Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd June 2022 Angoori, David, Anu, Tiwari and Vibhu in Vibhu’s house. Angoori says to there guruji let’s start your duet. Tiwari and Vibhu start there duet. Everyone applauds for them.

Anu and Vibhu in bedroom. Vibhu walks to her. Anu says you and your family don’t have any respect for anyone.

Vibhu says don’t bring my family in between. Anu says I’ll bring because they are the reason of your behaviour and ask your chacha got heart attack. Vibhu says yes I went on mountain to get medicine for him. Anu says okay where is medicine. Vibhu says I went to go get grass for him. Anu ask where it is.

Vibhu says it’s dry in this time of climate. Anu says you can just give excuses and nothing else and they both start arguing. Vibhu try to get romantic with her and ask Anu to switch off light. Anu switch off light and Vibhu start snoring.

Angoori in bedroom feeling irritated because of Tiwari’s behaviour. Tiwari walks to her and try to talk. Angoori says go from here I don’t want to talk to you. Tiwari ask what happen. Angoori ask don’t you know that I’m angry.

Tiwari says I feel like you are happy and won a lottery. Angoori says look at me and tell do I look sad or angry. Tiwari says it looks fake and says I’ll suggest you one thing, don’t get angry ever. Angoori says if I won’t get angry then you sill start seeing other women. Tiwari says don’t worry I got late because I was unable to bring Vibhu.

Angoori says then you should have come and meet Ustaad. Tiwari says it became difficult for me to find Vibhu. Angoori says you could have left him and come. Tiwari says okay forget it and I’ll really meet your Ustaad and try to get romantic with her. Angoori says I’m going to sleep don’t disturb me.

Next morning. Tiwari, Vibhu disguised as Ustaad, Anu and Angoori sitting together in hall. Tiwari and Vibhu discussing nonsense about there Ustaad and mocking eachother. Angoori says let’s talk on different topic. Anu says exactly. Tiwari says should we talk about you. Vibhu and Tiwari praises Anu and Angoori.

Angoori get’s call from someone says what are you talking, you are inviting me and my Guruji London to perform in concert, when did you heard my voice, okay fine but with me 2 more people will come and disconnects call and congratulate everyone. Angoori ask what happen. Anu says we are been called London to perform.

Tiwari and Vibhu says sorry I don’t have passport. Anu says don’t worry I’ll handle that. Happu get call from Anu. Happu pick up phone greet her and ask tell me how can I help you. Anu says I want to make passport for two people.

Happu says don’t worry it will be done if you say I can come at your home and make passport there. Anu says that’s alright but I want passport on time. Happu says I’ll give you before time. Anu thanks him and disconnects call. Angoori congrats everyone.

TMT jogging and discussing how tiered they are. Malkhan ask how are we gaining weight more and more. Tillu says that’s why I’m tensed. Teeka says I think so we are having side effect because of jogging. Malkhan says you are right. Tillu says you both are ediot. Man nearby selling ice cream and says loose weight.

Tillu says whenever he sell anything he used wierd name. Teeka says I feel like he is abusing us. Malkhan ask him about his name. Man says there is nothing kept in name, you should taste icecream it help in reducing weight too. Teeka ask how much we have to eat to reduce weight. Man says three times a day you will get slim. TMT discuss and ask him to give icecream.

Tiwari, Anu, Angoori and Vibhu together. Anu says don’t be scared Ustaadji London is a beautiful country. Vibhu says you are right but we heard ladies in London are bold and beautiful. Tiwari says I have heard that if you encounter them then you can harm your voice. Vibhu mocks Tiwari. Angoori say please come with us.

Vibhu we have many beautiful places to visit in India and both if them tell names of City. Anu says we already visited these places so let’s go foreign this time. Angoori says yes I also want to go foreign. Happu Singh walks in with Manohar and a guy, he see Ustaad and says good they are here we need there fingerprint.

Vibhu ask why do you want. Happu says what if you did any crime and go away. Man says hello everyone I’m London return and mocks Vibhu and Tiwari on there looks. Happu ask Manohar to take there fingerprint. Anu says to them why are you waiting give your hands guruji. Happu shouts at them and says give fast.

Manohar take there fingerprint. London return guy says it’s done and after few formalities we will get all the data base about them. Vibhu and Tiwari start arguing with eachother. Happu see in laptop and get’s shocked. Man says data base is ready one is Tiwari and other one is Vibhuti. Anu and Angoori in shock. Both of them come out of there disguised.

Prem and Gupta together on scooter go to Master in market. They sit together. Gupta says it’s so hot temperature is going above 40. Prem says I think so it will cross 50. Master mocks Prem. TMT walks to them with increased stomach.

Gupta ask them did you joined as security guard. TMT start crying. Three of them ask why are you crying. Tillu says we are not joining. Teeka says they kicked us out. Malkhan says they abused us so much. Prem ask why did they kicked you out. Tillu says look at our stomach we got kicked out because of this.

Malkhan says we all increased our weight. Master ask how did this happen. A man walks to them says have sweet then I’ll tell the story. Prem ask why are you so happy. Man says because my brother’s also applied in Trivedi Security with them so my brother’s got selected and you three became fat because of your habits.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Vibhu your chacha is making you fool on name of will, not things have gone beyond, you have to kick him out.Tiwari talking on phone with someone says my wife doesn’t wear anything rather then saree, wearing morden dress is out of her league. Angoori hear everything.Ammaji says to Angoori on phone don’t worry you get ready I’m coming.


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