Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd September 2022 Angoori takes Prakriti with her. Prakriti asks where is she taking her? Angoori says that they have to perform a ritual told by Pandit Ramfal. Prakriti asks, what ritual?

Angoori tells her that she have to take a bath with cold water. Prakriti denies. Angoori says that she cannot deny, and grabs Prakriti’s hand. Anu also comes outside and tells Angoori to stop. Anu asks Angoori where is she taking Prakriti? Angoori tells Anu that Prakriti has take a bath with cold water.

Anu says, it will cause pneumonia to the child. Anu and Angoori starts to argue. Tiwari also shows up asks, Anu and Angoori what happend? Anu tells Tiwari that Angoori is arguing that Prakriti has to take a bath with cold water.

Tiwari says, let Angoori put cold water on part of Prakriti where their kid is. Angoori and Anu makes Prakriti bath with cold water on one and with hot water on the other side.

Dr. Gupta is checking on Prakriti, because she got sick afterwards. Prakriti says that she’s boiling on the one side, freezing on the other side. David asks, how did this happen? Anu tells David that she made her bath with cold water, and Angoori tells that she used cold water. David asks who gave this idea?

Anu and Angoori says, Tiwari. David requests Tiwari to never give such ideas. Tiwari says it was an impulse decision. David asks Dr. Gupta for the cure. Dr. Gupta says, that they should give brandy to Prakriti. Anu also agrees with him. Angoori asks, what is brandy? Tiwari says that it’s a type of alcohol.

Angoori gets hyped up and says that she won’t let her child consume alcohol. Anu says that it’s totally safe. Angoori still denies and says that Prakriti will drink home-made decoction. Anu and Angoori again starts to argue. Tiwari says he got an idea.

David asks what’s that? Tiwari says that they should out two thin pipes in Prakriti’s mouth, and in one of the pipes Anu can pour Brandy and in the other pipe Angoori and pour decoction. Dr. Gupta says that it’s an great idea, and there is not harm in doing this. Angoori takes Tiwari with her to get the drink and Anu also goes to get brandy.

David and Prakriti are sitting together in a restaurant and drinking. David asks Vibhu how is he feeling now. Vibhu says he’s frustrated after all this drama. David says that he have sacrifice something to get the money. Tiwari, Anu and Angoori comes in the restaurant and catches Prakriti and David.

Angoori asks David isn’t he ashamed after doing this? Prakriti says it’s all okay. Anu tells Prakriti to come with her. Prakriti says, in the past she have drank while being pregnant, and the child was healthy and fit. Tiwari tells Prakriti, from now on you will only drink homemade decoction drinks and fully indulge yourself in spirituality day and night. Anu says it’s too much, let her enjoy too.

Kids can get good manners even without spirituality. Anu tells Prakriti to watch good movies. Angoori denies and says that kids get bad mannered by watching movies. Anu says she’s talking about the good movies. Angoori still denies. Anu tells to come home with her to sleep. Angoor says, Prakriti will slepp with her. Anu and Angoori starts to argue.

Tiwari, Anu and Angoori brings Prakriti to Anu’s house. Prakriti asks, weren’t we going to Angoori’s house? Angoori says, now you will stay here only. Prakriti asks why? Anu replies, because they are putting her in a single room for nine months. Prakriti asks isn’t this a type of punishment? Angoori says, No.

They are doing this for betterment for their children. Tiwari tells Prakriti that he’s paying 10lakhs to her. Prakriti tells Tiwari that he haven’t gave her a single penny, beacuse the cheque didn’t got cashed out once again.

Tiwari says, he will give another cheque. Anu tells Prakriti that now this room’s door will only open when she’ll have labour pain and grabs her hand. Vibhu breaks his character and denies. Everyone gets shocked.

Angoori starts to cry and asks Vibhu why was he doing all this drama? Anu asks Vibhu, why was he doing all this? Vibhu replies, he wasnt being able to see Anu and Angoori’s pain and suffering for a child. Tiwari says, and that’s how Vibhu was trying to take 10lakhs from him? Vibhu says, which 10lakh? He didn’t got a penny out of that cheque. Tiwari and Vibhu starts to fight.

Tillu and Teeka are going to Bank. Teeka tells Tillu that they have to raise their living standards. Tillu says that he was also thinking about the same thing. Teeka and Tillu sees that the bank in which they were working in, has been closed forever.

Teeka and Tillu gets shocked. Teeka asks a stranger, why is this bank closed? He replies, this bank was a Fraud, their every branch has been raided and now the owner in going to rest in prison. Teeka tells Tillu that their living standards are okay for them. Tillu agrees.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Anu if you know any good driver. Vibhu says I’ll drive your tempo.

Tiwari on street trying to help a man. Man says remove my dagger.A drug lord says to Tiwari I recorded your murder. Tiwari ask what do you want. He says do business of undergarments so you will supply my drugs to all the house’s.Happu says to Angoori Tiwari did a big mistake so came here to arrest him.


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