Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd January 2022 Angoori roaming alone in desert says what place is this and why is it so quiet, everything is red here, she see an alien coming to her hold her hand says what are you doing. Alien says I’m downloading your language. Angoori says you are talking like my neighbour. Alien calls her Ango.

Angoori says why are you calling me that he says it’s your nick name and your full name is Ango Mangla. She says my name is Angoori. Alien says that’s on earth but you are on mars and you are Anglo you are one of us now come with me. Angoori panicks and says no I won’t come. Tiwari hears her voice and switches on the light.

Angoori scream. Tiwari ask what happen. She says I saw a nightmare and ask Tiwari what are you staring at. Tiwari says you look beautiful when tensed amd flirts with her. Angoori says I’m scared and you are thinking of romance, you know I was on Mars in dream and there I saw an alien who told me this is your house and these are your people I don’t understand how he was talking to me in my language.

Tiwari flirts with her again. Angoori says calm down I’m not interested in romance right now good night. Tiwari says to himself I think so she is no more interested in me what happen to her.

Angoori in her garden singing sad song. Vibhu walks to her says what happen to you why are you so said. Angoori says I don’t want to give you pain by telling about my pain. Vibhu flirts with her and says then who will you tell, I cannot see you said please tell me. Angoori says I saw a nightmare and tells him about his dream, I pray to God so that I don’t get see any dream.

Vibhuti says please be positive. Angoori says I have seen these nightmare earlier too now I have no faith in dreams and leaves.TMT on walking stumble into Vibhu and shouts who is that can’t you see. Vibhu turn around and slap them, ask where are you going all dressed up. Tillu says we are going for and interview. Vibhuti mocks them and ask about job.

Teeka says our doctor has referred us to Kanpurs Starwar Space research. Malkhan says I think so we should go back to home because before going to job we bumped into this man which is unlucky. Vibhu says go give your interview.

Anu on phone with Meenal says my life is become monotonous, daily fight will Vibhu it’s all boring. Tiwari walks in and greet Anu. Anu teels about Tiwari to Meenal and says I’ll talk to you later. Tiwari says uf you are busy should I come afterwards. Anu says no tell me. Tiwari says Angoori is not well she is having mood swings.

Anu says what happen did she said something or not well tell me what happen to her, why are you sad. Tiwari says I feel like I’m far away from Angoori, I think she is not interested in me. Anu says okay let’s sit and talk then, I’ll ask you some questions tell me correct answer so tell me are you physically or emotionally away from her. Tiwari says it’s like she is emotionally away on physical level.

Anu ask when did you last complimented her. Tiwari says I complimented her last year on diwali when she cooked something good. Anu ask when was the last time you find fault in her work. Tiwari says when I was coming here before that. Anu says if you want things to be fine then you have to compliment her say good things to her.

Tiwari says you look so good. Anu says thankyou but it’s not about me, you have to say to Angoori, teel her how good she is, she is doing so much for you and you have to compliment her so that you guys stay happy. Tiwari says I’ll follow what you said then she will come close to me thankyou and leaves.

Vibhu at tea stall having tea says this is so blunt no sweetness in this who drinks it. Tea seller then start paying for tea. Vibhu see himself saying to him person like you should get poision. Vibhu says who are you. He says I’m your inner soul who came to talk to you. Vibhu says qhat do you want to talk.

He says first tell me are you Angooris true lover. Vibhu says if you are my inner soul then you should know. He says your love Bhabhiji don’t want to see dreams anymore but what are you doing having, go and fight with the sadness of her. Vibhu says okay I’ll prove her dreams come true and you should see but how. He says you are such a slavish that you are asking me, I know you will find out an idea and go away. Vibhu in shock.

Angoori in hall calls Tiwari says come fast food is ready. Tiwari walks to her says I want to say something to you, you always give first bite to me then you eat but today I’ll give you first bite. Angoori says this daal is worst, don’t eat it. Tiwari says I’ll eat it you cook it with lot’s of love. Angoori says wait for some time I’ll make fresh one for you. Tiwari says no need and take a bite says this is so good.

Angoori says can you feel taste. Tiwari says yes I can taste everything, today I’ll eat Daal only. Angoori says why are you making fun of me, I know it’s not cooked well even animal won’t eat. Tiwari says I’m telling you truth. Angoori says no it’s not the truth why are you trying to humiliate me, I’m with you from long time, know everything about you, take Daal and leave.

TMT near tea stall trying alien costume. Vibhu walks to them ask what are you doing with fancy dress. Teeka says these are not fancy dress they are given by organization. Malkhan says they are trying to make ad flim with us. Tillu says by this ad our organization want to promote astronomy amount youngsters and kids. Teeka says for that they give us dress and says to Tillu let’s get dressed and roam in colony.

Vibhu ask tea seller to give them tea and says now tell me what’s your tonight’s plan. Tillu says near around 12 or 12:30am we will pass by Khujaiya colony. Vibhu says good do it and you will be there by sharp 12:30 right. They says yes. Vibhu says good and ask tea seller to take money from them and leave.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu says to Angoori I’m from Mars. Angoori says how do I believe you. Vibhu come with me tonight near Jhakarkatti sewage around 12:30 you can see.Vibhu says to Angoori your home is calling and see Alien coming towards them


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