and says Ammaji want to talk to you. Vibhu talks to her and disrespect her in english.

Angoori takes phone and says he respect you a lot and live you and says you have to celebrate diwali with me. Vibhuti says I’ll clean hall. Angoori says okay and clean it with wet cloth too and leave. Vibhu says I’m cleaning and Angoori will talk on phone cannot let this happen and calls Angoori. Angoori walks in talking to Ammaji what to cook and ask what happen to Vibhu. Vibhuti says tell me how should I clean.

Angoori hungs up phone and show him how to clean. Vibhuti looks at her and blush, flirts with her says I’m learning. Angoori says I’ll teach you and we will tie a big stick to it so that you can remove spider web too. Vibhuti says these web are not leaving me here and says I’m enjoying it. Angoori says I feel good that you are taking interest in cleaning, I wish Tiwari should have taken same interest in cleaning this would have been more fun.

Vibhuti says he doesn’t care a bit about you he only care about his shop and undergarments. Angoori says don’t talk like this about him he also get tiered because of shop and also have tension. Vibhuti thinks she care a lot for Tiwari. Angoori says get ready to work and give him broom and talks to Ammaji.

Tiwari cleaning kitchen in Anita’s house and removing web. Anu come and ask did you clean everything and says here take water, take it easy no need to hurry. Tiwari says my throat was dry thanks for water and I have cleaned it completely. Anu says it feels good you are a magician but I want to give you this feeling more, whole house is left to clean.

Tiwari in shock says whole house. Anu says yes whole house come tomorrow too till diwali, you have to come because this house need to shine. Tiwari says okay now let me go. Anu says okay come I’ll help you. Tiwari says no I can go and gets out of house says if bhabhiji asked me to clean regularly then I’ll die.

Vibhuti come out of house says I thought that I’ll flirt with her but bhabhiji made me clean her house, my back is paining. Both come out of house and Meet eachother. Vibhuti says we met few hours before here right that time you were more energetic but what happen now. Tiwari says I’m okay Bhabhiji give me nice coffee. Vibhuti says I love Angoori’s tea she is great. Tiwari says if you don’t mind can I say something. Vibhuti mocks him and says vome to point. Tiwari says why don’t you help bhabhiji in household work. Vibhuti says I’m all drown in work. Tiwari says I’m saying about Diwali cleaning.

Vibhuti says I help her to some point you tell me when was last time you helped her. Tiwari says I’m busy with outside work. Vibhuti says so what you have to help her in household work. Tiwari says you roam outside unemployed why don’t you help Bhabhiji. Vibhuti says this is my personal problem don’t interfere in between who are you to say me. Tiwari thinks how will I tell him that I cleaned his house says we will talk in this topic afterwards and they start leaving. Vibhuti calls Tiwari and remove a web feom his head and give it to and start leaving. Tiwari also does same to him.

TMT at tgere house having drinks and discussing what to gift Rusa. Vibhuti walks in. Teeka asks him how did you remember us today. Vibhuti says thought of meeting friends and talk some business to them. Tillu says you are party who give loss whenever you come drink in free. Malkhan mocks Vibhu. Vibhuti keeos a bottle of scotch and says make one drink for everyone. Teeka says to Tillu make some snacks for him and shouts at Malkhan for hiding snacks.

Tillu make drink for him and Vibhu drinks it and says what is your problem. tMT tell him about gift. Vibhuti says so you need money that’s why I came to you, we will open an cleaning agency. Teeka says what do you mean. Vibhuti says we need to go people’s house and clean them. Teeka says this will hamper our image. Tillu says he is right. Malkhan says why don’t you do it alone because you don’t any reputation in market. Vibhu says shutup, I have more respect then you all in market and look at you, we will be disguised and do cleaning till diwali after that we will stop and count our money. Tellu says this is great now have some drink. Vibhu takes bottle and leave.

Angoori cleaning her hall and remember she kept milk to boil and rush towards kitchen. Tiwari come down calling Angoori ask for tea and stumble into bucket. Angoori come with tea. Tiwari says what all mess is this. Angoori says so should I stop cleaning for Diwali. TMT and Vibhuti disguised as cleaning worker singing at Tiwari’s door. Tiwari ask who are you what is this. They all come and says they are singing our agency anthem ABCD cleaning agency we clean house and shine floor.

Angoori says I love to meet you all and says I need you all to clean our house. Tiwari says who are they what’s there let me know that. Vibhuti says my name is Aashiq Gaddar or call me AG. Teeka says my name is OG om Prakash Gaddar. Malkhan says im LO G means Lokhand Gaddar. Tillu says my name is SUNO G means Suno Gaddar. Tiwari says looks like a gangster name. Aashiq Gaddar says you are right we steal every web of spider and mosquito everyone is scared of us.

Angoori says to Tiwari lets give them contract of cleaning house, ask them about there fees. Tiwari says what did you say your name. Vibhuti says my name is Aashiq Gaddar if you want can call me AG. Angoori says that’s good I’ll call you AG. Romantic song play in Vibhus mind. Tiwari says tell me how much you will charge. AG says 5000 per day. Tiwari says this is out of my budget.

Angoori shouts at Tiwari and calls Ammaji. Ammaji says I was waiting for you call tell me. Angoori says at our house cleaning agency people are here, they help them to clean for Diwali but he is not allowing them to help. Ammaji says to Angoori tell Tiwari to hire them if I came there it won’t be good for him and hungs up.Tiwari says okay get to your work in same budget you said. Angoori says okay and we will give you bonus too. AG says what are you looking at boys grab your weapon and start cleaning.

Tiwari come out of his house says this Angoori always call Ammaji and this agency have so much rate. Anu come out of her house. Tiwari greets her and says I’m sorry I was coming to your house but caught up in some work. Anu says okay I don’t want to disturb you,. Tiwari says I was coming but all if sudden an ABCD agency came to our house for cleaning. Anu says what ABCD what an childish name.

Tiwari says they do great work but. Anu says you must have hear a phrase time is money so why are you wasting my time give me there number I want them to clean my house. Tiwari says what I’ll call them and start shouting there name. Anu says what is this how are you calling them atleast add Mr. in from or G at end. Tiwari shouts his name AG. AG come out sees Anu thinks where did Anu come from to spoil everything.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti says to Tiwari if you don’t like me then I’ll not come here to drink. Tiwari says okay don’t come and mocks him. Vibhuti says you disrespected me now I’ll not spare you.


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