Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st December 2021 Angoori in her lawn watering plants and singing song. Vibhu walks to her and flirt and greets her. Angoori greet her back and ask how are you. Vibhu says now this year will be over soon, so what are you plans for new year. Angoori says I’m thinking of going out with Tiwari and celebrate it.

Vibhu ask are you going somewhere. Angoori says yes I planned a vacation with Tiwari somewhere cold. Vibhu says why don’t you celebrate in mordern colony with your neighbour. Angoori says I feel like going out and celebrate. Vibhu says you will go away from us then how I’ll survive without you in new year.

Angoori says am I job that you cannot survive if I’m not here, listen here is a suggestion for you, get a job find something for you, till when you will be unemployed. Vibhu says okay where are you going. Angoori says I have not decided yet, first I’ll ask Tiwari if he says no then I’ll call Ammaji okay bye and she leaves. Vibhu keeps murmuring yo himself and leaves.

Anu doing her work in laptop. Tiwari walks yo her and stand beside her. Anu see him and gets scared ask him what is this, there are some manners to enter a house like ringing door bell, which you never do so atleast don’t scare people, well I was thinking to go on vacation for new year so I was looking for some locations. Tiwari says what are you saying you will not celebrate with your neighbour.

Anu says says no I want some change. Tiwari says you should change your program and celebrate with us we will make arrangements for you. Anu says what is your problem Angoori is here. Tiwari says you have different position in my heart. Anu says sorry I have dreams too. Tiwari says me too. Anu says so go and fulfill your dreams. Tiwari says please think one time. Anu says yo him I think so someone is calling you go out and see. Tiwari walks out to see. Anu grab her laptop and leaves. Tiwari walks in back no one is outside and calls Anu.

Tiwari at tea stall having tea. Vibhu walks to him and mocks him. Tiwari also movk him back. Tiwari says where are you going for vacation. Vibhu says who told you that. Tiwari says I just meet Bhabhiji she told me you are going on vacation in some cold region for new year. Vibhu says you are also going some cold region to celebrate, Angoori told me. Tiwari says I don’t understand what these ladies want always thinking about there happiness what about us.

Vibhu says you are right they just want us to act like puppet. Tiwari says lets do one thing you try yo convene bhabhiji that she should not go out. Vibhuti says right and you ask bhabhiji not to go out.

TMT come and ask for tea. Vibhu says you look so what happen. Malkhan says we are planning a party for newyear and we are planning how to bring Rusa in party. Teeka says here is the magical powder from Baba, now we will go to Rusa’s house and mix this powder in commissioner’s food, Tillu says then we will run away with Rusa and party because this last for 24hrs.

Anu in hall calls Vibhu. Vibhu walks to her with coffee. Anu says I got a perfect location to spend new year let’s go to Manali. Vibhu says Manali is cold. Anu says imagine more winter means more hot romance. Vibhu says this will be awkward so much how it will look like I’m sneezing or coughing and doing romance with you. Anu says what happen to you, you always force me in college to go in cold region, remember one time we were sitting infront of fridge with open gate and singing.

Tiwari says to Angoori there are many problems if I accept it
Angoori says count me problem. Tiwari says it’s so cold that even your breath freezes, what if our nose get freex then what we will do. Angoori says what about others who go on vacation, tell me one thing don’t you feel to have something change. Tiwari says I feel like but when I see expenses then I change my mind.

Angoori says are big time miser.Vibhu says to Anu you are miser not me, last time we went to see movie you didn’t let me buy popcorn, says it’s too expensive here from next time bring from home with you, so cheap. Anu says you wanted popcorn to trouble some bald guy sitting in front row, why should I buy costly popcorn to trouble someone. Vibhu says man have fantasies. Anu says but I have fantasy to celebrate my new year with you in Manali. Vibhu says why you need to spend extravagantly.

Tiwari explain her about expenses. Angoori says but what about fun in vacation. Tiwari says see we only get one time chance to celebrate new year, we spend our whole year with Vibhu and Anu, suddenly you plan to go out then what they will think. Angoori says you are right.

Vibhu says to Anu we don’t know anyone there and Tiwari and Angoori is here, TMT is here our new year will not be fun without them. Anu says fine. Vibhu says let’s stay in home and celebrate new year with everyone. Anu says okay this year also we will celebrate new year in morden colony. Vibhu says you are really very sweet.

Tiwari, Angoori, Anu and Vibhuti in Tiwari’s house. Tiwari and Vibhuti having dinner, ask Angoori and Anu yo sit and have dinner. Angoori says you have it we need to bring sweet dish. Anu says to Angoori come let’s go. Tiwari says to Vibhu can you go and make drink for me to change mood here. Vibhu says I can beat you for thinking me as servant but I won’t because I’ll think of it whole year. Tiwari mocks him amd says I requested you as friend. Vibhu says okay I don’t mind and leaves.

Tiwari mix powder in his food and says now Vibhu will sleep and I’ll celebrate new year with bhabhiji whole night. Vibhu says you look happy here is your drink, I love having drink with food and says now please make drink for me too. Tiwari says you just went to make drink, so why didn’t you got for yourself. Vibhu mocks him and ask him yo make drink. Tiwari leaves and Vibhu mix powder in Tiwari’s food, says now you will sleep whole night and I’ll celebrate new year with Bhabhiji.

Tiwari bring drink for him they cheers and drink. Angoori and Anu walks in and says don’t be rude today even ladies will be drinking and make me usual. Vibhu says okay and ask Angoori, she is in mood do I make some drink for you. Angoori says so I’ll see your faces, I’ll also try juice today. Vibhu and Tiwari get up to bring drinks. Angoori says yo Anu today I’ll eat from Tiwari’s plate. Anu ask why. Angoori says this bring you close. Anu says then I’ll eat from Vibhuti’s plate and they both eat it. Tiwari and Vibhu walks in with juice.

Everyone eating sweet. Vibhu says it’s devine I wish yo kiss your hands bhabhiji. Anu says easy on halwa and mocks him. Tiwari laugh. Vibhu says don’t worry I’m fit and fine. Anu says it’s me who is controlling his diet because the way he take his diet won’t take much time to make him fat. Vibhu says I take care of me and you always blame me. Anu and Vibhu argue with eachother.

Angoori says stop it don’t fight like this or else you will enter new year fighting with eachother. Tiwari says it’s Vibhuti’s problem because he have to give answer for everything. Angoori yawn says don’t worry it won’t happen now they will be in love because when you go out yo bring orange juice that time Anu eat from his plate. Tiwari in shock. Anu says what happen why you look in trouble, no need worry Angoori eat food feom your plate too. Vibhu gets shock and shouts no, I mean they are already in good relation. Angoori and Anu go to sleep. Tiwari and Vibhu ask them not to sleep.

TMT hurt, Vibhu asks who did this to you, Tilu says commissioner did, Malkan says he sent dog behind us because of Rhusa.Fire crackers start busting and all wish eachother happy new year.

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