Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2021 Vibhu and Anu in there bedroom. Anu says I think so this law is too much. Vibhu says you were only supporting this. Anu says according to female point of view its still okay. Vibhu says what about male point of view. Ani asks what’s time because Saxena was going to announce something at 9pm news. Vibhu switch on tv. Deepak on news channel start his interview with Saxena and says tell everyone Saxena will introduce new rule in his law.

Tiwari in his bedroom with Angoori and Angoori fomentating Tiwari’s back. Tiwari shouts in pain. Angoori says why you need to talk to stranger women. Tiwari says you only tell Is Anita a stranger from when did she became. Saxena from tv says my law will never give permission for this situation. Deepak asks whats your next plan. Saxena says to take action against people who are going to rebel my law. Tiwari says he is trying to threaten me. Saxena says if someone try to unfollow my rule he will be Whipped 50 times and if someone again try to disrespect my rule his body part will be decapitated.

Vibhu says I’ll not leave Saxena. Anu says shutup let me listen what he is saying. Deepak says what is next new rule in your law. Saxena says our people have forgotten our history of veil to cover there faces and I’ll make it trending again. Anu and Vibhuti says veil is always forced on women and you want to finish women freedom. Saxena says not for women, its for men. Everyone watching news gets shocked. Vibhu says what do you mean. Saxena says on news my dear people of morden colony from tonight 10p.m all male have to wear veil.

Teeka says new rule, now male have to wear veil.Tiwari says this is injustice for male. Angoori put a cloth on Tiwari and says I want to see hiw you look in this.Anu says I like that’s great. Saxena says any male will not rome without veil in morden colony.Tillu says someone have to take action against Saxena. Saxena says if someone will not obey rule will be Whipped 50 times and if he still did not obey we will decapitated his body part. Vibhu asks what body part. Saxena says we will let you know when you will not follow rule. Deepak says now lets go to our reporter Swami.

Commissioner in open peeing Swami asks him what do you think about new rule. Commissioner says I think so this rule is good everywhere this law should be introduced I like it and follow this law. Swami says to Commissioner your shirt look like you have been whipped. Commissioner run away.

Tiwari and Vibhuti in veil asking eachother how did you understood its me. Vibhu says because of your cheap perfume. Tiwari says did bhabhiji kicked you out. Vibhu asks Tiwari why are you roaming out. Tiwari says I’m frustrated of this law. Vibhu mocks him. Tiwari mocks Vibhuti and ask him to lower down his voice because its an guarded area, says I’m getting bored of being inside the house because of this law and I have been trapped like a bird. Vibhu says frim bird I remember how is bhabhiji, she wanted to know the recipe of apple gourd so should I go into your bedroom and tell, I mean in your house. Tiwari says I also wanted to know some information regarding share should I go into your bedroom, I mean in your house and talk to Bhabhiji. Vibhu says show some respect. Tiwari says same goes with you and they both goes to eachother house.

Vibhu gets in Tiwari’s house and closes main door. Angoori sitting in her hall singing and cleaning rice. Angoori asks who are you. Vibhu removes his veil and start flirting with her. Angoori says what are you doing here did you forget the law if he sees you he will beat you with hunter. Vibhu flirts with her. Angoori says I don’t understand. Vibhu says Saxena has turned every men into women now when will you understand. Angoori says I don’t understand anything. Vibhu flirts with her again.

Tiwari gets into Vibhu’s house. Anu asks who are you come over here and sit come here you closed all the door and window. Tiwari remove his veil says its me. Anu says what are you doing, did anyone see you commandos are outside. Tiwari says I can do anything but can’t live without talking to you. Anu says these people are dangerous. Tiwari says I have few time and I want to spend that time talking to you and start praising Anu. Anu says do you have anything more to say because I’m getting late for my meeting. Tiwari start talking about Olympic. Anu mocks him and says I’ll get ready for my meeting, I’ll see you soon and she leaves. Tiwari says don’t know what happen to me infront if Anu.

Everyone standing outside of Saxena house and cheering for Saxena. Saxena come out and ask what are your problems they will be resolved. Gupta remove his veil and says please discontinue your new law of veil for men because we have to face the hardship. Saxena asks what kind of hardship. Orem says dogs run and try to bite us. Tillu says please remove veil. Saxena says please be quite I heard your pain and I do feel it but if someone is sick then we have to drink bitter medicine so cure us, so I would like to request you for some more days drink this bitter medicine then our Kanpur will be in news like Dubai, you came to my house I won’t let you go empty handed as you rebel against my law so you will be Whipped atleast 25 times. Everyone gets shocked.

Gupta, Prem, TMT, Masterji sitting near tea stall with there veil. Tiwari and Vibhuti come. Gupta says its all because of Tiwari and Vibhu. Prem says I think so we should beat them. Tillu says you are right prem. Teeka says we advertise for Saxena when they both told us. Malkhan says we did bot took money for advertising. Tillu says we were told that they will open wine shop for us but nothing happen. Tiwari says to Vibhuti they are going against us. Vibhu says wait and watch and start shouting they are eve-teasing us. Everyone says what are you saying we never did that. Malkhan asks who are you. Tiwari and Vibhu start calling commander. Commander come and they start saying these people are teasing us. Everyone remove there veil and says Tiwari and Vibhu its you. Commander says to everyone you might have not done anything to them but you removed your veil and disrespect the law. Everyone bends and Vibhu removes Tiwari veil and tells to commander, Tiwari also bends.

Angoori and Anu in Anita’s gouse. Anu asks Angoori, what Saxena says us. Angoori says Bhabhimaa. Anu says he didn’t kept any respect of that word. Angoori says this time he hurt us much. Swami with his cameraman in his report says finally this new law has come to end and show how everyone is beating Saxena says you can see how leader us been beatun up by everyone. Swami goes to Vibhuti and Tiwari and ask them what do you want to say. Vibhu says I’m so happy and felling free. Tiwari says if we talk about our country we only have one thought and they both start saying patriotic poem. Swami asks Saxena how are you feeling, he says I like it. Angoori says how stubborn are you Saxena. Saxena says I feel good when people beat me so I thought lets do something so that many people beat me and now you can see 100 people are beating my from different colony and I have resigned from my position too. Angoori says its good. Tiwari and Vibhuti says beat him.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Prem says to Vibhuti did you told your wife. Vibhu says I’ll tell my wife that I’m selling capsule I’ll go in morning and come back by evening everyday.Vibhu says to Anu this is an MNC company and we will open its branches in all over world. Anu says did you ever thought of having this medicine


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