Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th September 2020 Angooris interview lined up, everyone gathered near the compound to watch her interview, Vibhu asks Tiwari why is he upset, Tiwari says you spoilt my wife, Vibhu says I just gave her wings. Angoori comes out, all cheer for her. Reporter praise her and welcomes her on his show, Angoori says it’s a miracle, I never thought I would be so popular, reporter asks who would you give credit, Angoori says just me, I work so hard and dedicatedly, Vibhu upset, reporter asks people say vibhuti is behind your success, Angoori says nonsense will a helper will be reason for my success, Vibhu says I never expected this from her, reporter asks how about your husband, Angoori says he can’t even boil water, it’s just me, I don’t need any unemployed or lingerie sellers support for success, I’m self made, Vibhu says to Tiwari that I’m happy she I’ll treated you as well.

Tiwari and Vibhu at tea stall,Vibhu says she didn’t give me credits and I feel bad for you, Tiwari says I know it was your idea and she should have taken your name, Vibhu says she should but I see pride in her, Tiwrai says even I noticed, Vibhu says you are filled of pride and so she turned this way, Tiwari gets all from Anu, Tiwari says I’m coming, Vibhu asks why did she call you, Tiwrai says I’m her co model bye.

Anu and Tiwari start recording, Happy rushes in between and slaps Tiwari says how dare you eve tease her, Tiwari says we are shooting, Anu says just go there and sit I will do an act with you too, Happu gets very excited. Anu resumes her shooting and starts hitting Tiwari.
Anu shoots next video with Happu, Happu enacts a Chain snatcher, Anu hits Happu hard.

Teeka Malkan Tilu discussing on what qualities they have, a Tilu says Teeka you have no qualities, Teeka says you are just garbage, Tilu Teeka get into argument, Malkan says stop fighting, and think about qualities, Teeka says I have one quality I go 9 times to toilet, Tilu says this isn’t quality, Malkan says I play poker a lot and very finely, Teeka says and this is why you are bankrupt, Tilu says I have one quality 75 girls till date have hit me with sandals, Teeka says its shamelessness, Teeka says who will tell us our qualities, Malkan says we should ask someone else about our qualities.Tilu Teeka agree.

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