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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th July 2022 Anu and her friend Meenal is sitting together. Anu asks Meenal where is Anurag nowadays? Meenal replies that she don’t roam around with her. Meenal gets a call from another guy and Anu asks her if she’s cheating on Anurag? She replies, no! Am testing him. Anu asks Meenal if she should do the same? Meenal says, why not. And leaves.

Vibhu is daydreaming that he’s dancing with Angoori while sitting at tea stall. TMT comes upto him and asks him how’s he doing? Vibhu asks them the same thing. TMT tells him that they are about to open different stalls of food items.

Vibhu suggests them that they should also open a medical clinic between those stalls because people will going to get different diseases after eating that crap. Tillu says that it’s gonna happen because they are going to maintain hygiene. Vibhu stands up and starts to leave.

Tiwari and Dr. Gupta are sitting together and Tiwari is getting his report checked by him. Tiwari says that he has also started working out. Gupta says, then this report is of someone else because according to report he is very unfit.

He tells him that he’s taking too much stress, and suggests him to show his emotions openly without being scared of anybody. Tiwari says that now he know what to do and thanks him. Dr. Gupta asks him for fees, Tiwari says that he will give it tomorrow. Gupta says that, then you can take your report tomorrow only. Tiwari gives him his fees.

Anu and Angoori are sitting together. Angoori asks her about her life. Anu replies, all is well. Angoori asks her if she wants something to eat? Anu denies but Angoori leaves to get tea for her. Tiwari comes in and sits with Anu.

Anu asks him that if he ever had any affair before? Tiwari replies that he had many affairs before marriage. Anu gets surprised. Tiwari says that it’s in his personality. Anu asks Tiwari if he will have an affair with her?

Tiwari gets shocked and remembers that what Dr. Gupta said and burst out all of his emotions. Anu thinks that how is he going help her, he’s not even mentally stable. Anu tells Tiwari that she was joking and leaves. Angoori brings tea and asks him what’s wrong? Tiwari scolds her.

Anu and Vibhu comes out to buy vegetables right in front of their house. Vegetable seller tells Anu that he will give her vegetables 10 rs cheaper than Vibhu and flirts with her, Vibhu also likes it and tells Anu that he’s complementing her you should thank him. Anu gets angry. Happu Singh listens all this conversation and tells Vibhu that he calls a person like him “imported” and scolds Vibhu.

Happu Singh also scolds vegetable seller and later on, beats him. Anu tells Vibhu to leave before she starts to disrespect him. Happu is continuously beating him and warns him in the end that if he sees him teasing a lady again he will kill him. And orders him to leave. Vegetable seller leaves.

Happu Singh is feeling proud. Anu asks Happu Singh for a favour. Happu Singh tells her to order, he’s ready to do anything for her. Anu tells Happu that she wants him. Happu gets shocked and cannot believe her, so he asks her to repeat herself.

Anu repeats. Happu Singh still cannot believe and asks her what does she really want. Anu replies that wants to do an affair with him. Happu gets shocked and starts crying. Anu tells him that they are not really going have an affair but they are going to act like that. Happu gets disappointed and says “ok”.

Teeka is selling pakore. Rusa walks upto him and gets surprised. Soon Dr. Gupta also comes at her stall and asks him to make 1 plate for him. Teeka gives him his pakore. Dr Gupta appreciates the taste and his hardwork and asks him to pack 1 too.

Teeka pack one plate for him and hands him over. Dr. Gupta tells him that he’s leaving. Teeka asks him for the money but Gupta replies that he thought he’s giving it away as he’s his first customer. Teeka says that there’s nothing like that he has to pay for the food, which is 100rs.

Dr Gupta gets irritated and gives him and also tells him that his food was trash and leaves. Rusa tells Teeka to let him go she’s there to appreciate his hardwork. Teeka gives her food too. Rusa asks him how much for that. Teeka replies that she’s disrespecting him by saying that, everything is free for her. Commissioner walks upto him and tells him to pack 50 plates as they are free. Teeka hides his face.

David, Tiwari and Vibhu are sitting together and drinking. David says that he still remembers her when starts to drink. Anu is laughing and texting on her phone near the window. Everyone watches her.

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